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    been involved in the hobby since the 1960s when introduced to hershey and 20 era cars of my father.

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  1. marmon as identified by a friend.
  2. i will share to a site i started on FB. 1920s antique automobiles, brass era cars, orphan makes
  3. kmstrade

    Barn Find!

    good job...that is a real barn find
  4. hi, looks solid. please post a price and i will circulate it. thanks
  5. kmstrade

    Barn Find!

    good luck...value varies of course of if it a 6 or 8, customer body, condition, open, closed etc...i hope you get it.
  6. This a great site to promote the hobby and i hope there are no changes
  7. same as Wayne, i love 20s cars and even better if orphan makes. i have emailed with the seller a few times and chatted over rare 20s cars, rare hubcabs etc. we love. i look forward to the fact that he always offers us on this forum first shot before ebay or other methods to sell...Thanks
  8. look forward to seeing more and thanks for posting. keith
  9. thanks, email
  10. hello, what is the location? i posted it on a FB site i started awhile back and was asked...any other apperson stuff offered? thanks, keith
  11. i have a Wiedley in my 1923 6-90 but My 22 Auburn has a Continental Red Seal
  12. i would love to have it but with the needed engine work i would be surprised if it sells for that asking price...great project.
  13. agree and with your credentials in the hobby shows how hard it is for any of us to gauge current values. at this point in my life i focus perhaps as you on those certain makes i know i will keep and or perhaps due to a few regrets after i sold some old ones for whatever reasons at the time.