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  1. owner is a nice guy. they are willing to accept offers. headlights and radiator cannot be found. i do not know about if engine is complete.
  2. I seem to think Dave Reeder also purchased a Bulldog and perhaps 3 in total. I cannot remember. Will be interesting to see where the pricing goes on this 1919. Recent auctions for many 1920s makes this year as been more beneficial to buyers. Keith
  3. i hope the purchase was made. Holliers are interesting makes.
  4. that is a beauty. the spare and the wire wheels are spectacular, keith
  5. My 1924 suburban had a Fisher aluminium body
  6. i think a great project. Difficult and a pain i am sure for the spouse to take these photos. Key would be a engine block photo since i see engine parts hanging on the wall. confirm the jump seats, glass for windows, curtain shades are there etc. a very very solid project. also would be nice to know for a potential buyer if nuts and bolts are labeled in cans and fit what part of the car. if all loose reference bolts then more of a challenge.
  7. it is a great looking Stutz and was a great price at the garage sale. $16000 still fair but as stated the engine status is unknown. The interior and the matching color of the wheels are not stock. Not big value for the body style but like most here we would love to have it.
  8. much better shape that a 24 suburban i sold years back. i do like it also.
  9. does not pertain to your needs but one member thought they had some step plates. i will see if script and will be interesting to find out more.
  10. i posted on a FB site i started a few years back. I know at least one or two Roamer owners are on there. Thanks 1920s antique automobiles, brass era cars, orphan makes
  11. beautiful ...i will ask around. hopefully they will not have to be made.
  12. from Detroit Public lib...View of White Steamer car #14, entrant White Co., driver J.N. Searles, next to starter's cannon, surrounded by a crowd of men, at start of Glidden Tour, Detroit, Michigan, July 12, 1909.
  13. kmstrade

    Marmon Pickup

    that is great that you told him to hang on first. if one day you can obtain photos there is alot of expertise here.
  14. hi, think of a price and i will share with friends on a FB page plus emails.
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