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  1. I love that movie. I wonder if it'll appear on cable TV in the near future. Rog
  2. All the above mentioned cars are very desirable, but for me, a '57 Studebaker Golden Hawk would do the trick. Rog
  3. This should come in under the title, "read 'em and weep department". Rog
  4. I agree with the above comments, even though I'm not a Chevy man. Ken's a brilliant artist and I look forward each year to the Antique Automobile holiday front cover. Ken never fails to amaze. Rog
  5. Looks like Seat is, or was a part of Fiat. What gives? Nice looking cars though. Rog
  6. This thread is incredible and wonderful. I've enjoyed seeing all these unrestored cars. They remind me of the current exhibit at the AACA museum concerning barn finds. My thanks to all you you. Rog
  7. I think Richard W hit the nail on the head. Even if your vintage auto is off the road for whatever reason, it's best to re-register the car on time each year to avoid problems. Keep the DMV happy. Rog
  8. I read, sometime ago, that auto makers said that E-15 will void their new car warranties. 15% ethanol in gas will play havoc in our vintage autos. I noticed one of the Sprint Cup racing cars last Sunday advertising 15% ethanol gas on their roof and hood. I got nauseous when I saw it. I hope that they're not planning to replace 10% with 15% ethanol. Here on Long Island, we cannot buy ethanol-free gas. Rog
  9. I've always loved Studebakers, both for their styling and their reliability. My dad owned Studebakers that seemed bullet proof. I have owned a '59 Lark Regal Hardtop VI for 24 years and it has never let me down. I constantly get positive comments about its looks. On top of that, I just love driving it. Rog
  10. Food for thought. I am not a Chevy owner, but I am a long time member of the Studebaker Drivers Club, which has approximately 12,000 members. Modified Studebakers are allowed in the club, but they are in a distinct group. Even in the monthly magazine, "Turning Wheels," there is a special section for just modified Studes. Members can read that section, or ignore it. I usually ignore it, because I prefer cars restored to their original condition. I do realize, though, that in the real world, change is sometimes mandatory. I would suggest that any VCCA members who are concerned about th
  11. Yes, the car in question is a '55. To make a slight correction, yes, the '57 Ambassador had a V-8 built by Nash, but the '56 Ambassador had a V-8 built by Packard. That was the same year the Packard V-8 was also installed in the Studebaker Golden Hawk. Rog
  12. Thank you for posting that fascinating story about the "Lady Kenmore" Sears Autobuggy. I didn't realize that Sears built as many as 3500 buggies and that so many are still in existence. Thanks again. Rog
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