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  1. Wow, another Marriner Blue! We had one in Saudi in the late 90s! Actually was originally a white California car somebody imported, then drove into the ground - layshaft noisy as , hand painted with spray cans, cracked wheels that leaked etc. We replaced the gearbox, had it painted Marriner Blue, replaced the wheels. Great little car. Wife secretly drove in thinly populated areas (not legal for women to drive there then). When we came home to Oz I found that it was uneconomic to convert LHD to RHD, as that involved replacing a big part of the firewall. Main downside of the early NA6 engine was the short nose crank and damage to the harmonic keyway leading to loss of timing. Good Luck! jp 26 Rover 9 94 Miata
  2. I have a 26 Rover 9 that I might have to dispose of , Bernie. Not heaps of work for you though? Not far from you. Eltham jp
  3. Also have a 6V system on the 26 Rover 9. Initially I also saw wild readings with a DVM on the generator output, up to 10V, but after cleaning the cutout points the readings became stable and sensible, so I question the idea that DVM are not usable on mechanical point systems. Its only a cheap DVM, nothing fancy. jp 26 Rover 9
  4. Sorry to hear this Bernie, I hope no lasting damage is done! jp 26 Rover 9
  5. More info here. jp 26 Rover 9
  6. Actually worked on a RR once! Was in a brake workshop for a year, and was surprised to be assigned to work on a drum braked example. Brakes were twin trailing shoe Girling , IIRC 11" dia x 3" wide. Immune to fading because of their design. All of the openings in the chassis frame were closed by cover plates, and were designed so you couldnt put one back in the wrong place. The brake booster was a shaft driven off the rear of the gearbox, with a clutch faced disk - when you pushed the brake pedal it wound a plate into the disk and helped pull the brakes on. Best part was that if the rear wheels locked up, you lost boost! This one needed a little adjustment to make up for wear - easy as! jp 26 Rover 9
  7. Asbestos is a VERY dirty word in many places now . Some recent Chinese imports into Australia were recently found to have asbestos in the exhaust gaskets - banned immediately. If you privately import ANY car into Australia now you have to prove it has no asbestos in it, or THEY will tear it apart at your cost to check. jp 26 Rover 9
  8. Good Luck Bernie ! Hope it all goes as planned. jp 26 Rover 9
  9. Make sure you observe the coil polarity! Some are sensitive to it. jp 26 Rover 9
  10. Bernie, I think you need a restorative beverage or two after all your recent adventures! I hope the rest of your plans DONT "gang aft aglay". Re fun with shipping things overseas.....Now 16 years ago I bought an MX5 in Saudi, cheap because the gearbox was stuffed - extremely noisy in 1st and 2nd. Back here on holiday I readily found a good box just before we flew back to Riyadh. I gave the supplier here (in Ringwood) all the info needed, and arranged to pay all the shipping at the other end. When I finally picked it up, the cost to get it from Ringwwod to Tullamarine shipping area was considerably greater than the cost to get it from Melbourne to Riyadh, and clear customs. Was not at all pleased. I hope you have better luck. jp 26 Rover 9
  11. jp928

    My L-37 straight 8

    Fill the block up to the head joint with hottest water you can, sit for a while, drain, try again. Got the head off an Alfa once doing this. Check all cylinders for compression - if you find one, put , say a 1/2 pint of light oil in , install the plug, and turn it over - compression might start lifting the head. Make sure you do have all the bolts out! jp 26 Rover 9
  12. Slightly off topic....friend with a red Mazda2 - wife dinged a door fatally. Went to Pullapart (Pickapart here in Oz), found a cheap door, but only in blue. Cheap so it will have to do, worry about painting it later. Within a week he saw another Mazda2 - blue, but with a Red door in the same position ! Managed to catch the owner, who readily agreed to a swap , if he did the work. Easy - 2 happy drivers. jp 26 Rover 9
  13. Friend of mine had a similar problem when he inherited a car - inpsection highlighted a discrepancy caused by original selling dealer. Had it inspected at DMV who verified ownership since new and original plates, and fixed the paperwork. Research shows your chassis no should look like 112023-10-00nnnn, Engine no. 189-986-12-nnnnn, where 112023 is the model code, 1890986 is the engine series code. Chassis no stamped on right front frame rail, as well as on radiator support. Note that there were NO VIN before 1980, before that just maker's chassis , engine and sometimes body numbers. jp 26 Rover 9.
  14. I run zero nitromethane in 2 strokes so in my case its unlikely nitro was involved. A test would seem in order before committing much $ or effort. jp 26 Rover 9
  15. Used to watch him many years ago here in Oz. I once flew Mel->Syd with him on the plane. Sydney baggage collection was chaotic back then. When I went through Julius was out with the handlers trying to show them a more efficient way to organise the baggage, while his wife waited in the background, her face saying 'I'm not with him'. Still reading all your technical stuff Bernie! Re epicyclic gears - there is a LONG hill on the road to Toowoomba in Qld, and I am told that it was common for T fords in the 20s to climb it in reverse - the reverse band was usually much less worn than the others, so slipped less, and fuel supply from the gravity feed tank was better. jp 26 Rover 9