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  1. Well yes, that picture and the fact that they'd never let anything go, is the definition of hoarding. Whether you want to or not, Bob. I'm happy this has been entertaining for you all.
  2. Hoarding makes some people feel secure I guess. What can be said, if it works for them… The trucks in the bushes (from the links) are really nice.
  3. I did not know there was a car exposition in the Science and Tech museum in Ottawa! Do they have cars from the pre-war era? I went on their web site and only saw cars from the 50’s. I know my kids love cars from the 50’s since I’ve owned one a couple of years ago and they loved it. Especially the fact that they could take a ride without a seatbelt. Thanks!
  4. I’m not going to debate why what you just laid out is completely off the tracks. But one thing is for sure, I don’t care about your car, I don’t want it… you want to insult me because I’m hesitant in spending my hard-earned money? How is that something bad? It does not affect you whether I buy a pre-war or not so what is the problem? If you die, I’m not going to rejoice in the fact that I’m going to get a cheap deal, I’d rather have no car and see you in perfect health and enjoy your car… by God, this is the truth. Do you really think I wish people die so that prices come down? That’s just insane... I’ve seen a lot of people die, enough to know that death is not an old man/woman thing… it’s a human thing. I know from experience that I can die much sooner than you can… its very very possible. Do you think I worry about the deal someone will make on my Ford Flex or my Jetta if I pass and resent them for the deal they’ll have because of my passing? Come on, you can be wiser than that. I’m sure you wrote that without really thinking about it or in a bubble of anxiety towards God knows what. But be at peace, honestly, its ok. No harm no foul.
  5. Very interesting reply, thank you.
  6. I agree, it all comes down to the individual. As many older gents are crooks as young ones.
  7. Thank you. The top of my list is a 1930 Essex Super Six sedan. Otherwise, I prefer cars from the late 10'', early 20'... Studebaker Special 6 would be nice but I don't think I've ever seen a car from this period that I don't like... they are all pretty spectacular to me. I’m curious… what car would that be? Agreed. Thank you, very nice of you.
  8. I did not read this gentleman’s reply as I felt in the first sentence that it would be way over the line… so I did not see that he made a derogatory comment about my origins. Thank you for taking a stand, I appreciate it. Also, for your open mind in this post and previous ones. Our history is more deeply intertwined that we can imagine. I’ve got ancestors that were founders of cities in the states interestingly enough, the city of Detroit, along with others. One was at one time one of, if not the largest land holder in your country and I’m always fascinated about how much we are much more alike when we start to dig deep. There are almost as much Americans of French-Canadian descent than there is French-Canadians. One only need to travel to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate NY… to take notice of this. Nothing justifies being insulted obviously what ever origin, but in this case, it does not even make any sense from a cultural perspective.
  9. I appreciate your reply. The first couple of sentences felt like reading F. Hayek! Thank you for sharing those pictures, they are a delight to look at that’s for sure. Best regards.
  10. Thanks for yet again telling me what my true intentions and toughts were... such a bad habit some people have here. It's ok if people don't agree with my hypothesis, but give me facts... I didn't get any. And I did not quit ''listening''. I did keep on reading. I kept an open mind but it seems your mind is made up as to what my intentions were so why bother... it truely seems like some people don't actually read, they just go over a few words as fast as they can and it is obvious this is so from the answers I get. Again, truely not impressed. Thats fine, you do what you want with your money. I'm not judging at all... I'm a palliative care professional, I know all about time and death my friend... i've helped hundreds and hundreds of people cross to the other side. And there is a balance in everything. If you put money in something, you can't put it in something else. I rather bring my family on vacation than burn it in mal investment, but thats just me... we are all different.
  11. Well, I have red all your posts (except 1) and I understand and even agree with some of the information that is conveyed. And yes, nobody knows what the future holds and the prices could drop less than what I predict. I might be wrong, but I see more evidence behind my perspective; the biggest one being the absence of interest from people under 60. But I do agree with the fact that younger guys might have a change in taste when it comes to collector cars as they grow older. It’s a big leap from having interests in a, let say Toyota Supra to a 1920 Chandler, but it is possible. And yes, the pre 42’ cars get fewer and fewer because some are not kept in running order, and none are obviously build, so the supply does get smaller every year. But don’t forget that the market is getting fed from the top also. Fox body Mustangs are now collector cars so are a lot of cars from the 80’s-90’s… Camaro, VW Golf, BMW, Acura, Toyota Supra, Celica... and the list goes on. There are a lot of those cars on the market, and young guys are really into them. Also, don’t forget that younger guys have in general, less interest in cars, are more in debt and have less disposable income than older generations. What I was truly hoping to do here was to debunk what I was thinking and build a case to justify a potential 20k transaction but it really did the opposite for me. In hindsight I think it was foolish of me to think that guys who own and have invested a lot of money in those cars would have a discussion about a possible crash in the market. I appreciate those who were able to cross over their personal interest in the market and try and make a neutral analysis of what I was writing. I honestly hope the market holds and wish none of you lose any money. Above all, I wish that most of these cars will still be around in 20+ years. I am far too conservative to join the party at this stage of the market. I will still be thrilled when I go to museums and car shows and I’ll continue to enjoy them that way. I will obviously stay in the market but I’ll buy something more affordable, I’m probably poorer than I thought if I’m not willing to put 20k on something I love because I’m too worried about its value…
  12. Nah... I edited that part, I don't know, I'll keep wandering around a bit more but won't answer to idiotic responses. Why do you say I wanted a 5000$ car? Where did you read that? I never wrote that and never even wrote that I wanted to buy a car... not here, not now. Do people here really read the posts or they just look at a few words and think they get the gist of it and reply pretty much anything that pop true their head. My first post(S) clearly show that I'm taking in suggestions from everybody... even if people are a) not answeing my question b) trying to sell me a car I never asked for. After people start to tell me I'm complaining... well... yes, this was the goal of the whole thread... I find the pre war cars expensive in respect to the futur value that will most likely decline a lot and I ask people why this is so? That is all... but people like conflict it seems and I can't help but to defend myself. And if you bought a 500$ or 1000$ and got it reliable it does not matter what you want for it, the only thing that matters is what the market is willing to pay for it. It could be 50k, it could be 500$. And I'm ok with that, my concern is that owners hold on to their cars because they don't get their price (and this is not a problem)... the problem is that in the long term, they will have no choice but to sell (because everybody gets old and or sick) and since most owners are in the same age group, this will pretty much all happen in a short time frame and then the market will get saturated, the old buyers will not be buying and the young guys will not be there to buy... and then, prices drop, a lot. By that time, I and other guys like me will have moved on to other cars. My guess is that when that happens, a lot of cars will get sold overseas. Its ok with me if prices are high and stay high... I would buy one in that scenario. But the most likely scenario is that they will be of very little worth in at most 10 years time.
  13. You might be right up to a certain point as in I am willing to believe more young guys own pre 42 cars than I think in other areas, but I am sure they are not numerous enough to make a significant difference on the overall market. And ''not being honest'' was not the way I wanted to phrase that but my english is far from being perfect and I made a mistake in the translation... so I am sorry. I tought it was more on the lines of ''not being realistic'' the way I phrased it but I see my mistake. I came here hoping to have my mind made up to buy a pre war by getting arguments about why these cars will retain a good portion of their value in the long term but instead it seems like it gave me the opposite drive. I think I'll get back in the Air-cooled VW or something like that... Good luck y'all...
  14. Wrong... I wanted a discussion, not unidirectional comments with no substance from ''experts''. Or guys trying to sell me their cars.
  15. Well no, this is not what I think nor is it what I wrote... I simply posted here with the intention of understanding why the prices were so high and be informed about what justifies it by having a discussion about it. I had some good and pertinent replies but they were few, most were an attempt to egocentrically sell me their car or lecture me about why I’m wrong without any arguments to back their comment. I am also encouraged to ‘’live life’’ by spending money without putting any thought into it. So I’m leaving this forum with no answer and a bad impression of the pre war community… its not quite what I imagined it to be. As I have mentioned, I have been to many meets with my previous cars and I have never seen a guy under 65 with a pre 1942 car. I know a guy who knows someone in his 20’s who has a Model T but it was after his grand father passed away and he got it true his estate, I don’t think he still has it. When I had my Hudson Hornet I would meet with guys with 50’s car and at that time I was 33… No one was near my age. The youngest guy was in his late 50’s. I don’t mind being with older people but to pretend that young guys are numerous in being interested in pre war (even pre 70’s) car is not being honest. Of course, there are some... but not nearly enough to keep the prices up in the long run.