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  1. I received the same response from him. After biting on a previous similar post I did not respond.
  2. I’m not familiar with your car but I suspect you want a pickle fork.
  3. Ok, the solution is...... apply more force. Insulator popped right out, repaired wire and popped it back in.
  4. And a liner to protect the tube from the spoke ends. Gorilla tape works.
  5. Ok, no set screw. Both the copper button and the insulator rotate independently in the housing but neither wants to pull out with reasonable force. I’m not against applying more force just want to know if that’s what I need to do. I can make a new insulator if I destroy it. Advice appreciated. Steve
  6. And let’s not forget Ransom Eli Olds and REO’s attempt to survive the depression with the Model S. The coupe has the Self Shifter transmission which reportedly cost so much to develop that REO never fully recovered financially.
  7. 1933 REO, Trying to replace horn wire in steering column tube. Tried to pull out gently by the contact and the insulator but won’t budge. Don’t want to use force unless I have to. Suggestions please.
  8. Big plus for Optima’s is you never have to water them, especially good when installed under the floorboard or other inaccessible locations.
  9. How often do you have to add water to those NAPA batteries?
  10. I guess we are going to have to pay more attention to who we’re responding to, especially if they don’t have many posts. Hopefully nothing will come of this.
  11. I received a response to my WTB post asking me to email if still interested in buying. I responded but have not heard back. Then I noticed that he only had three posts so I checked them and all three were identical responses to WTB posts in the last six hours. Probably phishing for emails. I have reported the issue. I suggest do not respond to Creativeimagine until we know more. Steve