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  1. I have a good used V12 oil pan available. Pretty sure it is original and correct for 1936 and 1937 Lincoln, the oil drain plug is on the opposite side of later model oil pans. But I suppose it would bolt up to all years. Let me know if you are interested and I will send pictures. Thanks, JW
  2. Looking for a set of NOS or good used hydraulic lifters for 1938-48 Lincoln Zephyr. Thanks
  3. Needing two radio static suppressors that mount on the coil for 1941 Ford Mercury or Lincoln. Good used or NOS? I have the Zenith radio part number if that would help. Please pm me with what you have. Thanks JW
  4. Looking for the two radio static suppressors that mount on top of the coil above the ignition condensers. Does anybody have any good used or NOS extras?
  5. There was an article in TWOTZ in the 1980's about a good original 1938 Zephyr coupe with original leather interior. Pictures were included, I will try to attach a couple. The headliner and package shelf were leatherette. An upholstery guy told me leather was too heavy and too stretchy to use for the headliner, it would end up sagging. If you look closely at the photos, each of the seams across the headliner had an exposed welt, it was not just a plain seam. The seat upholstery shown in the photos is original for 1938, but I don't know if the pattern for 1939 was the same. 38interior0001.pdf38interior0002.pdf38interior0003.pdf
  6. Thanks for all your replies. I attached a photo that clears up the questions, at least for 1941. The 41 dash has 4 holes to the left of the steering column. The hole to the far left is the light switch. The next hole towards the steering column was for the heater fan switch. The third hole was for the defroster cable. The fourth hole (nearest the steering column) had a dummy knob when a hot water heater was installed. If the car had no heater at all, there were three dummy knobs on the dash. I attached a photo of the dummy knob too. There is a chrome bezel around the heater fan switch that the knob seats into. Does anybody have a good used bezel they are willing to part with? John
  7. Does anyone have a 1941 Lincoln with the hot water heater option? I am trying to figure out the dash switches. On the hot air heater, there were two cables (one for the defroster and one for the hot air exchanger under the hood) and one fan switch, so three holes in the dash. For the hot water heater, there were only two holes needed, one cable for the defroster valve open or closed, and one fan switch that controlled fan speed and "direct" or "indirect" heat, blowing out the front of the unit for direct heat, or out the back of the unit for indirect heat. So was the third hole plugged with a dummy switch or knob? If someone has one, I would love to see a photo of the switch, or a description of how the switch and cable were situated. I am probably missing the switch bezel, mine just doesn't look "finished" like it should. There was probably some kind of service bulletin or an installation manual issued at the time, but I have never seen one. If there is one out there, I would love to have a copy. Thanks for the help. JW
  8. Joe, try Ficken wiper services. John
  9. Wow, great thread for me. I am in the midst of restoring a 1941 Zephyr Club Coupe. It really is a beautiful body style, and they are very few restored examples around. I am especially interested in the exhaust system problems. I have an exhaust pipe on the shelf, ready to install in the next couple of months, that came from a well known antique car supplier. Would you share with me by private message where you got the one that was too short? Beautiful job on a beautiful car! JW
  10. I found good original paint inside the wheels on my car, always protected by the tires, no sun to fade the paint. Good luck.
  11. Will a bad coil cause a slow starter speed when the engine is warm like rockitdoc describes? I was thinking a weak coil would have a weak spark, but not affect the cranking speed...
  12. Waldron Exhaust in Michigan sells them too, last week they had one on the shelf in aluminized steel, $80.00.
  13. Waldron Exhaust in Michigan says on their website they have the entire exhaust system including crossover pipe. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  14. Would like to buy or trade for a nice 41 Lincoln park light lens. I have a good cobra light lens I could trade, some other parts too, what do you need? PM me with details if you are interested.
  15. Thanks for the input, everybody I have talked to has the orange peel variety. This oddball one is too perfect a fit to be for a different car, maybe another vendor somewhere along the way made it. Back into the spares box it goes...
  16. After 15 years of owning my car and mostly lurking on this forum, it is time to send my 41 Zephyr club coupe to the shop for assembly. The body is already painted and has lots of work done, but it is too much for my skills to turn this pile of parts into a running car. Putting them back together is way harder than taking them apart... My question for today: I have three license plate light lenses. Two of them have an "orange peel" finish on the inside surface of the lens, and one has a smooth finish on the inside surface of the lens. Just sitting on my table, they fit and look the same, but with a light behind them there could be a difference. The smooth back one looks and fits too good to be a reproduction. Plus, it's glass not plastic and has rust stains on it, so it is definitely old. One of these three was original equipment on this early production 41, but I don't know which one. Have any 41 owners noticed these two different lenses? What is on your car? Thanks for your help, John Walker
  17. Rock Valley Antique Auto parts. Stainless steel and pricey, but available. JW
  18. I called Bob Drake's customer service line for these bulbs, and they did not find them in stock. Do you have a part number?
  19. American Power Brake in Dallas rebuilt a gearbox for me. They also reline brakes for antique cars.
  20. Hi Jeff. I have a 41 Zephyr that came with the hot air heater, but am changing to the hot water heater. I am nearly certain that switch is the same as used in postwar Fords with hot water heaters. Different knob for the Lincoln is the only difference.
  21. Just what I needed! Thanks Phil. JW
  22. My painter is trying to locate the pinstripes on my wheels. Does anyone have an original wheel with the pinstripes for measurements? I believe the center stripe is 1/8th wide, the two outer stripes are 1/16th wide. How much distance in between? How far from the edge where the rim and wheel meet to the first stripe? Thanks for any help you can give me. John Walker
  23. After sitting in the garage for the last six years, my 41 club coupe has finally gone back to the paint shop. The body work was all done six years ago, including a new floor pan from Bradley. There are a few touchups and some fine tuning to smooth the body, but the major work is done, so it shouldn't be long before it gets color. Mine is an early 41 production car, originally painted 1940 Lincoln maroon , not the 1941 volanta coach maroon color. Going back with the original. Does anybody know if the rear seat ashtray covers were painted the interior tan color, or woodgrained, or chromed? The authenticity manual says they were woodgrained, but I don't think that's right. I think they were painted the interior tan color?? Anybody have 41 coupe door panels or club coupe rear interior quarter panels they want to part with? Or the stainless steel trim strip for the doors and quarter panels? Not likely I know, but worth a shot! A lot of good information goes through this forum, thanks to all the regular contributors, you all know who you are. John Walker
  24. What product did you use on the undercarriage? Do you have a picture of the end result? Congratulations on finding a great car!
  25. My first "old car" (back in 1970) was a 51 Studebaker Champion Starlite Coupe. I remember the hidden storage under the rear arm rests, you could probably hide a couple of bottles in there! Purchased for $125 and towed home, someone had switched the battery cables to negative ground, my buddy and I switched them back and it ran great, but no brakes. Time passed, no money, other things kept me busy. Kids down the street threw a brick through the windshield while I was away at college, so I sold it for $75.00. All the other glass was good. It was a straight rust free car... The cars that I didn't buy back then are what hurts. My neighbor down the street was a big executive at Chevrolet, he had just left the Houston corporate offices to come to Dallas. He offered me his 57 Chevy Belair 2 door hardtop, fresh white paint and a rebuilt 327 with 2 speed automatic, for $100.00. It was missing the "v" on the rear deck lid. I didn't buy it. I had the $100, but no driver's license yet, and my dad said no car until I had a license. In 1970 the same neighbor offered me his 1969 Camaro Z28 rs/ss convertible, 396 engine with the cowl induction hood, orange with white stripes and the houndstooth interior. I forget the price, maybe I just don't want to remember it. Later, in college, it was the 1940 Harley knucklehead for $700 that my friend died on, it wasn't hurt bad in the wreck, unlike him. Run over from behind by a guy in a stolen car doing 100+mph. Bad karma, I thought at the time, or would it have been bad motorcykle-ma? Oh well, I didn't have $700 anyway. My rent was $50 a month, who could afford $700 for a 36 year old motorcycle that needed some work? Sorry about the off-topic stuff, especially the C***vy stories. I would have told a story about not buying a Lincoln Zephyr, but I bought the first one I can remember seeing, a 41 club coupe, in 1997!
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