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  1. My questions concern the floor beside the seat base. Does the floor mat extend rearward along the seat base to the B piller? 

    The gusset at the B piller/floor junction has 2 screw holes in it that appear to be factory. Is the gusset covered with something? 

    At the door sill where does the interior grey color terminate and the exterior cab color begin?

    Thanks   John Worden

  2. From experience I will confirm Dave is a stand up guy. He has been very willing and helpful in the restoration of a 37 DB in my shop. 

    He has a life outside of work and supports local volunteer fire departments. In case you don't know they have been extremely busy lately. 

    I recommend him without reservation.      John Worden

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  3. On 12/26/2017 at 3:19 PM, Bleach said:

    Without more details the most I'll offer is $5K.

    I have added more photos since your post. I'm happy to answer any detail questions. Sorry but $5000.00 won't buy it. 

    The car is in the Ft. Myers Florida area. (wish I was there today)   


  4. I've read all the posts and thank you all for them.

    I will measure everything again today to confirm that the measurements fall within those listed in the Motors Manual. The manual also specifies equal shim thickness which I have gained. 

    If all is good I will fit the shims and  backing plates and measure end play again.    John


  5. Thanks guys for the help.

    Today I was able to get .003 end play one side and .007 the other which is just within tolerance. The manual says to have equal shim thickness both sides. As of today I need a .036 shim both sides. I have 2  .030 shims and will most likely make the rest.   


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