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  1. Still looking for wheel bolts. Thanks.
  2. I will greatly appreciate that. I would also be interested in what you are replacing those bolt with. Or do you just have extra wheels. My concerns are that after releasing the peened ends of the bolts the threads are worn and damaged. I want to have a good grip area where I plan to install steel lock nuts and red Loctite instead of hammering the bolts again. Thank You
  3. Need Wheel Bolts for my 17 ED. Short Bolt is 3/8" 16. Long Bolt 7/16" 14. Thank You, Jay
  4. https://youtu.be/MdbOMRKvvRQ Another example of not enough truck for the load.
  5. Better to have more than you need, than to need more than you got.
  6. Yes, I 've been there, mic in hand, with my Bearing Man, pouring over catalogs. It would save a lot of time if someone has already done this and had a good number. That's what I'm hoping for. As for bearing quality, if someone has a number my first choice would be to find some old stock US made piece. By the By, the axle seal converts to a Timken #40769S.
  7. No numbers yet. Still have the other side to pull and then I'll pull the bearing from the shaft. May be hiding behind the shoulder.
  8. Greetings. I am servicing a 1941 Hollywood rear axle bearings. These are the Ball Bearing type. Does anyone have a part number for the replacement of these bearings? Any special service advice? Thank You.
  9. Thank You Gary. I stumbled into Mr. DeMar's articles just recently and contacted him directly. A very good fellow he supplied me with copies of all of his Edison Battery material. Your numbers are very close to the information he supplied and I am on my way. I have purchased the Potassium Hydroxide and am awaiting the delivery of the Lithium Hydroxide. The batteries in the car have not been maintained properly for who knows how long but with a bit of charging the car will move about quite nicely. It's just that the charge won't last long and soon I am going through the lengthy charging process. I have little doubt these batteries are Champions at longevity and hope to soon be proving that. Good Luck on your Indy Stude project.
  10. I am looking to renew the electrolyte in our Edison Nickel Iron Batteries is our 1914 Detroit. Does anyone have experience with the Potassium Hydroxide solution? Where to buy the chemicals? What proportions to use? Thank You
  11. Just had new leather put on the clutch for my 17. Looks great, haven't got it installed yet. Bob Knaak bobknaak@hotmail.com
  12. Packard Folk, Word has reached me that a 54 Clipper participating in the Lincoln Highway Tour has broken a rear axle in Nebraska. It sounds to me like this car has the 11 inch brakes and should be able to use the axle from a 1954 or 55 Clipper. #446802. Anyone that can get an axle on a Grey Hound and bail this fellow out should contact Robert Escalente 714-543-2980. He knows where the car is. Let's not leave this felow on the side of the road.
  13. Thank You Gentlemen. I need to climb under mine now and get the numbers. I will be in touch. Meanwhile the search continues. As I enjoy driving the Ole Buggy and hope to bring it to South Bend in 2017 to celebrate its Centenary.
  14. Kevin, That looks to be close enough. I will have to get you a casting number or other identifier to be sure. Please email with location and price. jhubbard@automuseum.org
  15. Yes Sir, that is correct. 1913 through 1917 were transaxle cars. Mine has been repaired in the past and figured it would be a good idea to have a spare.
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