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  1. I relay enjoyed the nationals . lots of 1927's no 1925's
  2. I was helping my granddad at his paint and body shop sand down cars and I sanded racing stripes in a 69 Camaro and grandpa laughed and laughed but my uncle Don got mad I don't remember how old I was but I remember getting a quarter a day for sanding down parts at the pant shop .
  3. well one day maybe . After I get it down how to use EEEEE mail . ha
  4. So far I tried a good shop next to me . supper happy so far . My advice try the one in your town by you and give the local guy a chance .Just look at the stuff that was just finished .
  5. the hinges I cut in a little but shimmed them out latter . As they fit and looked better but when the hinges were recessed even a little the door could not be removed with out touching the door to the cowling . No paint on it yet but soon that would leave a scratch . ouch but looks much better lined up I am still thinking of turning off set pins to fix this . that is why their is no paint on my car yet. -kyle
  6. AS I have seen work good 5/8'' the bottom tucked in wile the rest purity flat bottom corner made my doors fit good .
  7. What help is is a hand up in life so thanks for the hand . Fleek .when some one needs some question about machine work I will be happy to anser .SO being on this forum is having 100 exsperts advice in your garage at the same time .We can not all agree on all subjects that is what makes us people not robots .-kyle
  8. to build a custom car is a lot of work .All of them deserve a hand .--kyle
  9. Fathers day --- my favirot me and my dad driving my 1929 Doge GOOD TIMES . Me and my kids and wife departing for a long sail showing my kids how to have fun.sailing .both my boys are in to rebuilding cars. eat ,sleep,breathe , cars ,''go to church'' car's. chip off the block! me and my youngest daughter are now looking for her first car to do a frame off together . { Daddy's little girl} DAD taught me how to be a good DAD.
  10. the 2 transmissions lined up is to drop the rpm for torque and lower gears for pulling a plow . -kyle
  11. I tried this it works as well as the pull out method . meet my 3 kids . --kyle I am doomed not to have enough garage space .
  12. the helicopters that you have seen in your life how are most of them held together 90% glue the vibration is the utmost at take off I have built many . that is the new rivets to say the least. Hysol glue 8 -3/8-24 nuts to a steel sheet and bolt 500 hp. down . that is why I used glue when my kids, kids are playing on this car I will not care just let them have fun on it like all the rest of my cars .
  13. well last time to adjust the fit and finish of the finished door frame I'm going to nail it I am done with this side .I took a bit off the corner and mid way up now the frame will not twist any more . wile I made the wood I had left the wood 1/8'' to tall all the way around to do this part here sand to fit the body I am proud of the finished work it should be real fast to paint not much wrong just block sand it all 5 to 10 times to get it spot on . paint it black to see the work real soon .--kyle
  14. Made a new set of rubbers today .I just try to get something done each day . the soft rubber block was in the can I found them in . so cool just keep looking for the note that says OK KYLE this is the last part .
  15. Today it is super hot almost 100 deg. so this summer I added a new face in my- living room , garage, hobby-room. It is powered to rotate while on, I have a lot of coolers and this one is sure to be my #1 and is super quiet you could still hear a pin drop in the room while it is running .
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