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  1. https://youtu.be/MdbOMRKvvRQ Another example of not enough truck for the load.
  2. Better to have more than you need, than to need more than you got.
  3. Yes, I 've been there, mic in hand, with my Bearing Man, pouring over catalogs. It would save a lot of time if someone has already done this and had a good number. That's what I'm hoping for. As for bearing quality, if someone has a number my first choice would be to find some old stock US made piece. By the By, the axle seal converts to a Timken #40769S.
  4. No numbers yet. Still have the other side to pull and then I'll pull the bearing from the shaft. May be hiding behind the shoulder.
  5. Greetings. I am servicing a 1941 Hollywood rear axle bearings. These are the Ball Bearing type. Does anyone have a part number for the replacement of these bearings? Any special service advice? Thank You.
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