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  1. stvaughn

    seafoam vs stabil

    So what do you do when you’re out touring and ethanol fuel is the only option?
  2. stvaughn

    1932 REO cylinder head needed

    Thanks Mark, I sent them some pictures. I’ll see what they recommend. Steve
  3. National takes credit cards. Check with them to see how they do it.
  4. stvaughn

    1932 REO cylinder head needed

  5. stvaughn

    1932 REO cylinder head needed

    Grimy, I appreciate your concern. Those pictures are the “before” pictures showing the engine area as it was when I got it. This is now. And thanks for the heads up about the aluminum reproduction scam.
  6. stvaughn

    1932 REO cylinder head needed

    Ok, here’s the best pictures I have.
  7. stvaughn

    1932 REO cylinder head needed

    1932 REO Model S with 230 CI engine. My cylinder head was cracked and repaired many years ago. It has started cracking again adjacent to the weld and appears to have a pinhole leak on the side. I have talked to Ralph at The Restoration Shop about repairing it but would rather have a better head. Does anyone have one for sale? Steve
  8. stvaughn

    Need pulley for generator

    Dave, I have already received the pulley that I need. Thanks for offering to help. Steve
  9. stvaughn

    Need pulley for generator

    Sagefinds, I have found a pulley but I may need some other parts he has. Click on my forum name and it will bring up a screen that will allow you to PM me.
  10. stvaughn

    Trying to get in touch with Keith Jaquith

    Thanks Carl, I’ll give him a call.
  11. His cell phone is not taking calls and he hasn’t responded to email. Is he still around? Need wiper motor rebuilt. Steve
  12. stvaughn

    Company to reline my Chandler brake bands

    Try your local NAPA store. Mine sent my internal and external brakes to a shop that does heavy duty brake rebuilding and they did an excellent job. No shipping charge either as they have a truck that runs back and forth every day.
  13. stvaughn

    Please help me identify safety glass

    Thank you Wayne for your excellent explanation. I will do as you suggested and practice on different known pieces of glass. I hadn’t considered the fact that my windshield could be a replacement and still be plate. The only way I ever going to be comfortable with the windshield is to pull it out and replace it. The glass shop I’m using is not an auto glass shop and they can’t etch a safety glass logo. I would like to find some way to etch the glass with a small logo on each piece. Steve
  14. stvaughn

    Please help me identify safety glass

    Ed, This is what I can tell about the glass I took out. One of my door windows had a long running crack that went all the way through the glass, none of the glass I took out is laminated and when I took the windows to the glass shop they commented about it being plate glass. Also the Model S was REO’s lower priced model. Steve
  15. stvaughn

    Please help me identify safety glass

    I edited my post to clarify that I have not removed the windshield hoping that it already is safety glass.