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  1. @DFeeney, your order was packed on Friday and left in the mailing room. Thanks for the order! @drwatson, I'm currently working from home so I don't have the exact year at the moment. The Chilton Catalog and Directories are kind of unique, in that they include some data, along with a lot of advertising from various parts manufacturers/services, including a directory with addresses, etc. I do know that we had a couple from the 1920s. Here's an example someone listed from 1928, to give you a rough idea of what's inside. https://www.ebay.com/itm/April-1928-Chilton-Catalog-And-Directory/1534
  2. @Klughterfo, which book(s) are you looking for? Are you referring to Checkered Flag or another title/set of titles? Please let me know, and I'll have a look. @DFeeney, thanks for your question. The prices are on the list - My guess is that you need to expand the window of the spreadsheet. You might even need to scroll horizontally to see it. Prices are listed in the 7th column. If they still aren't showing up, please feel free to send me a direct message with your interests, and I'll send you the prices. UPDATES ON THE SALE 1. The list has not been up to date since Oc
  3. @rjp sorry for not replying. I don't always think to check in this section, as we receive most questions via email or over the phone. I did check, and the AACA Library does have information on the 1917 Dort. However, it's dependent on what type of information you are looking for. We have two pieces of factory sales literature - a 26 page catalog and a double-sided specifications sheet. There are also two pages of specs from the Lester-Steele Handbook of Automobile Specifications, and this is likely a file on Dort in the Dunwoodie Archive (which, depending on the contents, may incl
  4. @John S., thanks for ordering those remaining brochures. I saw your email and wanted to let you know that I'm glad to hear you received and enjoyed them!
  5. Hi @rwchatham. None for sale, but we do have a 1959 upholstery album in the collection if you plan on coming in for research.
  6. Yes, if you are looking to bulk up on literature, the AACA Library's Tuesday sale is going to be great. 20% off everything, including random and themed bundles. Lots of rare data books and color & upholstery albums this year, too!
  7. Good morning, @Terry Bond You are welcome to come and look through the periodicals at the library any time. Sorry to hear you can't make it during Hershey Fall Nationals this year, but it's understandable; it's a huge event. For something like period newspaper articles or original photos, I would suggest reaching out to the following organizations: PA State Archives Historical Society of Dauphin County
  8. This list has been updated! - Over 70 titles have been added to the list, a few of which are replacements for books that were out of stock.
  9. Over the past year, the AACA Library has been selling books to help raise money. These books are duplicates of titles already in the collection. This post has been edited to reflect our current offer. You might remember our volunteer Bruce Vaughn compiled a list of over 1,000 books for sale and that these books were NOT available through our eBay store. While the list is still up, it hasn't been updated since October. There were a number of titles sold during the Hershey Fall National, and we have added plenty more since then. We have decided to leave the list up as a reference point but, if t
  10. @aspares, thanks for your interest in the event! We may be able to accommodate your request, but it is entirely dependent on how busy we are. The books on the shelves in the reading room will be immediately accessible regardless of how busy we are. The literature will be in a different location, requiring one of the staff to be present. If the weather is really good, foot traffic in the library is usually lighter. When it rains, it can turn into a packed house. We are more than happy to grant you access to the sales items, so long as we are able to. One more thing to add is that,
  11. Hello, If you are an AACA member, you are eligible for 1.5 hours of free research. Just send an email with your membership number to mhocker@aaca.org Please include pictures of the models in question, along with the period you believe they date from. I will say that, at best, we may be able to date them. I searched the patent numbers you provided but didn't turn anything up. For interchangeability on pre-war cars, the Lester Steele Handbook of Automobile Specifications is a great resource and covers model years 1915-1942. Many of the specifications lists ide
  12. Hello everyone! Do you want to help build the car enthusiasts of tomorrow? The AACA Library is looking for donations of used LEGO parts, sets, etc. We would like to use them in a children's play area for our August 24th Kickin' Cancer Cars & Coffee Event. We plan on hosting children's activities, and one of the things we would like to have is a LEGO building area. This would provide children the opportunity to build their own little cars to show off alongside the "big kids!" The library will continue to use these bricks for future children's activities. "Kickin' Cancer: A Cars
  13. @gerard down unda Hi Gerard. Sorry for not seeing this until now. Can you please send an email to Matthew Hocker (me) at mhocker@aaca.org with more information/details? The library does offer research services for $30 per hour, plus a $10 processing fee. AACA members receive their first 1.5 hours of research for free. I would need to discuss things with you further to determine what your precise needs but, based on what you are looking for, this sounds like it might be on the longer side timewise. Drop me an email when you have a chance, and I'll see what we can do. Tha
  14. Hi Terry, You are correct, in that the AACA Library eBay Store's prices were adjusted to reflect the current situation with shipping rates going up. Our previous pricing was no longer sustainable under the new rates. There was another good reason for the change, in that it clears up some confusion over eBay's "add to cart" button. A lot of people choose buy-it-now, which requires immediate payment on each individual item. Leaving everything with free shipping clears that part up. I am currently working on revising all the listings, so that sales literature and photograp
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