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  1. Walking to school early 70's there was a Pontiac wagon 455 badge on the grill big long car with a big long travel trailer on the back it took up the space in the street it was longer then there house . I miss seeing the big cars pulling the big trailers .
  2. At one time I had a big block of wood about 14 x14 x 24 with rope handles I could put it under the back of the trailer and I used it a lot when I had to jack up a car and get under it .
  3. Bill no I don't. The parts I have are the bumper very good shape but chrome is peeling. both sides bumper mounts and park lights. Kenny
  4. tail light lens and housings they may fit other years $ 100 for both shipped to your door in the USA you can return them if not what you expected shipped from Farmington NM Make offer
  5. Left rear side trim # 25832 mounting stud are good no cracks $ 50 shipped to your door in the USA you can return it if it is not what you expected ships from Farmington nm Make offer
  6. left grill #1231797 and right # 1231796 $90 each shipped in the USA from Farmington NM they can be returned
  7. Part # 5962246 3 this is the number on the lens both lights have the silver flacked off on the backing there are no cracks the gaskets are good not broken I think these came off a La saber $65 shipped in the USA you can return them if they are not what you needed ship from Farmington NM
  8. Three suitcases and four ladies something not right .
  9. These are repop stainless new $ 25 shipped if you don't like them you can return them .
  10. I'm working on it and when I get home I can do what needs done . Thank you
  11. Invoice sent You can return this part if needed thank you
  12. Found one I can ship in the morning
  13. I should have one I will check and get a picture
  14. I don't what molding around the windows or top of door below the window ? I may be able to help .
  15. these where on a 56 Special hanging of the transmission tube in that area
  16. I several times sold a parts I thought I would never need and then later I really needed that part .
  17. Bimus

    old oil

    In the 80's I drove trucks for a man that used mineral oil in transmissions it worked fine but if some one added regular gear oil thinking that was what was in there it would set up like J B weld and sticky .
  18. I had 2 DeWalt drills 14.5 and 18 volt and there battery's look the same but won't enter change I took a old drill apart and removed the part that plugs in to the battery and solder a lead to each wrapped it with electrical tape this will plug in to both battery's .
  19. To register a 1967 Kaiser Jeep 5 ton military truck at the New Mexico DMV I tried to get the new title to match the old one from Utah . I'm told Kaiser Jeep is not in the system I will have to pick Kaiser or Jeep I pick Kaiser then what engine is in it I say its a Multifuel it can run on gas or diesel That not in the system I can choose gas or diesel I pick Diesel .
  20. I use this Napa Grease on My Military trucks and trailers wheel bearings that all run in grease and even on non military trucks that run in gear oil . I even use it on wheel bearings that run in oil so they have plenty of lube till the oil reaches the bearing it then washes off the grease it seams to mix very well .The blue tube is the new packaging blue and white is the old packaging .
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