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  1. I would install one plug, and be sure to hold the throttle wide open. It’s more important to see the numbers across the board.........to compare them to each other. You could also do a leak down test and a cylinder power balance test.........I usually start with the latter. Also you can scope the secondary and look at burn time.

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  2. Modern road road..........without the stylish green paint job.


    PS- owners take no offense........AJ keep getting comments from me on his propensity to collect post war cars............fortunately, since I have been advising him on his collection, we have sold off most of the post war stuff and have replaced them with interesting pre war stuff in its place. 

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  3. Machine the surface flat, compressing the manifolds with that differential is asking for it to crack. There is no free lunch, and no easy way out. Manifolds are hard to find as we see people posting here all the time. Your gambling with a prat that has a high failure rate.

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  4. I would look for compensation for the time without the car........it’s depreciating every week, your paying insurance, and the opportunity cost of not having a new vehicle while it is still fresh to the market is also a financial loss...........I would locate the district service manager and ask for a new car.......and compensation. 

  5. The new head machine has ZERO set up time........zero...........it's a precision belt sander that is FLAT and large. Puts a non directional finish on it. We use this machine to do ALL our manifolds, an it is a common unit at any decent automotive machine shop. Just make sure the part is clean. Should cost less than 50 bucks.......and then it's not a half assed repair. Also no stress on the part.






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  6. Dave....had no idea he had all those issues also. I absolutly love aircraft..........but I know my limits, my personality, and my shortcomings. I love to fly planes, with PROFESSIONAL people sitting next to me. Since I like breathing an awful lot, I gave up my ideas of a WWII piston machine after spending enough time around them will just enjoy them from the ground. The B-17 that crashed recently was a plane I had been on many times.......and one of my high school buddies was on it.....and didn't survive. 

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  7. 7 minutes ago, joe_padavano said:

    These ads have been running around the interwebs for years now. No one can prove if they are actually real or just someone's Photoshop.



    In the town where I grew up, some of the immigrants had to be told to not let the chickens or goats in the house.........true story in the late 70's. They were from the mountains of Portugal. They had a nick name for them which translate into "hillbilly".

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  8. Great tools are only expensive once, and continue to pay you back every time you use them. I bought my first Snap On tools at age 12, and I still have every single one..........my tool box at home is five times the size of the one at the shop here. I have never regretted my decision to have so much money tied up in my tools and equipment. Look at my White project.......I had everything I needed on hand to take the car from the grave to running in just a few weeks. More return on my investment. I still keep buying and adding to my shop tools. I will stop the day I die. My new inductive heating tool is a favorite........

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  9. It's the same syndrome that Jon Jon Kennedy had...........Money does NOT make you smart, better looking, or indestructible. Kennedy killed his wife and sister in law because he was arragont and stupid. What a lesson to learn.........money doesn't make you a skilled pilot over water in a piston powered aircraft at night in poor weather. I knew that lesson at 15 years old, and I was not particulary bright. The sin is he took people with him to the grave. 

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  10. 4 hours ago, Buffalowed Bill said:

    Tastes seem to eb and flow. Excesses, when new, seem to be touted as good design, only to be shunned in a few years. Then they are magically rediscovered by both some of those who saw them as good design, and a new generation of collectors who covet the styling excesses of yore. I'm not trying to make a judgement on the styling of any car, but I find it interesting that sixty years after this car came out, we are still responding to it's uniqueness



    I don't think there is a doubt that the tail fin era is interesting, but got way out of hand. It was embraced for one reason.......which David Holls of GM Styling told me..........it was easy for people to tell how old your car was every year.....pushing sales to keep up with the consumption game. It sure made for an interesting 15 years of styling..........

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  11. 1 hour ago, padgett said:

    Harley Earl (and many GM execs) used to winter in Palm Beach, remember one year (think 65) he had a GTO 'vert. Didn't care for the two speed automagic (was my Jag period).

    Harley Earl’s home is directly across the street from Mar-a-Lago, it’s modest to most of the homes in the neighborhood, and right on the water......too close. Alfred Sloan’s place just sold to Steve Wynn, and we had a chance to get a look at it during remodeling.........nice place. It’s at a location on the road now known as Sloan’s curve. Harley Earl’s grandson still lives in town, and I had lunch with him in February. He came by to see some of his grandfather’s work...........including an original rendering of a V-16. Interesting guy, who is writing a book on GM history.

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  12. On 11/18/2020 at 5:07 PM, Stude Light said:

    Very nice.  What are those front bumper protrusions officially referred to as?  I always wondered if that was ever commented on in their marketing or advertising. I have to think that Cadillac had a male dominated design staff at the time.


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