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  1. I would be afraid of the plastic egg shell - covering . Catching on fire after I came down a long grade and starting a firer under my car . I weld on all kinds of stuff at my machine shop and the powder coating burns good once good and hot.--kyle
  2. this needs some ''TLC" but will be it on my 1925 and would be fun to make some more .just pour some more .But would rather reproduce the one withe the scroll ends .the only draw back is it would be a repop. --kyle
  3. well spent a hr trying to put pic.up maybe next week I try again all file size to big tryed all kinds of stuff --kyle
  4. Ok I will stretch it out and take pic. with tape in different spots .--kyle
  5. good luck just bid til u get it !! .I just got in my wind shild .UPS. it looks grate .
  6. did you see the black plate and logo solderer on it . Is that the one you are bidding on ?? -kyle
  7. the only pic. I can do today 8.1 MB file size . PM me if interested have to make some room for more Buick stuff .--kyle
  8. 1924 top in grate shape looks like new off the shelf . LIKE new upholstery- glass .--2700.00 ph 559 to 59 ten 5 eight . from 9 to 5
  9. And use it to de scale fish in a pinch wile camping -- don't ask me how I know this. -- kyle
  10. USE A PIE TAPE good thinking --Hugh.
  11. I like the beveled glass I have found a few in various shape now that I have been looking But since I plan on driving it so much I bought a new gauge to put in it .To show temp as good as it can .If you end up with a to big of one we could make a adapter that would make it fit . -kyle
  12. Every time I open A box I keep expecting A note that says here is the part your looking for Kyle. The last owner was so meticulous with each part. and the 1000 notes on each part .What A blessing to me .
  13. The door is back I made a lot of patterns be-four it was done for sure .looking good keep it up
  14. I relay like to use old hydraulic flex line as air hoses that are buried permanently in the wall . -- home runs .in the walls . Takes a wile to find some but worth the effort . I like to put the air compressor out in it's own box, out house, for peace & quiet . Your shop looks grate .-kyle
  15. cool looking car .My next car to restore is going to be bran new like 1939 .I am working my way up to the 1950 stuff some day !! -Kyle
  16. Man that dash is is place with all kind of bolts ,screws , .I was just looking at mine and remembered this pic. thanks --kyle
  17. Some have a soldered on back and 2 new ones have bolt on back with nuts for all 5 radiators shells . I am going to go buy a camera that has adjustable resilution the smallest my phone has is 4.7 mb. if I had a smaller one I would send you one .--kyle all 2-3/8''
  18. well I sent '' carmover'' a 1923 light and the steel bracket looked like the emblem size would work from a radiator . do you have it yet ?
  19. the grommets on the right are made of a soft plastic / My favorite kind to use super glue works good with it machines well and paint stays on it .I buy it in 3`` thick sheets Nylon .
  20. With cnc now days you could go from a drawing on paper to a cut out part in one hr. might have to do lots of hand work if it is odd shaped --kyle
  21. #1 do you have a sample . #2 Can you get a sample of posts.
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