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  1. This is going to be fun - mark will I be able to order top bows at this swap meet you think??
  2. The Real fun is almost here hung it after I took the pic. finely drilled out the holes and installed the original hardware that was in the door when the car was built. I was trying not to scratch it up real bad . out of room for pic.tonight though . --kyle ---one inch at a time !!
  3. DO I need to buy tickets to get in the show grounds ?? Name of hotel close to the grounds .?
  4. OK . To day I gave up on driving to Colorado .To register the truck I bought to pull the roadster. California DMV said I have to do a vin varification on the 1939 ford so I did get the best appointment I could get but that is next week .Just not enough time to pull it all off I would have liked to drive the 1925 no way can I get it done in time For this event . Me and my wife will be their Friday so we can cheek it all out
  5. Man I don't think I going to make it with my car this year Dang . I will go to the Colorado but my car don't think going to make it .wow cool I will call today .thank you very much .
  6. when I started it was with a pile of parts and after years ''6 '' it was done -- one inch at a time . It will work just start .what state do you live in ?
  7. I covered the whole joint inside and out both sides.now to grind the over flow off and take them to the machine shop to draw in cad to study the shape of the door .I only need one door to study I did not want to lose the shape of any part I fill like the door frame could be made in one fail swoop if done just right I think I have over a 100 hr in this set of doors and would not wont to lose out on the real shape of the wood now . If this part makes no sense to you it is so I can study the wood joints in a computer to see a fast way to make them latter .make 4 tight cuts to build a square super tight set it down on a jig push start and wallah 1.7 hr later a door is shaped by a 4 axis cnc . with joints so tight you would think it is glued but nothing is holding it at all but a perfect fit wood joint .well in a perfect world any way .If I can find time to play most of the time I keep 7 to 8 machines running at my shop .Never have i seen a slow year thank God . He is alway good to me . --kyle
  8. The glue bonded really nice I always make a test sample of like material that is guled together wile I glue stuff so I can test the bond the wood broke not the glue .Good job.
  9. the bows are going to take A min to make . that might be the first part of a restored car I ever had anyone help me with . like sub it out .any good suggestions on who I should use .!!
  10. looks like made to fold down a little bit to . Any one have a close up I could see?? I'm going to order the black leather tomorrow Trimacar I hope is going to let me know how much to get .
  11. The one door that I have was glued at the corners .so the last step on the 4 frame parts are done now glued at only the corners the block that held the door latch had 4 big nails but no sign of glue so I will finish it the way I found it now nailing it to the wood frame should be no big problem I like how the doors fit and happy I am finely past that point. I used epoxy. The leather trim part that goes over the wood is going to hide my nice wood work .you'll still be able to see the inside wood work of the doors some . what a long way I have come .As far as I have herd most Buick's don't make it back on the road after the doors are sagging well I know why now it is a lot of effort But I think well worth it . I am real glad I have 2 more that need the wood kits made by the time I finish the 3rd one I will be rely fast at doors practice makes perfect !! --kyle
  12. How much would it take to do my seat in my 1925 buick + doors . I don't have a cule never did a car seat out of leather . your help is good as gold to me thanks . --kyle
  13. After you take your picture with your cell phone .Tex. it to your own phone # or your favorite buddy that you talk to all the time after you Tex. it the resolution size will drop in my phone 13% of original size most of the time or less . after the Tex. is done save the " new picture " in your gallery, or start a" post it" file in your phone. Now the picture below my 1925 master roadster was 4.5 MB before the Tex. was sent .the second pic. I just like but thats just me --kyle
  14. This is the first time the doors are on their hinges and aligned after all the wood is tight in place with tons of wood screws . I must have took this frame a part 6 times to keep changing the finale fit but I am happy with it both doors line up like rolling off the show room floor .Now I can appreciate a --PRE WAR -- Buick like no ones business .I am glad GOD blessed me with lots of patience. The top Irons are on to see how their going to fit . This 1925 MASTER ROADSTER is going to have 2 tops hard top and soft top ONE INCH AT A TIME -kyle
  15. well today I took a little off the post and it looks like the door fits premo now time to nail the body to the wood frame . allmost time for paint and body so cool !!!! -kyle
  16. Let it run for a hr. or 2 it will get better .most of the time the rings will loosen up some times .
  17. I had to move this door post forward .200 or my door would not have the clearance to look perfect as I would like .
  18. 1450 .00 open car hauler Illinois to California this week . good price --kyle
  19. The blue tape is to remind my self of what is next to do .I have learned to do this at my machine shop so I don't spend 10 or 20 min just looking at a part wondering where i left off .I would call it next action plan do what tape says to do . this trick saves me lots of time . --kyle
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