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  1. The distributor wrench was perfect one end was for fords the other chevy Robert
  2. I haven’t used these since early 70’s Robert
  3. Larry last year while towing to and from the Ocala meet I exploded 5 tires. 4 of which were 4 years old and had proper pressure according to my tire monitoring system. Up to that time I carried two spares for your reasoning. Now carrying 3 spares i was impressed with my Dewalt gun as it changed them all on one battery. Robert
  4. Pete, jus’ clearing the air. The 142 late 61 Chevrolet optional 409 motors were available for all full sized sedans and not exclusive to the part year 453 Built Super Sport cars. I own a real 61 Super Sport coupe and yes one of the 142 1961 only 409’s Robert
  5. Wow I've been lurking watching this one and have only a couple things to add in my experience with similiar cars. 1. I have carried a battery operated impact gun for years. At last years Ocala meet I blew 5 tires on that round trip towing out of Maryland. Carrying only 3 spares I had to overnight until a tire store opened! The impact gun did all 5 as quickly as a NASCAR pit stop along side I-95. 2. ATC designed the escape door to match the car door opening while in the trailer at the sweet spot. I just fully open the door and step out. My trailer looks funny as the escape door isn't centered over the tandem axles it is about 10" forward. 3. Dont worry about trying to have a raised deck or other $ changes. I just have two 2X8's at marked places to drive car onto and that raises the drivers side enough to clear on only one of my cars as others don't need it. 4. TOW Truck! with a 9,900 GVW trailer only tow it with a one ton no 250's or these other brands funny rated 3/4 ton trucks 5. Since you are legally required to stop at inspection and scales in Maryland do not go with a 12,000 GVW trailer unless a CDL card holder. Until recently Maryland required a medical card which I have for towing over certain GCVW but still under 26,000. I realize the above will wake up Ed! But several other states are in the legal process of scaling at truck stops by weight not class of vehicle. 6. Do not title your truck or trailer in a business or LLC name then you are most definitely "commercial'. 7. I think the market on aluminum trailers is moving to 28 feet but a 24 is perfect for a Chevelle. NO to the 22's as you can't adjust the car too much for the perfect tongue weight. Robert
  6. The Granite Digital as well as CTEK and Schumacher maintainers perform multi step functions and discriminate between battery types. A couple or so years ago GEL Battery Tenders had different units for lead acid and gel and were distinguished by different part numbers. I have long forgotten which model senses GEL vs lead acid. I suspect they have updated the software to sense GEL from other batteries Robert
  7. I have several Granite “tenders” that I use for Antique Battery gel batteries and new stuff AGM. Although a bit less than 10 amps I am not seeing deteriorating with AGM batteries. I wasn’t using it on my truck AGM batteries and lost two because with this virus just short uptown post office and market trips this winter killed them. I now am using one on them weekly i also am hearing good comments from folks on another forum of Ctek charger/maintainers robert
  8. I have a little private sticker on mine but still get stopped. Originally I did it to keep from Maryland stops but I soon found out that means nothing. The only things looked at is the GVW ratings on the trailer and the Drivers truck door ratings! Robert
  9. Ed, Don’t you have a CDL license? I’ve had the pad of paper adding up the load carrying tires rating and comparing that to the GVW of the ATC trailer game! Yup, I passed that one also. Robert
  10. those graphics are not commercial I agree. Hey goo be gone Not an option Robert
  11. that has all of the signs of a Maryland stop. Actually I sorta agree with him that advertising on our trailers does put you into DOT territory oh if you do travel Maryland read the scale stops signs carefully as all of us car haulers must stop for inspection robert
  12. Ed have you noticed Maryland scales signs. Yep you are required to get checked at a Maryland scale with your rig! As am I. But I always get Greenlighted on I-95 and I-70/68 but get really the business at a scale on the shore. I could write a book about my Maryland scale problems Robert
  13. I took this at the 1965 Super Stock Nationals at York PA Robert
  14. gee thanks I guess. Yes this was the day after at the junk yard in Raleigh NC. Unfortunately back in those days these Nova SS cars were just transportation. The SS was replaced by a Gran Torino GT Robert
  15. I remember a Car and Driver magazine test in the 60’s but have forgotten the specifics but I do remember the Mercury Cougar test car had been massaged by Bud Moore and the Pontiac car used had been delivered by Royal Pontiac. Those were the good days Robert
  16. yep several a 1970 SS 454 Monte Carlo, a 1969 Torino 428 Cobra Jet, and a Nova SS come to mind. I'd have done better in those days if I knew I would have made it this long Robert
  17. I was into cars before ‘Nam era as I graduated in 1964. Between 1965 and drafted since I lived in NC I was drawn to FE powered Fords after visits to Holman Moody. Hey I still have their catalogs! That was my performance period. After 1972 release is when I gravitated to restoration but never leaving the 60-70’s era as first project was a 66 big engine Corvette. That evolved to full size early 60’s 409’s Robert
  18. No memory here as I got my driver’s license in 61 and should have heard of them robert
  19. Ed: Pretty much nailed it on this topic. Completely Concur! Robert
  20. Steve will the trailer parking be on the entrance road to the musuem as last year or behind the "warehouse" as previous years as the site map isn't very clear. Both of the above are on the other side of the interstate. Robert
  21. I concur great advice along with Ed’s fire extinguishers comments. With two separate locations not only do I have to have down time going for a tool but on occasion I needed something specific and couldn’t remember which place it was in!! But the younger folks don’t have that problem. Robert
  22. with the real 61 SS at Bettendorf, Iowa National Robert
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