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  1. Maybe the car in the photo isn't new? Maybe that photo was taken in '51, or later.
  2. Another possible difference is that the original car in the OP appears to have a raised hood ornament where the one that belonged to Gene Tierney doesn't appear to have any raised hood ornament. It's probably not the same car. But it's hard to say as the one in the link I posted could have been reworked or modified who knows how many times over the years?
  3. I just noticed a difference between the photo in the OP and the car I linked to. The car I linked to appears to have light on top of the fenders above the headlights. The car in the original photograph doesn't appear to have those lights. I wonder whether those lights are original or perhaps someone added them later?
  4. Just for kicks I did a Google search for "1941 Lincoln continental movie star" and found a car that looks very similar that belonged to actress Gene Tierney. Of course that wouldn't be her sitting in the car, but maybe it's her car? Here's the car I found: 1941 Lincoln Convertible It could also be that someone else might have bought her car. Perhaps this photo wasn't taken in 1941? This photo could have been taken in the late 50's? Still, if it was her car, some actor might have bought it from her. Just thought I'd share the fruits of my
  5. Here's an article that goes into a bit more detail of how to actually build the wooden rotisserie. (or roll-to-one-side type) https://brainpowermotorsports.com/rust-removal-simple-solution-ugly-job/ Here's another wooden rotisserie that is more conventional. However, this one requires that you are able to run a steel pipe clear through your car. It may also be picky about having that pipe in the center of balance lest the car might want to flip over due to being off balance. https://www.minimania.com/How_To___Build_a_Mini_Rotisserie_for_less_than__200
  6. I was looking for a safe and affordable rotisserie myself. I never thought of making one out of wood. After seeing the following YouTube videos I will definitely be building my own wooden rotisserie. Especially considering that I have a sawmill and so lumber is next to nothing for me. It's obviously not as nice as an expensive rotisserie, but considering the price difference, functionality wins the day. If it works and it's inexpensive you won't get any complaints from me. And how long could it take to build one? There isn't even any welding involved. Just bolt it toget
  7. I like to think the hobby of restoring antique cars can be for everyone, not just for the rich. Why cast out an entire group of people based on their financial status in life? What's the point in that? I would much rather see someone restore a car on a budget as a fun hobby then to see them be discourage from doing anything simply because they can't afford to pay for the highest quality restoration. I also think that different people have different motivations for "restoring" an old car. They also may very likely use the term "restore" to mean quite different things.
  8. I probably should have qualified that my experience with the deer are on quiet back roads. I'm not sure if it would make much difference at interstate highway speeds. One thing I have noticed about deer is that when they panic they don't seem to be smart enough to choose to run in a direction that is necessarily away from an oncoming car. I actually hit a deer once that was running in a field alongside my car parallel to me. I never dreamed it would decide to turn out onto the road right in front of me. But that's exactly what it did. And it clearly saw me. So I'm not so
  9. I meant to comment on this. Where I live there are a lot of deer so I see deer jumping out in front of me quite often. And over the years I've noticed something. This seems to hold true, but I say for certain. It's something I noticed and have tried and it seems to work. What have I noticed? Well, I've noticed that when I see a deer standing alongside the road it typically just stands there doing nothing. But then I'll hit the brakes to slow down just to be sure that I won't hit the deer. What I've noticed is that usually the moment I hit the brakes the deer with then
  10. Personally I like the insect archer. I could put him on my Escort and claim that he's the reason I never get any bugs on the windshield
  11. It would still be fun to see Destin do his experiments with this. The Butterfly deflector doesn't really need to work for the experimenting to still be fun. But yeah, I suggested smoke tunnel tests as a preliminary idea. In fact, it would probably be cool to see smoke wind-tunnel tests done on antique cars versus modern cars. There would definitely need to be a major difference since modern cars are more aerodynamically efficient. This my also play a role in whether something like the Butterfly bug deflector might do anything at all. The butterfly deflector in th
  12. Having an interest in physics questions myself I actually thought about this quite a bit last night. Obviously the idea of this thing is to create an airflow pattern that deflects the insects, snow, or dirt away from the windshield. At first glance I can see where it might have some potential for this. But there would be so many other factors that would come into play. For example, the general shape of the car itself would most likely play a role. For example, given a large butterfly deflector like the one in the photo in post #3 it might have some success in creating a potentially e
  13. I've replaced windshields in the past too. And yes, I had problems with the first ones I installed. Never broke one, but I did have problems trying to get them to seal completely. What I've learned is that it requires a lot of patience. For one thing lay the windshield in place first. And if it isn't laying in really nice and even all the way around, then better get out the hammer and dollies and take car of that first. No amount of trying to fit a new windshield into a bent window frame is going to work well no matter how professional the installer is. So making
  14. I've decided to replace the rear window and windshield of my truck. Actually a 60 foot tall Oak tree made the decision for me. I live in the woods and I was working out in the back yard. My truck was parked in the front yard. It was a bright sunny day with a cloudless sky and no wind whatsoever. I hear a crack and looked up to see which branch was about to fall. Something that happens from time to time around here. Unfortunately it was a HUGE branch about 60 feet directly above my pick up truck. I watched it break off and fall directly on the roof of my truck. There was nothing I
  15. We can see that one works. No need for an engineering video on that one. ?
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