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  1. Weather was perfect, the grounds were perfect and the event as a whole? PERFECT!
  2. We will be on the show field Saturday with our warwick blue 69 GTO Judge.
  3. we will be on the showfield saturday. Look for the blue 69 GTO Judge
  4. we cannot wait! Have the hotel, and sent in today the check for the show entry for our GTO Judge!
  5. Thanks Steve, I was concerned with the show. Thanks
  6. Please remind me when registration opens again for this fall? Thanks! Frank
  7. The Hershey Lodge (I think ) is a better hotel for the show then the Hotel Hershey. The Lodge is ground zero for the cars and thats where the Sothby's auction is which is a MUST see. The Lodge is VERY expensive this weekend too.
  8. shame we missed it this year. But we are scheduled for next year. My Dad is gone too and cherished the years I used to go with him. Now our son goes with me and my wife every year. Its a family vacation for us
  9. fast forward almost a year.. and we are heading to MCACN this Nov with BOTH cars! Can't wait