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  1. your striker you made looks awesome. so the plate that has or looks like a T I can only find one and up to needing it .I could make one . I will look onthe other cars maybe has one hanging by a screw .
  2. You know I used to only use high speed steel cutters on my machines one of my friends told me use carbide but I said high speed steel works grate .one day I used some carbide end mills and wow but rely expensive 150. each high speed 35. but now no going back . So now when one of my buddy's suggest something that's new I am more likely to try it and if it don't work so well I would skip it but thin I would know for sure . I had never thought about it but now I am going to try a equalizer bar .
  3. cheep insurance not to over load your tongue. good stuff --kyle
  4. well the flip side is throw it in the garbage and order a new one . not much to lose if you ask me .
  5. I have only run the engine a wile 1 min. I am going to put the stuff around it this next weekend trying out the vacuum tank and seeing for my self how it all jumps off the self and on the car .
  6. Just seeing how it looks I am close to nailing the body to the wood frame .I figured I would be finished with this master roadster by now and starting the next Buick but my machine shop is '' mine '' to work at and my baby has to wait it's turn .--kyle -- one inch at a time
  7. That car is so nice. To bad I don't have any more room for cars .that need new bearings I have never poured Babbitt bearings but I will soon I am going to fix my 1929 doge it knocks a little that is how it was when me and grandpa finished it but I was only a little kid and he knew I could not drive it far so he did not care it would be 3 years be for I could drive it off the farm . Now I can fix it in my machine shop after I melt down some Babbitt? with some help from my friends here !! -kyle
  8. this it wear a induction heater would do marvelouls . if you have it apart . on the steel shank but don't get it to hot is it in the car or apart? if it is rusted on in place . this is how i would go .
  9. How often do you have them rodded ? I have lots
  10. This is just me dreaming out loud but here it is. In my machine shop I have a big ultrasonic cleaning tank it will even take paint off of a part . I have never seen one big enough for a radiator core but I just know it would work !! Now hear is the dream part we could get some of us together and buy one to share . Me and my sons have 26 car just us to fix up think of the savings in the long run . my son just had one rodded out and I fill like they did a pore job and pore is not strong enough but I don't cuss. --kyle count me in if you fill like it
  11. Does the bolt go threw the leather strap?? got a picture?
  12. Is this my striker plate and right door handle ?? If this is my plate I need one more or ?? --kyle one inch at a time bearing ? my spare
  13. PART NEEDED door striker plate I can only find one .
  14. Fun day .I like working on my BUICK and top it off with a new engine for my baby backhoe so cool glad God is so good to me --klye all I had to make the new engine to fit 30 min of machine work .
  15. the so now I tex the pic. to my buddy and pick the shot after that like 9.76 to .875 after I send it
  16. I am drawing it in 3D to day so I have the option of making it with out the 1 week in time by hand I have in this door alone .the rest of my day I instaled a new engine in my backhoe the old engine gave up and quit it's job without a 2 week notice --kyle
  17. Might be able to take shims out of the mane caps and make it run nice .!!
  18. I don't know I.remember the TV show that The guy gets points for running over people on the street . was this car in that movie ??? Just thinking out loud..-kyle
  19. I have always used carb-cleaner to spray around my manifold to look for leaks .A small jump in idle shows up if leaking. --kyle
  20. The pic. would not fit but next pic. will be it . new size 9.77 per day.
  21. Glad you told me I was wondering witch style to use I have a few that need glass beading & paint the inside leather backing I will make next . hysol glue is what I might use on the ''lead'' corner or now that I know I need to make it just make a form and press some out to tig weld in place
  22. Man I learned something good on this one I don't think this would have crossed my mind I am going to try this on my 1929 Doge--kyle
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