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  1. perfect on how to you displayed it. Keith
  2. yes, appreciate the posting. There will be alot more interest generated with photos of each project.
  3. I am curious whatever happened to the Kissel
  4. Looks like a great collection..a photo of one will help stir interest.
  5. i think worth it but regardless many on this site can help also reference body style, correct carb etc etc
  6. Hello, think about joining the stutz club. stutzclub.org also perhaps post some photos. thanks, keith
  7. thanks for the great photo of the Auburn Beauty Six dealer and the Stutz.
  8. thanks, if i can find an Auburn Beauty Six motormeter after years of looking i am sure we will find the motormeter for you and or the insert. Keith
  9. i will share with a FB site i started also. If you have a photo of the original one you saw on ebay please advise. Good luck
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