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  1. The retainer (tail piece) is part # 1196151 with bushing. Fits 1961 thru 1964 HT exc.F85. The speedo drive gear on a 1961 SJ and 1962 SF is part # 8619624 (13 tooth drive gear).The output shaft is identical even though the carrier assembly has some changes. Just press a 1961 13 tooth drive gear on to the 1963-1964 output shaft and use the tail piece from a 1961 -1962 SJ. You now have a SJ that will work on any 1961 thru 1964 Olds. For 1963-64 you just don't use the speedo drive gear. Their speedo comes off the left front axle. You may have to change the driven gear depending what rear end ratio you are putting the tranny with. Available from FATSCO for about $40. Dave Hope it works out for you.
  2. Nope, paid $120 for the 2:87 and got $1000 for the 3:42 posi.. $880 will buy a lot of gas. BTW the 1962 SJ tail piece is identical to the 1961. You can still use the tranny in the 1963 and 1964 , you just don,t use the speedo gear. I had a 2:69 lined up and it turned out to be a 2:87. Shopped around and could not find a 2:69 so gave up. I even bought the 2:69 SJ speedo gear from Fatsco, Had to return it. Dave
  3. The tail housing and speedo drive gear from a 1961 transmission is a direct fit on to any full size slim jim. Any good trans. shop can make the change.I have a 1964 SJ on the shelf in case I ever have a catastrophic failure in one of my cars. It has the tail section and speedo gear installed (from a junk 1961 tranny) and ready to go if I ever need it. The OB designation is the Starfire tag ID. Most of the salvage trannys I have seen have lost the tag. Further, if you don,t know what the designation is it really doesn,t matter. I have yet for anyone to check the tag for judging purposes ???? I have the OB designation in the 1961 Starfire and the OA deignation in the 1961 D-88 coupe. The OA is by far the smoothest shifting of the two, and they have identical gearing so I can,t see what difference it would make to anyone so long as you get satisfactory performance out of it. And yes, FATSCO has anything you might need including a transmission repair manual for the slim jim. 1 800 524 0485 If you really want to improve overall performance, get rid of the 3:42 rear end and install the 2:87 gears. You will see a significant improvement in fuel economy, still have excellent acceleration and you will drop your cruise RPM from 2400 to about 2200. You will also find that you can hit the kick down at 55MPH rather than 45MPH and catch passing gear. Everything quiets down and you still have a great cruiser on the highway. Good luck, Dave
  4. I pulled an ALJO 15 foot trailer with my 1961 Olds D-88 coupe in the sixties. Had the same hitch. I have one now and am thinking of restoring a winged Shasta to pull with this car. Never a problem. Beautiful boat. what is it. Dave
  5. Pretty sure everything will match up. The alternator/generator brackets may need some attention. A visual inspection (comparison) will tell if it work. Good luck, Dave
  6. Comments anyone on the Nationals at Reno. I enjoyed except the heat on Friday, 97 degrees. Dave
  8. An old friend has this for sale. I hope someone might like to save this car. Dave Holt 1957 88 J2 4 door sedan, 83000 orig miles, Very good condition. Runs good. Interior mint except staining on the headliner. Exterior very good, needs wax job. Repainted 1985 in orig colors all manuals included. 1957 4 door hardtop parts car, 6 orig hubcaps and new windshield go with the deal. Bob Metzger, Colorado Springs 719 495 4161 Asking $7500 for all.
  9. I know I will draw a lot of flak. Before spending 2K on an overhaul which is usually of questionable quality on the "slim jim" I would try this sealant. White Shepherd Transmission Sealer Fixes Transmission Fluid Leaks | USA SEALANTS | Stop Leak for Oil Leaks, Blown Head Gaskets, Transmission & A/C Leaks I have used it in both my transmissions and it works fine. You will hear " fix it right" from the chorus, but, in my mind fixing it right is stopping the leak without damaging anything and at the least expense. I also sealed a head gasket on a Ford Ranger truck with this company's Blue Devil sealer and two years and 15000 miles later it is still sealed tight. If you are happy with your transmissions performance why would you want to overhaul it and risk compromising that performance?? Good luck, Dave
  10. I don't know what your altitude is. I would try setting timing 2 degrees ahead of spec. You can always set it back. The Pertronix unit I have installed has a fixed dwell angle . Setting timing a little ahead may give you better performance. Dave
  11. Try setting the timing to factory specs. It sounds like you don't have enough advance at idle. My 1961 Starfire manual calls for 7 1/2 degrees BTC with premium fuel. At my altitude(6500) feet I am running at 10 degrees BTC. Runs great at all speeds and gets good economy @ 16 MPG on the Interstate. The car has pertronix installed. Good luck, Dave
  12. Looking for the hood ornament to fit a 1940 Dodge Army 4 door staff car . Dave
  14. Contact Ron Miller at restro@centurylink.net . He can tell you the history of the Starfire top. He can also tell you where to get the band made. Dave
  15. I am thinking an external, replaceable fiter would be a good investment. My tranny guy has them for $15. Why not, but, he says not to use a fuel filter because the filter ( microns) are too large. This would be easy to do if I knew which line to the oil cooler was the return line. This filter is so small it would be hard to see as far as judging goes. Besides, a couple of points off would not matter to me if the tranny(slim jim) is protected. There are many new cars that use an external filter. Any comments ??? Thanx, Dave
  16. The factory would have installed an electric antenna on top of the right rear fender. Dave
  17. Here ia a source on e bay JETS NEW ROCHESTER 2GC CARBS ALL SIZES SMALL BASE - eBay (item 270697788595 end time Feb-25-11 05:24:20 PST) They fit both the 2GC and the 4 GC Good price too. Dave
  18. You might also check the jet sizes. Stock 1961 Starfire 394 used # 56 mains and # 80 secondarys. You might have to tweek the mains for your elevation but the stock setup seems to be fine except for running rich at Colorado Springs altitude. (6350 at my home). I am running #57 mains and get 16 MPG here. However at Dallas Texas altitude it would barely pull itself onto the showfield. Good luck, Dave
  19. Needle and seat are in the carb. Just behind a brass filter where the gasline connects to the carb. Dave
  20. Hold on a minute. How could the fuel pump fill the crankcase with fuel unless the needle and seat were stuck open , (your first problem) ?????????. I would be looking at the needle and seat for debris that can jam the needle in the open and in the closed or almost closed position, your second problem. I have had both happen to me so that's where I would look first. Good luck, Dave
  21. Fender skirts at; Fender Skirts by Big Jim's, Whitney, Texas Turn signal part at Duane Hayes; donegoing2002@yahoo.com Dave
  22. Contact this man for all your 1961 1962 Olds needs.(Duane) classicmotorscolorado items - Get great deals on eBay Motors items on eBay.com! Dave
  23. That's great. You should try one with air, really fun. Dave
  24. Here is a pic of the heater switch from the left side as it would be installed. Notice that the vacuum source connection is the rear most, #3. # 4 the top most is defroster # 2 the bottom most is the indirect position # 1 (you can't see the number behind the filter keeper) Is the heater (hot water) valve I know working upside down and backwards is a pain. Maybe this will help get it straightened out. Good luck, Dave
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