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  1. About a year ago I'd stopped at the local park in the 49 Packard I owned; 5-6 year old kid comes up and loves the car. "It must be from the NINETIES!"
  2. I owned a '74 pickup for a while and learned quite a bit about them; wouldn't mind owning another. Very heavy gauge steel for that era. I have some home movies I bought at a thrift store; a well-heeled family went on an African safari in the sixties, driving a Travelall. One of my favorite scenes has the guy walking across the hood to put something on the roof rack. I also have photos my father took when he went on a bear hunting trip in Canada c.1970, in a friends Travelall. Terrible mileage is what he recalls, and that's one of the main things you hear about them. A real hodgepodge of parts:
  3. Every summer at the biggest street fair in the county I would volunteer at a booth; another member of our group was the mayor of that small town. There was a moment of dread for him because he had to pick the recipient of the Mayor's Award at the little car show. Every year he'd grab me and say, "Bryan, walk down the street with me and tell me which car to pick!" I'd find the one that had the truly best body/paintwork and they'd get the trophy.
  4. God protects fools and drunks; I'm a teetotaler which leaves... Done it a couple times, nary a bit of drama. Didn't have the 12v vehicle running. Didn't really give it a second thought at the time; figured since I had the lights & accessories off all was well. Took about 10 seconds both times.
  5. My dad often told how he owned a '55 Ford convertible. His father worried about him rolling it and insisted he trade it in on something safer. Dad bought something Pop-Pop felt was even worse, a "glass-top" Ford!
  6. When I first saw the posting for a pair for sale, I thought I knew the cars. A guy in Delaware has a pair (or did as of a couple years ago), gathering dust in a warehouse. Waiting for the price to top out? After reading "On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors", well, this was a sad last chapter.
  7. Facebook Marketplace seems to be taking over for Craigslist and offers plentiful examples of this sort of things. Most typical: "I don't own the car pictured, I'm looking for one. Let me know if you have one, cheap (photo is a '57 Bel Air convertible)" or, price is $0 or $1234 in the headline but the ad copy reads "taking offers" or, great photos from before the wreck, and how it looks now with the front clip off, engine sitting on an old tire, roof cut with a SawZall. "Easy winter project!"
  8. I have received an occasional comment in this same vein, on eBay, and it is satisfying to an extreme to add them to my blocked bidders list. Life is too short to have such conversations.
  9. In the early 80's my dad had a Ford pickup that was only good for about 8mpg. At the state fair he was drawn in by a fella with a similar device. He proclaimed to be the inventor; GM was trying to destroy him, he was dying of cancer but wanted to spread his invention as much as possible before he died. I think dad paid $45.
  10. MD is similar to many others, 20 years (down from the 25 it used to be.) Way too much abuse. Really, what '01's really belong in this category? I've even seen an F-350 from the late 90's used by a landscaping company, lettering on the doors and all. It's a fine line, and I feel very strongly that we need to collectively fight any legislation that could lead to our cars being taken off the road. I point out the abuse; meanwhile, I know I drive my "classic" more than the spirit of the law intends. Hey, it's 70 years old, plenty old enough to go wherever it wants anytime it wants
  11. That generation Crown was just what came to my mind; I had the chance to own one (probably for free) and missed. Those cars have a Chrysler/AMC vibe that would really have folks at the local Dairy Queen show scratching their heads if you de-badged it. The "Classic"? I don't hate it, and like the Crown it could be a great novelty but only at the right price. I suspect someone is out that will pay.
  12. Truly great to see one that was babied; I've seen way too many that were ragged-out (and is there anything sadder than a trashed luxury car?) This example is just begging for a nice, long ride.
  13. You never know when you're making an indelible impression on someone. There are cars I saw, briefly, when I was 7 or 8 years old and they're stuck in my brain like it was yesterday. Personally, I like questions and the conversations it can lead to. I'm an introvert myself, but get me on a topic and I can talk quite a bit (perhaps too much.) I almost never participate in shows; I just find them rather joyless (once I've walked around and seen everything else that doesn't have a 350/350.) One of my most rewarding was a "touch-a-truck" event where kids come and get to climb all over
  14. Much of terms abuse stems from the fact that, well folks, time's passing! Ads are now filled with "parked for 20 years!" So what? Sure, I understand, a 16 year old kid finds a '72 Chevy pickup that's been sitting since '98 (well before he was born) and it all seems like ancient history. He feels like he just turned a corner and found the Holy Grail. Meanwhile, I think "yeah, someone was just too lazy to get around to ever fixing that rusted brake line or bad clutch or burnt valve..." And then, I get excited over a car I found that's been hibernating in my neighborhood since I was
  15. Consumer Reports just ranked BMW as the most expensive used car to own (per year) while the lowest cost was Chrysler.
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