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  1. I was discussing the used car market some time ago with a friend who's the used car manager for a local dealership. His comment on Tacomas was: "A moron could sell Tacomas on Mars."
  2. I think you're correct! I must have looked at a hundred old photos... but didn't look at a choice as obvious as a Deuce! I had forgotten that they did have those ribbed bumpers. Thanks for the ID!!
  3. Trying to identify this (early '30s?) coupe. Spare tire and rear bumper may be modifications. Any comments welcome! Thanks Dave B.
  4. Dave B.

    1940 Ford?

    Thanks for the confirmation!
  5. Dave B.

    1940 Ford?

    This car turned up on another forum. It LOOKS like a 1940 Ford De Luxe Fordor sedan, but... the square red emblem on the trunk lid and the crest on the hubcaps is making me wonder. What say you Ford experts?
  6. On ebay, in California - I have no connection with the car, but thought one of our forum members might be interested. To me, both the condition and price seem at least reasonable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333240860713
  7. May seem like a waste of money to some, but their products are a great answer to the question: "What do I buy for someone who has everything?" I can't remember ever sending someone a Harry & David's gift and not getting a glowing "Thank you" note!
  8. That's pretty cool - especially since it appears to be a 1934 model and their logo says that was when they started the business! Good to know that Harry & David's are car people.
  9. Lots of good advice above, but here are a few more suggestions: 1. Finding entrants – First and foremost, you’ll need LOTS of lead time. This is especially true for a ‘new’ event. I consider two months to be the absolute minimum lead – three or four months is better. Most people who regularly attend these events plan in advance! The traditional means of passing the word is to use printed flyers. Given today’s digital environment, you’d think that flyers would be old-hat, but they’re not. Many of the people who own and show cars are older and not computer savvy. Passing out flye
  10. After some electronic digging, I found the photo I took of the Franklin engine/frame at the Gilmore Museum:
  11. If you travel to the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan, you'll be able to visit the Franklin collection! I've been there several times and end up spending a good percentage of my time in the Franklin showroom... http://www.franklincar.org/FranklinGilmore/FrankCollectionGilmore.htm The cars are all beautiful, but the one piece that always captures my imagination is the rolling chassis. It gives you an unobstructed look at how the air-cooling system works. Down in Central Ohio, there's a 1928 Franklin survivor that I really like (photo below). I've seen it
  12. While reading the latest issue of Hemmings Classic Car, I came across a letter from a Mr. Frank Williams which directed readers to a website that contained a collection of stories about 'Gus and the Model Garage' that were published in Popular Science from about 1925 through 1970. In the stories, Gus always offered excellent advice to his customers and correctly diagnosed and repaired their many varied automotive problems. You can find the stories here: http://gus-stories.org/The_Stories.htm As a young guy trying to learn about what made cars tick, I read every 'Gus' story I cou
  13. Here's the complete brochure for the 1938 Chevrolets: http://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/chevy/38chev/38chev.html Click on thumbnails to enlarge them. And, just for fun, here's a link to a page I set up for my 1951 Chevrolet Special Business Coupe: https://www.sites.google.com/site/davezgarage/the-cars-trucks-and-trailers/1951-chevrolet-special-business-coupe Dave B.
  14. From many years ago: In 1966, my dad bought a new Chevy Nova SS. It was a 327 4-speed and, at 16, I loved it! I even used it to take my driver’s test. I drove it regularly for almost 4 years, even taking it to college. Then, in late ’69, my dad traded it for a 1970 Nova SS, a 350 4-speed. The ’70 was a nice car but it I just didn’t have the connection with it like I had with the ’66. When I graduated in ’71, my parents gave me the ’70. All during the time after the ’66 left us, I dreamed about it often and told my parents that the first car I’d buy for myself after college would be
  15. OK, I'll post one of me with my first "car". The date is June 5, 1952 (thanks, Mom, for writing on the back...). I'm almost 3 in the photo. And yes, I still have the pedal car. Since we lived in the country, there were no sidewalks to drive on and thus it didn't get 'driven' much. Today, it looks almost exactly as it did then.
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