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  1. All I have is what you see and the one frame is missing the no draft frame. I assume you are in the USA I am in Canada.... I will need your mailing address to determine postage.. payment by money order or Etransfer works for me if your bank does that to Canada I am with Scotia Bank if that matters.
  2. I have attached 9 pictures of mine.... there are some pieces missing but we may be able to deal with that,
  3. I have pistures of the other one also but both about the same consition... one is missing the no draft window frame. the genera; frame is rough but the no draft lever looks not bad..... but it doesn not move at this time.
  4. Not the best for sure but they could be restored... the no draft emchanism seems in not bad ahpe but it does not move
  5. They are in my trailer. I am digging them out to get pictures but you are second in line.
  6. They are in my trailer I will have to go hunting for them but I will work on it and get pictures.. The price if they are aceptble to you will be $60.00 for the pair plus shipping Don
  7. Sorry I did mine in the 70s and they are still holding together sorry no pictures. I do have a set of frames from a 4 door model and haven`t taken them apart... they are restorable but not realy useable as is.
  8. Yours is quite different from any of mine.... mine are all from Canada.... non have numbers like that but they do have casting numbers and some have a stamped number on a plate. I wonder how many locations made Marvel carb or if they all came out of the same factory.... lots of differences for sure The two pictures below are two different carbs but from the same general era
  9. Attached are the marvel carbs I have in varsious states 3 have 1"3/8 throat the others have 1 1/8 " throat For the big s6 I believe you need the 1 3/8size.... The tags do not show a model numberthat I can find.... I can get more pics of one or 2 if you like
  10. I`ll start looking for it
  11. I know far less about the Big six Buick but That could be a year thing as a lot of the mmakers were starting to enclose ther rocker arm assemblies about 1920. I have part of a cover off a later Northway but never seen one in a car.
  12. I would say any 1917 and certainly any 1918 found in Canada with 4 cylinder engines were american made Buicks
  13. I have seen a 1916 mclaughlin and know of several 1918 s with Northway engines. the contract with The US Buick folks for the 4 cylinder engine ran out in 2016 they didn`t have a cheap engine available so they went with the Northway engine for a few year. There is a whole story about this in my files and there was a book called the Driving Force that documents a lot of thisas well.
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