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  1. Hey !!!!! I just tried what someone said to do, it works. If I search 1961 oldsmobile on e bay I find 5000 plus items. If I use quotation marks I find less than 300 items, all specifically "1961 Oldsmobile". Try it on your car. Dave, Thanx to the guy who said to try this.
  2. Interesting the sidemount does not appear in both photos ???? And the passenger side wiper???
  3. Here is another NORS 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 Oldsmobile Heater AC Control Valve | eBay
  4. On ebay right now !!! 1958-1959-1960-1961-1962-1963-1964 OLDSMOBILE NEW VACUUM HEATER SHUTOFF VALVE | eBay
  5. In the days your car was made it was standard practice to change the thermostat to a high temperature in the fall of the year( about 180) and in the spring of the year (about 160). That provided good heat and defrost in winter and way less heat in the summer. With todays lousey ethanol fuel if you don't drive in cold weather the lower temperature thermostat will be fine and will help eliminate the dreaded ethanol vapor lock. Try it . You can always go back if you are not satisfied. Good luck, Dave
  6. Jim, once I break it loose it is good all day.Start, stop for an hour or two , O.K. Next morning same thing. ???? Dave
  7. After my 1961 Starfire sits for a day or two I have to "break the steering wheel loose" in both directions. Once it moves it is good until I leave it parked again. Any ideas what is wrong ??? Dave
  8. Forgive me for not reading thru all the posts, But!!! Have you determined whether the transmmission is ROTO 10 Or 5 ??? If you have a service manual you can check the transmission at the Manual Lever for proper shifting, park thru reverse. Look at Fig. 3-141 on page 3-76 of the 1961 service manual for shift positions of the tranny. Sounds like you have an F85 shifter on a Roto 10 transmission. Don't condemn the transmission until you check all the other stuff. Dave
  9. If it is like mine you must hold the button at the top of the shift lever DOWN in order to find Park (most forward) and REVERSE, (most rearward). Unless you have a posi differential you will be able to move the rear wheels when jacked up. if the diff is O.K. one wheel will turn forward as you turn the other wheel backwards. Dave
  10. If you have not already done it, contact this club. Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club Great people and they can help you with parts and rebuilding your car. Dave
  11. Helfen, you are right, most of the pic's are 1961. Open the hood and you would be hard pressed to tell the diff in a 1961 and 1962. Some of the pic's were copied off the net so I can't tell what year they are either. Some folks switched from generator to the alternator after 1962 . It bolted up to and fit the 1961's nicely. Dave
  12. The 1962 Olds came with an alternater. No matter,the hoses were hooked up from the factory the same way on all 1961-1964 engines whether they had air or not. Yes, the draft tube is connected to the exhaust with a bracket to an existing bolt. I believe the D-88 engine shows the factory heater hose clamp the best. It is attached to a hold down bolt for the intake manifold. Just forward of the scorched paint area. I like the hose from the water pump to go to the top heater core fitting. Moves the water from top to bottom under pressure and keeps the core flushed. No opportunity for sediment to stay in the core, Dave
  13. Cannot say for sure. My Starfire with CAC has the hose direct to the core. The D-88 without air has a hose bracket above the valve cover. Maybe the bracket was removed on the Starfire by a previous owner. Either way will work O.K. but to be correct it probably should be hung from the bracket. Some pics to help you decide. Dave The1st pic of the D-88 is the original configuration. I always thot the wire separators were cool so I re-did te D-88. The 2nd pic is the finished product (even tho it Ain't original)
  14. IMHO The 185 is too high. The original routine was 160 in summer and 172 or 180 in winter. In your case if it were me I would use the 160 - 180 set up. If you don't want to be bothered changing the stat twice a year (Which was done regularly) try the 172 for year round. The 185 is too high for summer use. Good luck, Dave
  15. I found a site with a lot of parts but prices are outrageous. Go to oldsobsolete.com Anyone else dealt with this parts outfit ??? Thanx, Dave
  16. From the album: Member Galleries

    Starfire & Dynamic 88 at Garden of the Gods
  17. From the album: Member Galleries

    !928 F-28 Family Sedan
  18. From the album: Member Galleries

    Starfire at the top of Pikes Peak
  19. What are the rear wheels driving in this photo ???
  20. Some call it a snake, drivewire ,tape, and other names. I mean the part that runs the antenna up or down, looks like a piece of weedwhacker line , nylon ?? Dave
  21. Thanx, Klaus will not sell parts. He quoted me $500 for a rebuild. Too rich for my blood. Dave
  22. I am in the process of locating a source for replacement masts for the 1961-64 power antenna on my Olds cars. Other GM cars used the same antenna but I don't participate on their forums How many folks would be interested in a new top mast with new cord (snake)attached?? Could be $100 to $130 est. Dave
  23. I just rebuilt my fuel pump 1961 Olds pump # 6585. Parts are available at Then and Now.com, If the lower shaft seal (fuel) is worn the pump will push oil out of the breather holes. They are inside the little square hole away from the block. The vacuum diaphragm in mine was shot, sucking oil into the vacuum line to the heater controls. Some times there is a small fiber filter stuffed in the hole to keep dirt from getting into the breather holes.See if that is where its coming from. The fan will spread it everywhere. Dave
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