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  1. Bimus

    47 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

    Right and left no pits right side has some scratch marks mounting studs are good . $50 includes shipping in the USA
  2. Good shape no pits $ 20 includes shipping in the USA
  3. 1954 or first part 1955 $ 20 includes shipping
  4. copy right November 1953 $30 free shipping
  5. Bimus

    1942-46 GMC oil pressure gauge

    These pictures are from a 43 GMC CCKW are they what you are looking for ?
  6. Bimus

    51 buick parts

    I'm open to offers plus shipping
  7. Bimus

    51 buick parts

    Door handles for 51 super drivers door and passenger side rear door small pits push button is smooth $ 30 Trunk bezel is very nice no pits $ 80 Oval bezel is very nice no pits made by Guide backing pad is good light mount is solid looks like back up light I don't think it is 51 $25 Plus shipping
  8. Bimus

    1951 GMC truck

    I have some good used coils I can take of a running 6 volt engine or new 6 volt coil runs about $20 to $30
  9. Bimus

    47 Buick Super parts

    Both smaller gauges are sold
  10. Bimus

    47 Buick Super parts

    I 'm not sure I went by what I wrote on the parts years a go. I now knows how the guy at the swap meet feels when his parts are mislabeled . I 'm open to offers +shipping
  11. Bimus

    47 Buick Super parts

    These parts have been stored a while they could even be 46 I was thinking around the back fenders The numbers of 46 of 47 Buicks I have been a round is very few years a go I did part one out
  12. Bimus

    47 Buick Super parts

    All five pieces from a 47 Super $ 70 plus shipping The clock is right twice a day The tube to the temperature has been cut
  13. Bimus

    Charging the breakaway battery?

    I would like to be able to just use the same battery I use for my drill or other battery operated tool there is always one in the charger ready to go . it would make towing with with 6 volt 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles easer