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  1. Looking for a head for a 1932 REO Model S 230 ci engine.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. Carl’s point about how much meat can be safely trimmed reminded me that I really don’t know anything about the history of this engine and what may have been done in the past. I think the safest thing to do is just make it flat and if in the future I decide to rebuild the engine then I’ll return here for advice on increasing compression ratio. Steve
  3. Dan Koehler, Winneconne, WI 929-221-0427
  4. Ok Ed, thanks. As far as tuning goes, I am planning on using ethanol gas. Do I need to adjust timing or plug gap different than original specifications.
  5. I have a 1932 REO MODEL S engine head that will have to have some cracks repaired. I believe that the stock compression ratio is 5.3 to 1. The head will have to be surfaced after the repair so my question is should I have the machine shop shave off more than necessary to increase the compression ratio and if so how much? Steve
  6. I had my REO pump rebuilt with a modern seal. No more leaks, no packing to mess with.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I’ve already drained the fuel but if spinning it over dry won’t budge it I can spray a little fuel in the carburetor.
  8. Installing in a 24’ enclosed trailer. I don’t expect to drag in anything that is not rolling but you never know.
  9. I have to remove the head on my 1932 REO Model S 230 ci engine in order to have some cracks repaired. I’m not sure how difficult this will be on an engine this old. I’m thinking of loosing the acorn nuts and squirting some Kroil around all the studs for a day or so. If it’s stuck what’s the proper way to loosen it up?
  10. +1 for my NAPA also. They dig deep to find parts for me.
  11. Being a “major cheapskate” will not reduce the amount of damage to your car or the hospital bill in the event of an accident.
  12. I use a two post lift and have never wished I had a four post instead of the two post. However, there are times when I wish I had both. If I’m going to do any kind of tugging, pulling, banging or such I will use stabilizer jacks at each end. Something like this.
  13. Cunifer I used this for all my brake and fuel lines on my 32 REO. Easy to work with.
  14. Thanks for bringing up this discussion Friartuck, this is going to help me decide how to strengthen up some areas that really don’t need replacing but certainly will benefit from an epoxy penetrant. Steve
  15. So what do you do when you’re out touring and ethanol fuel is the only option?