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  1. Best 6 volt battery I have found for daily reliable going to work through the years is the 6 volt battery used in the older trucks they carried 4 of them to make 12 volts some trucks used this setup in to the 90.s . I had to make the battery tray larger to hold the battery it still go's through the original opening and is 9 1/2 tall 12 1/2 long and 7 inches wide with 960 cca to 1000 cca and they last about 10 years
  2. 19 1/2 inches wide 27 inches tall Both fold out to the same size and do have some splits on some seams from being unfolded and folded . Both posters shipped in the US $25 if not what you want send them back
  3. found on Ebay lookup 06-11800 or axle nut Cessna .
  4. Fixing what others hove done is never easy good luck with your car . MO PAR TO YA
  5. Maybe this shows what is what is missing ? send me a pm if this is it . kenny
  6. I have my trailers listed on my insurance just so they know I use them behind my truck . I only haul my own vehicles one of my trailers is used for hauling water and I want to make sure I'm covered for the weight of the complete vehicle . Hauling for hire is a lot more complicated . Helping some one out by hauling there vehicle and the worst happens would be on you. Having some one pay you to haul a vehicle and the worst happens again it would be on you . To me sure I would like to help but my insurance is not paying for another persons property .
  7. Bimus

    1958 Mercury

    I have a sill plate and grill piece the sill plate looks like it could be left or right I 'm do not know much about 58 Mercury's other then it was wrote on these two parts .
  8. I'm glad its from a car and not from a fold out hide a bed thanks every body Item sold
  9. Found this old iron and thought it may be part of a open top car ? I don't need them make a offer plus shipping
  10. I have noticed 53 Chevrolet cars with cloth or plastic covered wires and though maybe early 53's had cloth and later 53's had plastic covered .
  11. I have had these in the shed and don't know the years . The middle one is not rusted but is stuck .