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  1. Good Morning !! Hope I can ask a fellow R4 Owner....or someone familiar with the R4 perticulars....LOL. I have a copy of a R6 manual and most basics are very similar, however, I have been in contact with other R owners who mention greasing the pinion gear. I understand (maybe incorrectly) that there should be two grease fittings on the housing. I can not find these on mine. Either I have to look better (a genuine possibility, or, mine does not have them). The R6 manual mentions a plate on top of the pinion area that is removed and "cup grease" added as nessesary. Mine SEAMS to have a small plate on top of the pinion area, similar to description, but, just dont want to remove anything that should not be "touched". Just trying to keep the old girl lubed up and going. Many thanks!!
  2. I looked pretty well......I think, and no grease fitting, I read on a R6 manual a little plate on top has two bolts and cup grease was to be put in. Seams strange that a greaser would not be there....cup greas just sitting in a small resevoir will not do much.......Ill post the question soon !! Thanks !
  3. Looks like this post may have been started a while ago, so, ill toss a photo in of my 1920 model R. New to Hupps, but think im kinda hooked ! Original interior, but, is wearing a respray that Im guessing was done a few years back. A little buffing compound seams to go a long way though !
  4. looking for a fairly early open car, touring or roadster. Decent condition, does not need to be perfect at all. Running would be nice. Open to basically all makes, not really into T's but almost anything else is a possibility. Would want to be fairly close location wise. MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME. What do ya want to let go of....feel free to send a pic and price. I do especially like Buick's and Studebaker, but, really not locked into to anything Thanks!
  5. Looking at a 1925 Dodge 116 touring car. Its a little messy, paints flat and kind of shot with a cheap secondary sprayover i believe. but body seams straight as an arrow, wheels are reported to be VERY nice, tops decent...interior is rough but, thats what blankets are for. It runs and moves under its own power, P O just got it running and had other projects. I had a much smaller car thats now gone (1916) so I am thinking I will like this as being more (STURDY) ?? Opinions on the 116 appreciated , I just dont know that much about early dodge products.
  6. Would like to know if the series Buicks built in 1915, 16, 17, 18, and 19 used steel bodies or were they aluminum as some of the other manufacturers, and then were the fenders and such also aluminum, or did they use steel in the heavy wear area's?? Many Thanks
  7. Would like to know......I am very interested in purchasing a touring car, after seeing a Buick H45. Was wondering if Buick cars of this period apx. 1915-1920 are bigger/ heavier cars than the similar looking Olds/ Dodge/ stude/ etc. or where there substantial differences....................I realize I am in the Buick area of this site, so I am sure there is bias, but, You guys will be able to advise I am sure.
  8. Hi Carl, Thanks for the input. I am not a mechanic, nor a machinist.....................I was Formerly a sales manager. I use to enjoy vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles, and corvettes, however significant back injury and neuropathy, amongst other issues has left me unable to get any use from my former cars/bikes, and as such they were sold off. I also was in the Hit and Miss engine hobby, but at this time I am limited to only the smallest model sized engines to enjoy. I recently had a chance to sit in a '19 Buick H45 and was impressed by its size and "presence" and as its much bigger and easier to get into and not at all low to the ground thought it may be a good fit for me. A top speed of 40 mph is fine as everything moves slower for me now. Because I was impressed by the size of this car, I was leaning towards the Buick's but any car in that size range will probably suite me fine. I am particularly interested in the 1915- maybe early 20's models as I like the look and simplicity. Effectively I would not be able to work on it, but, have a mechanically talented friend who would be happy to help. As to condition I am also fairly flexible......... A driver is fine for me, paint does not have to be perfect nor does the interior have to be perfect, however it should be reasonably mechanically sound. That being said I certainly may fall for a really nicely restored car as well. I will post something soon in the Buick pre war section as I navigate around this forum.....I am VERY computer illiterate, however I am finding this site a little easier to navigate around as I explore it. Slow but Sure. I would also like to ask, and maybe I will post this in the Buick pre war section if there is a size difference in the GM line up in this vintage.......in other words if I like the size of the Buick, would I like the Dodge and olds Touring cars as well....or are they a bit smaller?? I did once take a VERY short ride in a ford T, and so Those are completely out for me......WAY to small and I would have a hard time with the Transmission peddles........I am a fairy big Guy.
  9. Looking to buy a touring car, not stuck to the idea of a particular marque, but generally I like the bigger buicks in particular, or similar. Would ideally be located in NewEngland as I am in western MA and do not drive any distance, BUT may consider shipping from a longer distance. If you have something you would be interested in letting go of, Please send a picture and price, or send me a description and a number to contact you and we can talk. I would like it to be a touring (open) car. Thanks for your interest. ericsengines@gmail.com
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