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  1. frame lower and or upper glass would be grate side glass 1925 master roadster 44a
  2. have one for 1925 roadster master mine is a 44a
  3. i have a 1929 4 door doge brothers . don't know if u need any thing pitchers demotions if it is close enuf for cross reference anyway kyle
  4. this car was some ones pride and joy in 1950 the first time i layed my eys on it it was covered in spider webs 20 foot long in a air craft hanger i only looked at it for 2 sec. and i knew i was going to buy it no matter how much he said the price was i was chosen to get to look at it why . i have a good rep for finishing what i start and love hand starting cars as what i like calling them big boy wind up toys i have 2 other like it 1929 doge my grandpa and me restored together . been driving that one for my hole life . and a1931 ford truck i bought from my uncle it was my grandpas truck he drove his hole life .we fixed it together many times . the Buick Roadster was as shinny i could tell the last thing that was done was a good looking paint job . I knew the last owner was also a helicopter mechanic like me .and a machinist. so i bought it .it looked like a helicopter the work that had benn done to it i mean .the Buick body panels wear staked all around the chaise this had been a grate day . kyle
  5. wow thats what i wood like mine to look like in a year from now kyle
  6. when I asked for a pattern I meant for the thumb hole part ,so I could cast some out of aluminum for the floor boards lift up thimble part.
  7. I have some original wood parts but, as of yet I have not tried to see how the puzzle goes. That is why I started here, but first I had to learn how to read email messages. My wife helped me put the picture on here, a lot of the wood parts are wrapped in wire, it is almost rotted away, so when I try to lay it out I'm going to be very careful can't let it get moved around a lot or it will turn into be dust on the floor. My 1929 ford was a little easier, I could buy some wood kit to start with, but I was 23 when I did that one. One door has a wood frame, in all the parts that came with this one, I seen a box with the model # on it, I trying to find.
  8. stock or inventory of these thimbles? my 25 roadster is going to need one also . wood floor and door posts is first on my list to make door post might take a few days to make floor boards don't look to bad to make i do have old wood floor most of it . if any one has a broken one i will make pattern and cast some
  9. that looks so cool better than just a hole
  10. Nice paint. thank you. Is the wood oak in your doors ? I bought a dry tree and had a mill cut it in big 4 x 3 2.5 x 11 15 feet long. to build the frames I was worried it might rain and get the wood --tree wet be for I could get it put a way for the car interior wood. how long was this part of your build ago in time . The wood under car I keep hoping for some cooler weather in cal. but still to hot to work on it.
  11. I wrote a Question last night but don't know how to find it to day .
  12. how is it going now my .1925 is really close to yours have any good pichers of wood inside of doors
  13. wood frame for trunk lid and doors or am i dreaming i could make them its a lot of work i would like to skip over if i could
  14. Hi I'm Sliger machine, I have a Buick problem, they all won`t fit in my garage, so I can only fix up one at a time. A 1925 is going to be first, at 50 I decided to spend more time on my own stuff, I normally fix everybody else's problems, I'm a machinist, that don't know how to type or spell.
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