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  1. I have owned a 1921 DB touring (114" Wheelbase) and a 1924 DB business coupe (116" Wheelbase). The longer wheelbase yields a smoother ride. In my opinion, all the early Dodge Brothers products are "dependable," sturdy, and generally great old cars. And, hey, after 95 years, who has perfect paint or interior? I would be proud to be the owner of a 1925 Dodge Brothers vehicle. "It runs and moves under its own power?" I can hardly do that myself, and I am much younger than 95 years!
  2. Thank you, Mr. Perry, and everyone for helping me with this issue. Little things mean a lot! Being a detail person, I´m sure that I will have other questions . . .
  3. Thank you, gentlemen. A photo would be great!
  4. Does anyone know where this aluminum tag may have been mounted on a 1924 business coupe? It measures 1” X 2 ½” and appears to have been attached with nails. Floorboard, running board . . . ? I once saw an identical tag attached to a square wooden toolbox from the 1920s or 30s, but I doubt that was an original application. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hello DB26, I´m a DB ´24 and would appreciate a PDF copy of the DB order form. Thanks for the offer! Roberto buhobob@yahoo.es
  6. As nearchoclatetown said in another thread (DB26 Oil pan), the four-cylinder oil indicator should have a cap on the top of the rod. I used a flat-head hollow rivet as a replacement cap on my ´24 DB . . .
  7. We´re all sinners, but we try to be good! This is original for my ´24: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Dodge-Brothers-Horn-/361966096851?hash=item5446dc51d3:g:x6UAAOSw42dZBAZA&vxp=mtr It´s a little over-priced, I think. . . . Make an offer, if you can use it. Good luck!
  8. Just a word of encouragement. I have a 1924 coupe, which has a longer wheel base and other changes, so I can´t help much with your project. Just want to share a word of encouragement in your restoration project. These are wonderful old cars, and their owners are good folk. Merece la pena restorar y compartir con los demás su historia y aventuras con su viejo Dodge Brothers. ¡Animo! ¡Que viva Nueva Zelanda! Gracias por la foto.
  9. Thanks, everyone for your prompt, expert advice.
  10. Is there a Dodge Brother/Sister out there who can tell me how to correctly wire COWL LIGHTS for a 1924 DB business coupe? Do the cowl lights have a separate switch, or do they function with the regular headlight switch? Thank you!
  11. Nice DB coupe, and at a reasonable price. I have a ´24 coupe. Patience will pay off for the parts you need. Join the the DBC club. Great folks who always try to help out.
  12. pbajeff-- I hope your "stewing" goes well. I, too, have had 283 and 307 Chevys, but I´m partial to the old DBs. There are lots more Chevys around than 31 Dodge Brothers. Congrats on finding the Dodge; I hope you will keep it original. Its value is not just in dollars and cents. I´m a U.S. citizen living in Colombia, South America, while my DB sits in the States for now.
  13. I mounted an inline filter horizontally, just ahead of the rear axle. Doesn´t seem to affect the operation of the vacuum tank. Works fine. Good luck.
  14. My ´24 coupe (produced in May of 1924) has a louvered hood and rectangular pedals; I have seen round pedals only on pre-1924 DBs. The dash also appears to be that of an earlier model. The original motor in my car does have priming cups. Good luck with your purchase.
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