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  1. You asked me about the wheel base on m 1915 Metz Model 22. I checked today and it is 96 inches. Hope that helps and sorry for the delay in responding with an answer. Good luck in your rebuild! Jerry
  2. I am looking for a radiator cap for my 1915 Metz Model 22. I believe I will be requiring a new/rebuilt radiator as well. Anyone know where these items might be obtained? Thanks
  3. I have recently noticed that some of the spokes on the wheels of my '29 Chevrolet AC International are loose. How do you tighten them up? I have not had this happen on my '15 Metz which also has wooden wheels. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. I thank you in advance.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions and advice. I am also a member of the VCCA, too, as well as the HCCA. Jerry
  5. Has anyone had the experience of changing and/or replacing the windshield wiper on a '29 Chevrolet International AC? If so, I would appreciate learning from you. The motor is still attached to the car but there is no arm or wiper blade. I have purchased the arm and blade. I am wondering if the motor has to be removed in order to attach the arm or not? Also in the future I may try to convert this vacuum system to an electric system. Has anyone done that? If so, how? Additionally, I can not find the switch in the car that activates the wiper system. Typically where is that located. I have a manual that shows where it should be on the dash but t is not there. Therefore I also ask how does one go about installing a switch (presuming others have had this challenge)? As always, I thank you for your support. Jerry
  6. I am presuming that the Model 22, although less horsepower, used the same motor, lighting and mag as the Model 25. Correct? My point being what i read in the article you found and shared can be transferred to my Model 22. Jerry
  7. December 9, 2016: THANK YOU!!! I believe I have, in the past, made the adjust you suggest. After reading your assistance suggestion I will insure that I have compress the spring. If it I find that I have compressed the spring to the point it can no longer be more compressed I will look at replacing the spring. I would guess that after 100 years of use, going on 101, it may be showing it's age a bit. I have also been advised that I can add some material, a canvas/rubber conveyor belt around the paper pulley to gain traction. While I have located such material I have yet to figure out how to attach the belt without destroying the integrity of the pulley. I hesitate to use metal clips or glue to attach the belt. I will leave the belt option as a last alternative and try to remain more 'pure' in the quest to improve traction between the pulley and the friction plate. I do thank all for your assistance and counsel in this matter. Since I live in Western Illinois and it is December, my Metz is at rest in a garage for the winter. I look forward to exercising her come spring though. Jerry
  8. Thanks. Will soak my horns in WD40 to see if that helps these horns.
  9. I purchased replacement horns for my '75 MGB. Unfortunately they did not work. Are there specific criteria for the horns? Thaqnks Jerry
  10. Thank for the advice. I will continue to check into this using your advice and suggestions. Much appreciated. Jerry
  11. Thanks, but I have installed them using a 3M spray adhesive that worked remarkably well. Again thanks!!
  12. Jerry Alexander


    Has anyone used this material when restoring their Metz Model 22? I see that was what was originally used (1913-1915). If so where did you obtain it and what colors were used? Thanks
  13. October 4, 2016: I continue to have problems climbing inclines with my 1915 Model 22. About 3 to 4 years ago I took the pulley to the Paper Pulley Company in Columbia, TN and had the pulley rebuilt. Hoping that solved the problem but it did not. Then I was informed in this forum what the proper distance needed to be between the friction wheel and the pulley (a hack saw blade width distance) and that really helped! But it has not cured the problem. I can crawl most inclines IF I have a running start. If I get stopped on an incline which happens in parades quite regularly, I am stuck until some kind soul gives me a push. There is the same problem if I park in grass too. This morning I discussed my problem with a representative of the Paper Pulley Company. After a lengthy discussion he suggested that there may not be enough pressure on the pulley. He most likely is correct. But how do I gain pressure on the pulley. Is it the strength of the spring on the pedal that does this or is there some place else that controls the pressure. If indeed it is the spring(s) does anyone know where new springs of sufficient strength can be purchased? Or is there another possible solution? Any advice/guidance will be appreciated. Thanks, Jerry
  14. Thank you. Where do you get this material (bumper black)? Any automotive store such as Auto Zone?
  15. September 10, 2016 So where do I get the $1,000.00? ;-) In truth I have closed the distance between the pulley and metal drive wheel (as advised by a fellow Metz owner) and that helped considerably. However, if I get stopped on an incline the car will not go forwad unless some helpful person gives it a push to get it going. That causes me to wonder if the metal wheel needs to be refreshed to give it more bite. I have gad the pulley completely restored at Columbia, TN. Any helpful thoughts? Jerry
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