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  1. Here's mine, 1965 Corvette, 1985 Oldsmobile Calais (Bought New in 1985) 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT(Daughter Bought it New), 2015 Corvette (Museum Delivery)
  2. Northwest Houston, Texas, Shell gasoline; $1.77 for regular $2.44 for premium as of 8/23/2020
  3. I just picked up this 1/25 scale, 1963 Riviera Model Kit; It has been assembled, but not painted.
  4. My high school car was a 1959 Mercury Montery. It was rescued from behind a Texaco gas station, for $100. That was in January 1966. This is the only picture I have of it.
  5. Out of my eight vehicles, four have manual transmissions, and four have automatic transmissions.
  6. Here is a 1958 Dodge Dealer give a way;
  7. That will not work on a 1966 Mustang. 1967 was the first year the Mustang had in dash air conditioning. The controls showing in the first picture above the dash vent, is for a 1968 Mustang.
  8. This is not a historic Buick Dealership, but I took this off my then new 1977 Buick Century. At the time, I was living in Melbourne Florida. I wanted a white with blue interior Century. Lane Pontiac, Buick did a dealer trade, and what came in was, Blue with White interior. Before I left the dealership, I pulled off the emblem. That's all I have left of my 77 Century.
  9. 211 are dealer promos. 391 That I built myself. With several in process. And, plenty still in boxes. I’ve been building and collecting model cars, since my Father gave me my first dealer promo in 1955. Yes, I do still have it. Many of the cereal box cars, I got out of the cereal boxes myself. In one way I’m lucky, my 23 year old granddaughter, wants all the models, and my 65 Corvette. She has a strong interest in cars, both big and small.
  10. I've been building model cars for as long as I can remember. I presently have over 600, 1/25 scale model cars on display.
  11. I never said my Calais was a pace car. With 155,000 miles on the iron duke, it's not a piece of crap.
  12. Thank you for posting the great picture of the 1985 Indy Oldsmobile Calais. I have owned a 1985 Oldsmobile Calais, that I bought new, June 1985.
  13. I have had one claim with JC Taylor. I could not ask for better service.
  14. Try a restoration shop. I've installed 50's windshields, it's not that difficult. The hardest part is removing and reinstalling the trim.
  15. Last week, I bought a set of Toyo Extensa A/S white wall tires for my 65 Corvette. Discount had two brands of white wall tires, in the size I needed.
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