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  1. Hello all. I've got a 1941 Zephyr club coupe I am restoring. It's currently in the body shop getting ready for paint. V12 engine is already rebuilt, runs great on the engine stand in my garage. It is an early production car, with the Columbia rear end, hot water heater, radio and a very rare option, a vacuum antenna original and correct for 1941. I still have a long way to go, but I'll get there. I have two things to ask: 1)Does anyone know the whereabouts of a good coupe trunk lid for 1940 or 1941? Mine has rust damage (repairable), but I would rather have a better one if I can find it. Naturally the sedan does not fit. Does anyone know if 1942-1948 coupe deck lids will fit? My bet is no, they look larger and longer. 2)I have two vacuum antennas (antennae?) that I believe fit postwar Lincolns, one for Continental, one for Lincoln. But I don't know which is which. Can someone email a photo of the antenna bezel on their car for comparison, maybe length of the tube, color of the tube? One of these is painted gold if that gives anybody a hint.
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