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  1. Pete I will send it today The door is flat where the handle mount . yes send it back if not needed
  2. Pete This is off of a 56 Roadmaster two door hard top passenger side . I can ship it this week and you can sent it back or a check $ 60 The cover and one screw are not in the picture .
  3. The gray wheel is from the 60's and has a round tube looking out side ring with a off set of 4 3/4 .I tried using this type wheel on my 52 Chevy one ton years a go and found the tire was to close to one of the bolts on the bed or spring . The brown wheel is what is on my 52 the off set is 3 3/4 both wheels are 17x5
  4. Yes two sheet metal screws hold in a shield 216 and 235 both have the screws the shield pictured is out of a 216
  5. I have one set marked 54 Roadmaster and the other set from a 56 Roadmaster $ 100 a set plus shipping
  6. I checked one 235 I have and it has a machine screw that sits flat with the block .this week end I will see if its just a plug or what .
  7. I may have a set from a 56 2 door Roadmaster I can get pictures this weekend .
  8. Dale This Marmon Harrington is in north west NM all running gear is here I can get more pictures
  9. would title and tag for a 1950 one ton work $ 250
  10. Pete I will ship it on Friday Kenny
  11. Pete This has no pits but has two cracks all mounting bolts If you are looking for better you can send it back $ 100 plus shipping
  12. I have some I will look at what I have and get some pictures
  13. google NAPA twd hd 10033 This is what I use on truck with air brakes any truck parts place should have them