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  1. I’ll settle for one at a time. Tmorsher@icloud.com
  2. I am seeking older originals
  3. I’ve been told the red circled parts are for a Peckat brand visor. Anyone have parts that will work? I’d prefer to take the others, but will buy outright. Thanks, tmorsher@icloud.com
  4. Just bought it as you see it. No box on this one. The antique mall seller marked it as a traffic light prism and that’s exactly what I thought it was when purchased. The vender always has neat old car stuff. ALSO, I’d be a buyer for a prismo or moonbeam ( seen in background) WITHOUT a box. Sure hate to use them if they come in a box.
  5. I’ve searched for info on this windshield prism, with no luck. I believe it mounts via the hole in the stainless steel bracket, under the rear view mirror bracket. Could be way off. Any help on a period ad, maker or specific use? Tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me, thanks!
  6. I have been searching for info on these outside sunvisor brackets, with no success. A brand or make would be great, loose parts that will help complete, even better! These came with my 1948 Buick, and I would like to find the missing parts. The red circled is what I searching for info on. The others are for sale trade if needed. Tmorsher@icloud.com is best way to reach me., thanks!
  7. This is another nice pair of nickel plated all brass wind wings. The buyer of the previous pair is overseas , and didn’t want the beveled glass panels, which were on the previous pair I had listed. They also fit this pair nicely, but the brackets themselves can be easily cut down to hold a smaller size glass if required. This pair was missing two small castings, which I have had duplicated in brass, very nice castings. So, all complete, use as is on a barn find, or restore in polished brass or nickel plate for your baby. With or without glass, $125 + postage from 44857. Tmorsher@icloud.com is direct email and the only way to reach me. We are minutes from Edison’s birthplace and THE birthplace of the Fisher Body brothers , Norwalk, Ohio
  8. Sold, thanks. Posting another pair in a couple minutes.
  9. nice pair of beveled glass wind wings for sale. Very high quality ! Appear to be adjustable for about any type of car. Very well made brass castings, they have a nickel finish but could easily be stripped for a brass era Auto. A couple of small parts were missing, so we had some extra castings made. Very nice castings, these will need some rudimentary drilling and tapping, and easily polished to suit. Size of beveled glass is shown. One wing has a couple flea bites on it, so usable or make a new pair to fit your project. $125 + postage from 44857 tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me. No messages here or PMs, please. Write direct to tmorsher@icloud.com
  10. We have these accessory choke controls for sale. Zenith, Carter, and Stromberg. $135 each, ppd to your door. Available with round steering column strap or model T shaped strap. Also, the one on the far left is for Schebler. Available in brass with a bendable brass tube. Mounting straps custom made to your needs, these are $150ppd. These will nickel plate easily , for the nickel era, or we are glad to have it done. Tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me. Please, no messages here or PMs.
  11. Take a good look, all priced to sell. Tmorsher@icloud.com is only way, I don’t look at PMs and such. Located northern Ohio Thanks!
  12. Thanks caddie Carl. I sent him an email but haven’t heard back yet. I don’t do telephone much. Thanks for the lead !
  13. Looking for an original, opposite side. Must be blue, same design. Trying to match my deceased fathers original. I will pay well.
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