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  1. I agree.... I use Lucas Ethanol Treatment.... whether it does anything or not I have no clue!!!
  2. Thanls Dave... it took some time, but I had a feeling that a friend of mine who has a 62 Starfire convertible might have had one. He did and it was already trimmed to fit the Starfire. He lives 2.5 miles from my house. I was hoping to bump into him at the local cruise night... we kept missing each other. He works all different shifts, so I didn't want to call him.
  3. So I spoke with this guy, Hollywood Hank is his name, he is a used car saleman. He called me I told him I was interested in the gas door guard. He asked me how much I would pay I told him $45 as long as it wasn't dented. He says ok, I have 1 guy supposedly coming to look at the car over the weekend, if he doesn't take it I will let you know. Last Monday I sent him a message asking if it sold, he has the guy never showed up. I asked again about the guard, he says, I decided not to remove the part.... I explained that it was not a factory part but dealer installed, he still declined....
  4. It does! Thank you, I will call him. Maybe he will sell it off the car.
  5. Thank you for keeping your eyes open for me, I appreciate it.
  6. I am still looking. I did find out that the No-mar number is 15-531 if that helps
  7. Nothing at the Olds Nats....................................................................... sigh
  8. Absolutely... I have a couple friends keeping their eyes open for the parts I need at the Olds Nationals this week!
  9. it was incorrect even though the print on the package said 61-62 Olds 88, didn't fit the opening. I compared pictures to the Olds on and the correct one (pictured above) has a longer top edge. The search continues... Karl Sup is going to keep his eyes open at the Nats for them as well as for door edge guards...
  10. I bought the 61-62 Pontiac full size and it did not fit. Maybe the 1963 is different? http://www.oldsobsolete.com/products-page/pontiac-parts-for-sale/1961-pontiac-parts-for-sale/1961-1962-pontiac-accessory-fuel-tank-filler-door-guard-unit-nos-983669/
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