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  1. I love that movie. I wonder if it'll appear on cable TV in the near future. Rog
  2. All the above mentioned cars are very desirable, but for me, a '57 Studebaker Golden Hawk would do the trick. Rog
  3. This should come in under the title, "read 'em and weep department". Rog
  4. I agree with the above comments, even though I'm not a Chevy man. Ken's a brilliant artist and I look forward each year to the Antique Automobile holiday front cover. Ken never fails to amaze. Rog
  5. Looks like Seat is, or was a part of Fiat. What gives? Nice looking cars though. Rog
  6. This thread is incredible and wonderful. I've enjoyed seeing all these unrestored cars. They remind me of the current exhibit at the AACA museum concerning barn finds. My thanks to all you you. Rog
  7. Just a note to say that the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate is in Grosse Pointe Shores. It's a fantastic place to see. Edsel and his wife had a lot of class. Rog
  8. It seems to me that China has a lot to gain by going electric. Currently China air is polluted and can only get better by going to electric cars. During the Olympics a few years ago, they had to shut down much of industry in the vicinity of Bejing. Our son is an airline pilot and used to tell us that, when he would fly into a destination in China, he could see the thick pollution in the air. Rog
  9. Chevy hit a home run when it introduced the Nomad. I remember when the new '55s were introduced. The new styling did a 180 degree turnaround for Chevrolet. Rog
  10. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear of Herb's passing. Even though I didn't know him personally, his presence was always felt concerning the business of AACA. Rog
  11. Curti, Wow, great find. I can't get over how pristine the interior is. I'm glad that Rusty O'Toole pointed you toward Jay Leno's website. His Auburn looks just like yours. Jay could probably assist you with some helpful mechanical info. You should have a great deal of enjoyment getting your Auburn back on the road. Good luck. Rog
  12. It's absolutely gorgeous, but too rich for my blood. Good luck with the sale. Rog
  13. To continue, after I got over the shock concerning AACA and the AACA Museum, I realize that other auto museums are NOT part of the club that they're affiliated with. As as example, the Studebaker Drivers Club and the Studebaker Museum in South Bend are not a unit. Each is independent, but support each other's activities. I also understand that the ACD Club is not in control of the ACD Museum. I'm sure there are other examples, but I just wanted to name a couple. Rog
  14. I just can't believe this whole scenario concerning the AACA and the AACA Museum. I guess I'm just naive to believe all along that the museum was, in fact, part of AACA. I guess I'm just wrong. What really upsets me is all the member and club money that's gone into building and supporting the museum. It seems incredible that our beloved club and the museum can't make accomodations to one another to merge into one unit. Someone along the way is going to hurt big time and I don't believe it'll be AACA. Museums are hard to run profitably. I hope that the museum can find its way without the support of AACA. I've been reading this whole story for the past few days on the Forum. I just got my letter from AACA today, December 17th. Rog
  15. The word "classic" is probably the most overused word associated with vintage cars. To understand what "classic" means, you have to refer to the Classic Car Club of America to get some idea as to what it is. As many of our members have so eloquently stated, antique refers to vehicle over 25 yeas old. Rog
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