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  1. I have a pickup load of parts for a 1933 Studebaker 6. call for list. 541 214 4021 Oregon
  2. Thank you,your answer is right on,that makes sense more than any thing that I could think of.
  3. My 33 Studebaker 6 has vacuum advance plus a hand control on the dash,the hand control was not an add on because of the mount at the distributor,but I am wondering if the V.A. was an add on.
  4. Yes the Lad standing on the running board is Larry Simmons,and he is a very good friend at 81 years old. He lives about 50 miles from me in Oregon. " Go Buick's"
  5. A 32 Buick that met it's end by being cut up for scrap,reason--the drive line was out,although this was in the early 50's it was still a sad ending for such a pretty car.
  6. Yes,I just got it done Carl,and boy does the breaks work good. A long time Studebaker man told me to lengthen the small rod that come from the booster can by screwing down the fork,then the rod has travel room to open the valve inside the can to let vacuum in for the pull. It stops like a modern car,and this is cabled mechanical brakes mind you.
  7. Well,I didn't get any replies,but I found out from an old timer . Lengthen the small rod ,it pushes a valve open so the vacuum can pull.
  8. I am with you it would really be interesting to find out the history of a car for the present owner,and also the family of the original purchaser,old pictures of interest would probably show up. I think a State would make some extra money if they would help search it out, our State only goes back just a few years,and not enough for most collector cars.
  9. I was told that there should be an adjustment for brake vacuum boosters on old cars.For my 1933 Studebaker there is nothing to adjust where the line connects to the manifold.Can someone tell me if this could be the way of adjusting ( on the can where the holes,nut and threads are)?
  10. My 33 regal 56 has two sunvisors. The hood at the top is 39 inches at bottom of the top piece by the hinge is 41 inches.
  11. The trunk on my 33 Studebaker is somewhat unusual,the two lids divide in the center and each hinges to the sides, the two dividers can be lifted out making the width 68 inches wide. A person under 68 inches tall can lay down while I cruise,or you can take your kid's to the park with out crowding them.
  12. When I drive my restored to originals as close as I can ( except air in the tires) Ha, the whining of the engine,gear noise,and the other noise such as bumping,and banging around it just puts me back in time,and is music to my ears,if not for this I wouldn't be interested at all. I remember sitting around on a park bench in town years ago we could tell any make as they started out at a light with out looking,and seeing one from a distance we could tell the make. Now if I want to be comfortable I drive my modern car,turn on the air conditioning,and enjoy the quiet ride. I try not to parallel park because the maker's set a trend by leaving off bumpers to save money,and are still laughing about how we fell for it.
  13. Just had mine out,you didn't say-the unbolting ( which was very easy),or the ton of lead lifting it out. While on the subject my Master Delux B.coupe seat has the ropes on the back which makes me believe that they are from a sport coupe,or a two door,the seat must be for the 39 because of the matching bracket bolt holes.
  14. Yes the vacuum line is in good shape,the line starts out from the manifold and is 3/8 steel for protection and about two ft. long as it goes around the rear of the engine , the rubber hose at the end is only about 10 inches long.
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