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  1. So Steve, I take it that judges are the same as well....no action needed if registered for April and plan on making June? Thanks, John
  2. I need to check these forums more often.... sorry so late. Don, that's a mighty sweet ride! I'd venture to say it could be the nicest one of its kind in existence... you just don't see 'em anymore... especially since you never saw that many even when new. Do you know production figures? Dad (our family) bought new a '65 4-dr Polara 383-2V which was flooded in Hurricane Betsy in New Orleans when it was 7 months old; he turned around and ordered a '66 of same configuration in Honey Gold, which the family had until the early '80s. I learned to drive on that car. Interesting what they did with the '66 Monaco wagon tail lights; guess they didn't want to wire up the inward lights thru the tailgate; but it prolly has the power tailgate window anyway, so it probably wouldn't have been a big deal. The matching woodgrain there (where the Polara would have had the stainless work & Monaco sedan would have had lights) is cool its own right -- plus you just plain never see it (which to me, is a big plus). In case you don't already have it, you can pick up a free PDF factory service manual at http://www.mymopar.com/index.php I could go on & on; but will suffice it to say "Mazel tov!"
  3. Yeah, the design probably changed in '63. I'm guessing the '63 & '64 would be exactly alike, as would be the '61 & '62. I could call mine an air dam, but prolly not a gravel shield.
  4. Hey, guys. Thanks for the responses. All I can speak for is my '64 S/F conv't. It has (for lack of a better term) a front spoiler -- exactly functioning like the one on a Buick GSX or a Boss 429 -- only much smaller. It prevents a certain amount of air from passing underneath the car while at speed, and would (at least in theory) tend to force a bit more air through the radiator. If you have a '64 Starfire (again, it's the only one I can speak to with certainty), you can find it bolted directly to the bottom crossmember of the radiator support -- 3 bolts. But I have it from a good source (OK.. I'll say it's from Glenn the "Rocketraider") that they're on other '64s (at least) with the 394. I can't say anything from my own experience, or from any GM sources or documentation. Here's a picture of my bent-up one off the car, coated in decades of grime and undercoat.
  5. Part obtained. Thanks! ______________________________ Looking for one in great original shape. But if anybody has one he doesn't want to sell, posting some good pic's showing curves and bends would be a huge help --Even if if it's INSTALLED. One looking straight up from ground toward rad. support would be awesome.Not sure, but the '63 version is likely the same. Also, I've been told that these were only on 394 cars. Thanks in advance....
  6. Folks, I've gotten some decent info recently, but until I get the definitive word, I'm going to hold out on my booster resto for my '64 Starfire. Anybody have first-hand or documented evidence on whether the boosters for these cars were silver or "yellow" from the factory? Just for information's sake, the car has a Moraine system. Any input appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the great info, guys. Maybe my black was shot by a previous owner, 'cause there's no trace of any kind of mask being used. The circular paint pattern can be easily seen. But if you look at the grille directly from the front, you can't see the overspray; that's why I was thinking the factory just whacked it on there. If anybody else out there knows a specific "light transparent metallic red automotive touchup spray bomb," I'd be all ears. I'm awful with colors.
  8. I'm touching up my grill while giving the whole front-end a face-lift. Is there a definitive answer to the way the black paint was applied to specific parts and areas of the grille? To my knowledge, mine is original; but it really looks like somebody just hit specific areas with a spray can. Also, anybody have any suggestions for a red paint to use to restore the big red star in the grille? Many thanks, John
  9. Thanks, folks. Joe, i think you had answered my question in a different post. It's better to have the parts available than not.... At least they minimized the confusion and kept all 8 the same size. Buying front-end components for these cars is always fun, as well...
  10. Can anybody tell me definitively how many different sizes there are among the 8 bushings for the rear control arms? I see some places that do not differentiate between upper & lower, and I see at least one listing that says front and rear of same control arm take different bushings. Also, has anyone found that the full-size Olds arms interchange with anything else, such as the same-year chevvy? Thanks in advance....
  11. You're a riot, Glenn! I'm right with you on that, however. But as I said, it was slated for a dying if I were going to keep it. Just for the record, that's a big weak spot (IMHO) with a lot of the GSs I look at from early 70s. I would never have a car with that color interior; it's just a personal thing. And I hate to offend anyone, but that would go DOUBLE if the outside were brown, bronze, tan, beige, or any other "brown" type of color. Just the way it is.... This is a beautiful piece, however; I must say -- and I think somebody will make real good use of it... especially at this price. :cool:
  12. OEM (GM) 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible Top Boot-Cover This GM boot-cover was never installed on the car. It has been safely stored since 1964 and is in incredible condition. To be super-critical, there is a small amount of discoloration from age in the foam, which is only visible from the bottom (invisible when installed). This is an original GM part from 1964 and has obviously been well preserved through the years. The boot is a medium brown. I bought this boot on eBay last month with plans to dye it and use it on my Starfire. It would fit, but the Starfire's has a lot of extra padding throughout, and I'm opting to just keep my original for now. USPS shipping is included in the price of $125, which is what I payed for it on eBay (so I'll be out whatever the shipping to you costs). It's a beautiful piece and is concours worthy. Please P.M. me for additional information & thanks for looking.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  13. Hey, Kelly! Hard to believe it's been over 2 years since the last post in this thread.... downright scary, in fact. I do a little to the Olds, but really don't do enough. Just the basics -> washing when it needs it; oil changes. I did a thorough lubrication a few months back -- things like all the hinges, lock cylinders, latches, etc. Got all the PCV system installed, as I think I updated on the board (maybe it was on the CO site?). I adjusted the door strikers and latches, and other small things. But my "to do" list is long, yet. It really needs front end work, and a radiator flush. That will all come later this year. I did do the trunk (jack & spare); but as I've gone into gory detail about, I'm convinced mine came without the side cardboards. I can tell by the way the carpet was glued, when compared to the many pictures I received (including yours I believe?) of other '64 Olds trunks. I even bought the blue boards, but after fiddling with them for days, came to that conclusion. Not sure whether the spare cover was blue from factory, but I sure like the way it looks now. :cool: The other pic is the finished PCV system. Not sure whether I've posted these somewhere else on this site. I'd really like to get a nice set of early '70s 15" wheels and put some radials on mine to drive on trips like that. I don't feel comfortable at all with those 14" biases I have now. I feel I'm pressing my luck. But then, I guess I'd have the wheel cover issue to deal with, too, as I hear my 14" won't fit the 15" GM wheels. Alway sumpin'. That must've been nice to take that trip. I'd love to do something like that. Did you feel your car got lost in the shuffle, or did it garner rave reviews? Did you ever touch up those trident fender vents? Great to hear from you.....
  14. Anybody have a copy of this booklet? They seem to be available thru Inline Tube (believe it or not). I'm curious whether it's "assembly manual" info, or is it sales codes and numbers?
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