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  1. Price isn’t as important as quality work, and knowing your parts won’t get ruined by a 17 year old kid with his head up his axx. Complicated water pump rebuilds can easy run from 800 to 2500 or more. All depends on the application. Since many water pump jobs on a V-6 modern car can easily run a grand, three hundred bucks for an 80 year old pump is a bargain. I know the current owner of Gould’s pump service......a very talented young family man who works of everything from run of the mill cars to world class Pebble Beach stuff.

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  2. Joe......the car is back togeather and driving........it's a long weekend, and I am taking it on a local tour. I'll pull it apart on Monday afternoon and make some measurements. I have a bunch of updates to post on my thread as we have been working on the car extensively, but thought a bit of a break after a months long saga was a good idea. Several people actually complained about all of the White postings.............

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