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  1. Hi OKDave. I have a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr club coupe that I am restoring. These are my opinions about interior colors and dash colors, based on what was on my car when I took it apart, and on cars I have seen at shows, etc. On standard trim Zephyrs, the following were painted a tan color called "midas beige" (Color-ite has the formula, tell them it's for 1941) *heater, not including the flexible ductwork *back of mirror (chromed on Continentals, and on some Zephyrs I believe) *mirror bracket and sun visor brackets *steering column and steering column large rubber grommet at the floor *gear shift lever, turn signal lever *dome light body and the dome light switch plate *emergency brake handle *vent handle *center of the horn button *dash mounting brackets *seat base at the pivots and latch areas. I am talking about where the seat base is visible when the seat is folded forward. It's where you operate the latch to fold the seat forward, and the center of the seat base where each seat pivots forward from. My seat base was painted black, but had the tan on these areas that showed. I don't know if the 4 door cars had the same set-up. *the back side of the dash and the back side of the glove box door. The back side of the dash doesn't show but the back of the glove box door does. *On the club coupe rear quarter windows, the pivot rod that sticks down into the window frame that the quarter windows rotate on (I can't believe they ever showed, but they were painted tan) That's all I can think of, I may have left something out. On the dash and window trim on standard trim Zephyrs, not the custom interior option, the dash was woodgrained a light color that the LZOC authenticity manual calls Brown Beech wood grain. It is very light to be called brown beech, if my car was any indication. I think several pictures are available in 1941 brochures. On my car, there are eight pieces that get woodgrain: the dash, the glove box door, the front windshield interior trim, the rear window interior trim, the two door window trims, and the rear quarter window frames. 4 door cars would have two extra window frames. I have a NOS radio coverplate that has excellent original woodgraining, I will try to attach a photo of it in the next couple of days if anyone is interested. The engine and water pumps were painted Lincoln Green, several vendors have the color available in spray cans or by the quart. The generator, starter, air cleaner and oil pan were black. Heads and intake manifold were originally aluminum so not painted, does yours still have the aluminum heads? If you still need the hood side spears, send me a private message, I have extras. Good luck on your new purchase. JW
  2. My 41 club coupe has that extra hole also, it had the vacuum antenna switch mounted there.
  3. I have an extra oil filter canister, painted black, ready to bolt on and go. Send me a private message if you are interested.
  4. That looks like the "Paradise Green" on my Dupont 1941 color chart, no other greens available in 41. Good luck with the new car.
  5. I agree with Rolf that the ribbed design on the trim rings is correct, not the smooth design. I know this is mentioned in the LZOC magazine within the last couple of years but I haven't researched it to tell what issue. Phil, if you have a photo of Jake's car it will have the ribbed design. Bob Drake sells them in 15 0r 16 inch sizes as part number 01A 18303. Or on ebay, look here... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=418&item=6539353734&rd=1. I believe those are originals.
  6. Larry, your hydraulic lifters are on their way. Thanks! I still have the 1940-1941 Lincoln Continental fender skirts for sale. If anyone is interested please reply or send a private message. JWalker
  7. I have a full set of 24 hydraulic lifters, checked and rebuilt by an expert, guaranteed to be good working condition. $15 each = $360 for the set plus actual cost shipping. Also 1940-41 Continental skirts, stored inside since the early 70's, no rust, needing minor repair, $450 plus shipping. Photo available. Send a private message for more info. Thanks!
  8. To determine if your block has been changed, you can refer to that same George Trickett post on engine blocks. It is quite easy to see the difference in the post war blocks if you know where to look.
  9. Check out two pictures of Jake's 41 coupe in the new Mark LT brochures at your local Lincoln dealership. These are the same photos shown in the recent club magazine of Jake's car on a trailer being towed by the Lincoln pickup. There is also a large banner hanging in the local dealership with the same photo, does anyone have connections with their dealer to get one of those banners? If so please let me know.
  10. The only thing to add is that we can date the heads to 42 or later because of the 26H part number, but we really can't date the engine by the heads as they might have been replacements added anytime after 1946. About a year ago George Trickett gave us a lengthy discourse about differences between blocks. You might search for the topic "engine dating" if that is really important to you...For restoration and judging, no one is going to knock a 1941 car if it has a 46-48 block. Regarding the 06H cast iron heads, I have heard of 16H cast iron heads but not 06H, they were special order heads I guess as the "stock" heads were aluminum. I remember reading in the club magazine about these pre-1942 iron heads, seems like Dave Cole has never seen one and asked for photos or more info...
  11. The fender washers have a tab on them. Mount the fenders loosely, slide the welt in place, situate the tab so that it pins the welt down against the body, tighten. I don't think you should have to trim the welt, if you do, leave enough for the tab to catch. I am certain no glue was used. If you need the fender washers, someone in the club magazine sells good repros. Has anyone had experience painting the welt to match body color, especially with base coat-clear coat? I am thinking base coat-clear coat will crack when installed...
  12. These "look" correct for 1940 Lincoln. Size is right, the three pinstripes visible on one confirm it. If you need them... item #7946615932
  13. Sorry, no speed equipment to sell or trade, but.....If you are not going to use the original interior pieces, I could sure use the interior door panels, especially the narrow stainless trim piece that runs the width of the panel a few inches below the window. My 41 5 passenger coupe is missing them, and sedans are a different size. Send me a private message by clicking on my user name.
  14. I think I recognize your car. You bought it through the Cadillac dealership. Oddly enough, Ace's 1937 came from the same town, same color, same seller's initials too, J.G. Hmmmmmmmm....
  15. A couple of questions for the group on my 1941 Zephyr... Regarding the front anti-squeak spring clamps, part #16H-5330, should those be painted black, or cad plated? Most of the clamp is covered by rubber, but the edges show... What about headlight and taillight buckets, should they be painted body color, or black? Was the undercoating applied to the inside of the fenders after the buckets were installed or before? Thanks, JW
  16. I noticed the front bumper guards on ebay item #2488112216, 1938 Zephyr for sale. Does anyone recognize these bumper guards? Are they correct Lincoln parts or aftermarket? Anybody know? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...TRK%3AMEWA%3AIT Thanks for the info.
  17. I noticed a Lincoln windshield washer jar on ebay right now, I don't know if it is correct or not but I know someone was looking for one... search for Lincoln trico washer jar...
  18. Earle Brown can supply just the head gaskets, made by fel-pro with the new design. His number is on the "sources" page.
  19. Warren Rice did mine, he is in Dearborn Heights MI. The most recent LZOC club directory I have right now is 2001, it lists his phone number as 313-562-0945. He also revulcanizes the rubber frame insulators.
  20. I believe the part number is the same for Continental and Zephyr 1940-1948, but you should check the parts manual to be sure. Maybe you can find a used one. Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts makes a stainless steel tank to fit 40-48 Lincoln, but it is pricey. They have an online catalog, google it for their address.
  21. Does anyone have a spare set of O6H water pumps? good rebuildable cores are OK if impellers are good and shaft turns freely.
  22. I have had this conversation with George Trickett. He told me he no longer had a source for rear end gear oil that did not contain sulphur. He said that these rear ends used brass bushings and shims,and that sulphur attacks and corrodes yellow metals. With that in mind, I contacted Quaker State/Pennzoil, Mobil/Exxon and Valvoline to inquire about sulphur content. All three said that their "GL1" grade oil had no sulphur. George said that the GL1 grade is good for transmissions and steering gearboxes, but not good enough for the Columbia, it needed an "EP" or extreme pressure gear oil. Quaker State and Mobil/Exxon said their GL5 "EP" grade oil had sulphur and told me not to use it in this application. However, Valvoline said that their GL5 grade oil had an "inactive sulphur" compound that would not attack the yellow metals. I am using Valvoline in mine. The weight oil would be 80W-90. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!
  23. Just up the side of the block from the oil pan mounting face, there are some bulges, maybe water passage bulges. The bulges are bigger on 42-48 blocks. You would have to have two blocks side by side to see what I mean. Inside the block, the 42-48 engine crankshafts have a larger diameter rod journal (see the parts book for the 86H rods and the 26H rods). 1940-41 has the three bolt carb mount on the intake, post-war had the four bolt intakes, but so did all the replacements so that is not a very good indicator. I am unsure about 1942 intakes. The 1942 and early 1946 blocks had slightly larger bore, 2 15/16 I think as opposed to 2 7/8. What else?
  24. I looked at George Trickett's rebuild kit yesterday, his instructions said SAE 20 weight...
  25. WiperMan.com, Ficken Wiper Service. He rebuilds trico wiper motors, and sells blades both NOS and repro. The repro blades look just like the originals.
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