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  1. New guy guestion. I bought a1949 Dodge puchup. Just saw a 1949 Plymouth for sale really cheap. Would any parts fit the Didge truck?
  2. I bought the heaviest weight oil I could find and within days had a puddle of oil under my car. My mechanic said to use grease. I did this and it has worked well.
  3. I recently built door-stop straps for my 1926 DB Coupe. Unfortunately I posted the pictures under a thread with a title that, if someone was looking for pictures of door straps, they'd not find my pictures. So I'm reposting here with under the title of Door-stop straps.
  4. Saturday morning in the shop. The hinges I ordered from Myers, $70, cha-ching. Car restoration ain’t cheap. I had to make one of the brackets out of al old license plate. The straps I made from a leather belt. Took a few hours but keeps the doors from opening too far and stressing the hinges.
  5. She is home again! It would not start when I got there. He wanted to do the ‘paperwork’ first so I said ok. He was prolly worried I’d back out. No way! I checked the oil and water first, then turned ignition on. I had converted to 12v and added a 12v fuel pump bypassing the vacuum tank fuel ‘pump’. When I turned on the ignition the fuel pump was not working. So I went to Oriellys and bought a fuel pump. Cha-chin! Only owned it 12 minutes and already spent $70 on her. LOL. I swapped it out and she fired up. Then died. Repeated a few times. Gas smells like turpentine so will be dump
  6. My wife has horses. That is her hobby and cost a lot of money....whether she is riding them or not. At least with a car, it doesn't have to be fed every day and is happy just to sit in my shop. We decided long ago that we are different people and have different interests and that is ok.
  7. She’s beautiful. You missed the whole point of this thread. :-) Don’t do it, you will regret it! Someone here told me to park it and forget about it for a while. Who was it that told me that? It was good advise and I ignored it. Picking my car up tomorrow now and am so looking forward to getting her back.
  8. I did. I sold them both. I don't miss the second one I bought. I love the wooden spoke on the one I'm buying back. The other one had steel rims. I also did a lot more work on the one I'm getting back....and she was my first love. :-)
  9. So about a year ago I sold my 1926 DB Coupe....and have regretted it ever since. Someone here had advised just parking it and leave it by for a while. Good advice that I did not take. Was cleaning out my vm and came across the message from the guy who bought it. On a whim I called him. I asked him if he was still enjoying the car. He said his health was failing and he has not driven it much and, coincidently was considering selling it. Bottom line one is I sold it to him for $7500, he had the carb and starter rebuilt and put new battery in and agreed to sell to s
  10. I paid $6500 for my first car and another $6000 restoring her. It's worth about $10k. The Crome would cost me another $2,500. Car would still be worth about $10k. So I spent $6k and bought another car! If/when I run out of things to do and spend money on, I may do the chrome. BTW, we've been on 9 Disney cruises and 4 other cruises. Family ALWAYS comes first. What's left goes toward hobbies...
  11. Like all things in life, we balance what we want with what we can afford. Chome the bumpers and radiator shrouds on 2 1926 Dodge Brothers Coupes or take the family on a Disney Cruise the Christmas? Hmmmm.....hello Mickey!
  12. I only paid $6,000 for my car! I think I've beginning to acquire a taste for cheese.....my breath may smell like cheese but I'll still be sleeping in the bed with Mrs Rogillio and not on the coach.
  13. Looks great to me! I agree, it's hard to justify the cost. I like the black. Oh well, that is waaay down on the list of things I want/need to do to my cars. If I can make them look better for pennies on the dollar, I will. The powder coating is 100% reversible and at any time, if you should find your self with extra cash you don't know what to do with, you can sent them out to be chromed.
  14. Yikes! I was a 1926 DB Couple like mine at an estate auction recently listed for $27,000. It was 100% restored.....guess I know why. I a seperate note, I was at a car show recently and looking at this 1930s rat rod. Everything under the hood of that thing was chromed including the exhaust manifold and chrome braided plug wires. I see this woman looking in the truck of the car which was covered in velvet and she says, "Now....this truck would not orginally be finished this nice would it?!" Really, is that the only thing you see on this car that might not original OEM parts?! :-) L
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