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  1. I'll go with its being a spreader. Note on the second one, one of the arms of the rotating piece is broken off, probably from that end's being hit with a hammer to have the tapered edges get a bite into something like the area between a cylinder head and block. Or, the arms themselves being hit for extra force to break a seal. A bolt through the two holes with two nuts between the blades, rotated, would give additional spreading force.
  2. I found the photo elsewhere on the internet. It had the caption "Dover".
  3. The large building is the town hall of Marblehead, Massachusetts. The boys are standing in front of the police station. The building still stands today and is in great shape.
  4. Not a perfect match but the closest I could find is a 1946 Studebaker.
  5. Two different photos. Notice the two different smiles.
  6. There were made the 1947 Plymouth Club Coups and the 1947 Business Coups. The Business Coups had smaller rear side windows and smaller door side windows. They also had a shorter cab. The red one is a Business Coup and the other, a Club Coup which was never reproportioned.
  7. To me, it looks like a '47 Plymouth Business Coupe. I don't see the reproportioning.
  8. I think it is a hand held mixer to mix something into the water of farm animals' troughs, perhaps vitamins. After being put away, any liquid on the rods can drip out of the hole in the bottom cap.
  9. Lacking the grooves on the center section top of the bumper + not having OLDSMOBILE on the nose between the nose badge and top of the grille = 1947 Olds.
  10. A Duck-Pin bowling pin! That was the only type of bowling we had in the city in which I grew up.
  11. Water injection was used on our military aircraft engines to increase power for takeoffs, dogfights, etc. I'll guess it was used on land based vehicles also.
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