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  1. I have #1, #1a,#2& #3 and 1 Special in gabriel snubbers I do not have 1b snubbers
  2. Still lots of Gabriel snubbers available
  3. Not sure if there is anything odd enough or good enough for your collection but have a look
  4. Thanks for all the input. greatly appreciated Don
  5. Do you have a picture of one or a model #. I assume it will be gear driven. I posted several generators a few months back.
  6. Thanks g that is the type of detail I was looking for.... I will have to check into the condenser thing....
  7. Do you have a car that uses this engine?
  8. Great to hear from you. I look forward to hearing more about your car. Was it an Ontario car or did it come from the west. There was one out hear that I lost track of when the gent after he died and his family sold the car.... I have extra engine parts for the most part but no extra generators or starters. Mine is a long way from running at this point....There are a number of older threads on the vacuum fuel pumps. i am told they work well if well sealed. I expect there is a process to get them started very spring but I don`t know it yet. As for the fuel guage... if you have one in any c
  9. A google search shows this business as permanently closed. let me know contact information if this is incorrect Thanks for your input
  10. Part of the reason I restore cars is to do as much as possible myself and learn along the way how to do things. I have a rivet machine for brakes, just need the parts. I do appreciate your thoughts. Thanks Don
  11. I have 3 coils . 2 are similar one is correct but couldn" t find it today and the forth is the condition of the original. I Have identified 6 spots on the coil and tested the resistance between all of them. Most were infinite resistance. Both coils measured the same between similar points. My ohm meter is old but i did put in a new battery. When I touched the probes it measured 70 ohms When I touched E to F it measured 70 ohms When I measured across the resistor it also measured 70 ohms ...I took the resistor off to measure resistance. Point A to D measured 400
  12. I really appreciate seeing new finds like this .. It is a very nice unit. I agree with the comment to drive it cleaned up as is for a while as long as it is safe. Have fun.
  13. I need 2 inch linings on the outside The inside is 1 3/4 inchwide material Please send cost details
  14. Thanks for the input Do you counter sink the rivets like the more modern types?
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