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  1. Just one left. Tmorsher@icloud.com to make it yours
  2. Another batch in of the top engine manifold water tube. These are beautiful cast aluminum. $175 ppd to your door. Very nice casting, they need very light cleanup and two holes drilled to mount. We leave these out because there is a slight variation from engine to engine. If you have one of these early Fords, it’s not a matter of if, but when you might need one. If yours is original, it’s now over 110 years old, and they rot from the inside out. I have only two remaining from the last run. Tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me. Thanks!
  3. We have these for sale in 3 finishes, red or matte black powder coat and bare aluminum , $95 ppd to your door. They are cast aluminum , will easily install on any year model T. While you are here, check out our other accessory items, thanks! Tmorsher@icloud.com to reach us.
  4. Many early, high quality autos had engine mounted air pumps to inflate flat tires. This beautiful Manzel brand is just a dainty little handful, and appears in great condition. Brass, cast iron and aluminum construction. $150 ppd to your door. Tmorsher@icloud.com is the only way t9 reach me. Please no PMs as I never see them. Thanks !
  5. Virtual swap meet. It’s all cheap and all has to go. Anything pull yer trigger, just email me at tmorsher@icloud.com , PLEASE , no PMs, questions here, as I don’t check very often. If you are interested in anything, a quick email to tmorsher@icloud.com with get a quick response. I will update as this are sold. Thanks! Tim Norwalk, Ohio
  6. In the factory wrapping, this is a NOS front door fender extension. I think it may be 1946,7,8 Oldsmobile, but please do you own research. This one is $165 delivered to your door. I also have a left and right( pair) of the same animal on eBay righ5 now, If’n you could use both. Great wall hanger as insurance you will never need it. But what if? Tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me. Please no PMs or messages here. THANKS!
  7. $55 postpaid . These are used on circa 1940 General Motors autos. 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 ? Don’t know for sure. Tmorsher@icloud.com is the way to reach me. $55 ppd to your door. THANKS!
  8. Update bump. Tmorsher@icloud.com One style is sold out. Still have a small quantity of the others. These are fantastic old stock, and great replacements for many cars. The nickel plated brass handles can be reshaped easily for many applications. They are all very high quality and the locking handles all have keys. Never used, NOS auto supply store stock. Tmorsher@icloud.com is the only way to reach me, thanks !
  9. Update..... tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me. Thanks, Tim
  10. These are NOS stock from the early days of coachbuilt autos. 4 different types, and I have about a dozen of each one left. The heavy brass ones to the right, in locking and non locking , have made it to some guys that needed a very similar one. High quality lock with key. Heavy brass with nickel plate, they were easily shaped to suit exactly and then replated. $15 each plus postage. Tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me, I’ll be glad to share better photos and vital stats of any tha5 may help you with your project. Thanks, and PLEASE, no PMs or messages here. Tmorsher@icloud.com is th
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