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  1. There are 6 volt LED lights available, but in limited selection. No 6 volt amber LED bulbs, for example, but there are amber colored bulb sleeves you can use. You can also use a small, SLA 12 volt battery to run 12 volt LED running lights and turn signals on a separate, stand alone system. An advantage of this is you can use a 6 volt bulb which is white to use as a running light, but when the turn signal switch is activated it turns color to amber and blinks. Brake lights are more problematic. There are red and white 6 volt, dual filament LEDs. Adding a 12 volt LED brake light to the 6 vol
  2. Roger, do you have a 6 volt system? Are the third brake lights LED bulbs?
  3. I thought the smart signals were great, too, but they have apparently been unavailable for a year now. I received no answers to numerous phone messages left on voicemail, or email, requesting information on when they may be available. I am now going to use 12 volt LEDs which will be run by a small, rechargeable SLA 12 volt battery, keeping it separate from my 6 volt system.
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