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    been involved in the hobby since the 1960s when introduced to hershey and 20 era cars of my father.

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  1. does not pertain to your needs but one member thought they had some step plates. i will see if script and will be interesting to find out more.
  2. i posted on a FB site i started a few years back. I know at least one or two Roamer owners are on there. Thanks 1920s antique automobiles, brass era cars, orphan makes
  3. beautiful ...i will ask around. hopefully they will not have to be made.
  4. from Detroit Public lib...View of White Steamer car #14, entrant White Co., driver J.N. Searles, next to starter's cannon, surrounded by a crowd of men, at start of Glidden Tour, Detroit, Michigan, July 12, 1909.
  5. kmstrade

    Marmon Pickup

    that is great that you told him to hang on first. if one day you can obtain photos there is alot of expertise here.
  6. hi, think of a price and i will share with friends on a FB page plus emails.
  7. i remember Paul brining a Bearcat to Hershey in either 96 or 97 to sell at his booth area or shared area. But it was late teen era.
  8. kmstrade

    Loco pics

    thank you very much...i love older Hershey photos.
  9. if the goal is to find a Stutz as stated above there are some that pop up in the 27,000 usd to 35000 usd range. a nice BB sedan was offered for sale last year and it went under 30,000
  10. but it states 1919 with plans for 1920. perhaps i am wrong about special not being the emblem at one time. i remember a change but perhaps it was a color combination change.
  11. i sold a complete HCS dash with script ignition etc to a Stutz group that owns that building in Indiana. has been many years. perhaps also share to the Stutz group here on it is a neat item.
  12. i cannot remember. i had a 1920 HCS. i think there was a year where the special was not on the emblem. perhaps this is the design to add the word special. 1920 to 1924 were the years of production.
  13. HELLO, what is the ebay link? i did not see it on my first search. thanks keith
  14. thanks...what are the springs and hubs from? thanks for sharing. keith