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  1. Make sure the leads are sound and have good connections. The magnets must be almost touching the pickup when the drive shaft is turning. This makes for a very touchy adjustment, the pickup will tear the magnets off if contact is made (magnets sticking to floor is a good example). Keep trying, you will get it right eventually barring some other problem. Make sure the pickup is to the side of the driveshaft because there is some movement up and down as the rear suspension flexes. . Good luck, Dave
  2. The wiring diagram shows it too be negative ground. If the battery is out of normal sight such as under the floorboards I would recommend the Optima battery. Much better than the old wet cell batteries. Dave
  4. This is what you need. Too expensive here. Find one salvage. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1961-1962-Oldsmobile-jack-hold-down-/121959869475?hash=item1c655fec23:g:mYQAAOSw14xXFBoN&vxp=mtr
  5. http://www.napaonline.com/napa/en/search/?text=Air
  6. What's the latest on "Florence"?? Long time no hear??? Dave
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Napa-1961-62-Oldsmobile-Dynamic-Super-88-Jetfire-98-Tie-Rod-Ends-5303L-5303R-/121914519751?hash=item1c62abf0c7:g:vpoAAOSwL7VWsmph&vxp=mtr
  8. Try Desert Valley Auto Parts. Any 1963 Olds with the 394 CID engine with A/C would have the parts you could use. Good luck, Dave
  10. Have been shopping for something besides cork/rubber oil pan gaskets and came up with site. Bob Marx is a knowledgeable guy and helped me find what I wanted. He is a distributer for "Best Gaskets" and carries many other gaskets. Here is the link to his website, checkout his online catalog. Dave www.marxparts.com
  11. dlh61olds


    Have been shopping for something besides cork/rubber oil pan gaskets and came up with site. Bob Marx is a knowledgeable guy and helped me find what I wanted. He is a distributer for "Best Gaskets" and carries many other gaskets. Here is the link to his website, checkout his online catalog. Dave http://www.marxparts.com/index.htm
  12. I cannot find "NAOC Car Show Rules" on either the OCA or NAOC sites. Where are they??? Thanx, Dave
  13. I think the guy in St. Louis is the same one I dealt with years ago. He is a "Boss Hogg " character. I made a trip out there to see a 1961 Starfire he had . When I got there he couldn't find time to show me anything. Should I say I was unhappy!!!! Good luck, Dave
  14. What was the standard issue gear ratio for the 1962 Starfire?? Thanx, Dave
  15. Most cars of that vintage called for 30 W in summer and 20W in winter. I have two 1961 Oldsmobiles and use Valvoline 30W racing oil in both year round. My cars see very little action in the winter so that suits me fine. This oil carries a significant amount of zinc (ZDDP) which is good for the camshaft and lifters. Here is the url for amazon but you can get it at most auto parts stores. I buy mine at O Reillys. Good luck, Dave. http://www.amazon.com/Valvoline-VV223-6PK-VR1-Racing-Motor/dp/B00DJ4FOFA/ref=sr_1_3/187-1955409-2597361?ie=UTF8&qid=1450283012&sr=8-3&keywords=valvoline+racing+oil
  16. I cannot find the convertible electric pump wiring for my 1961 Starfire on the wiring diagram, Ideas ??? Thanx, Dave
  17. Check this out on e bay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rebuilt-Oldsmobile-F85-Roto-5-transmission-1961-1963-/221760946761?hash=item33a1fb8249&vxp=mtr Good luck, Dave
  18. Page 73 "Setting The Pace" Oldsmobiles First 100 Years, center of the page, has what looks like the same car with the top down. Looks a lot like a 1916 Model 44 Oldsmobile. Dave
  19. The thing that surprised me most was that 3 out of the four I checked had the same "defective" terminal end . I can only guess that it was a manufacturing defect in the harness. There are probably a lot of cars out there with the same defect still in operation. I think the convertible top switch is most likely tied to the same terminal but I cannot find it on my wiring diagram. Dave
  20. I want to re-visit this subject , I believe I have found the culprit involved in many problems. I recently had some of the same problems. Windows would quit working and the heater fan would quit. If I let it sit awhile everything would work again for a short time. Going to the wiring diagram for my 1961 Starfire I found the accessory lead at the ignition switch supplies power to the following: Cigar lighter-Air Conditioner-Heater Fan-Electric Antenna and Electric Windows. I found the green accessory lead was burned at the connector on the IGNITION SWITCH !!! I went to my parts source and looked at four switches in four different cars before I found one that was not burned. They all had the same connector that looks as though it was not correct from the factory. The green lead (acc) looks as if it has the spring or pressure part of the fitting missing. Looks like it was never there . Top lead in the picture is correct, bottom is the bad fitting. The result is a loose connection that seems to work until it heats up and then opens. Let it cool awhile and it works again. The fuses never blow so its hard to find this goofy problem. I replaced the plastic fitting and the accessory lead(green) with the correct end and all is well. Look at the pics. Three out of the four switches I looked at had the same burned lead. Makes me wonder how many good cars were junked because of this problem. Just thought sharing this info might help someone having any of the problems mentioned. I'd like to hear from anyone that finds they have the same burned switch. Dave
  21. I believe you need the 8010-044 6V . 800 cold cranking amps. Dave
  22. I found the six volt Optima to be the best for my 1928. Under the floor where it was not visible. Dave
  23. The only difference is the A/C pump has a larger bearing. Either pump will fit and work. Good Luck, Dave
  24. The same problem occurred with my 61 D88. I got a friend with strong hands to press the panel back while I removed the clip. You will have to turn the crank to a convenient position to orient the clip to simplify the removal with the correct tool. Good luck, Dave
  25. Your 1963 Dynamic 88 should have the 394CI engine. There is no need to "relieve " back pressure, the standard stock exhaust system is more than adequate. The best thing you can do to learn about your car is to buy a service manual and read it. You can probably find one on e bay. Good luck with your car, Dave
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