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  1. Just getting caught up as I have been away but here is a pic of the President Speedway Coupe. This is a Canadian car. There were 2 33 President Speedways' within an hr of each other for many years.
  2. Greg-Dad like a lot of guys thru the 50s and 60 bought lots of cars when they were relatively cheap($100 or less) with good intentions of doing things with them. But owning a Body Shop/Rad and Towing business and then having 3 kids, life kind of interferes with the good intentions of fixing/restoring many of these cars. The McLaughlin is a neat Canadian car but it is hard to justify putting 30-40 grand into a car that does not have that value when done.
  3. Thanks Terry for the kind words...I have never been a fan of the term "barn find" as to me these cars that dad has were never lost as I have been around them all my life and many people in the area know of dads collection of cars, that is why I didn't use that term in my thread title. But with that being said the car sure does fit how people use the term " barn find". The family is just happy that Dad is a little more open in the last yr about down sizing as there are more cars to go. Hopefully "Out From Long Term Storage 3" is not 3 yrs away.
  4. Here are some more pics..The car is mostly complete Dad does have the headlight lens and bezels along with a spare motor in another barn, the head was cracked and removed prior to dads purchase. The cars also still has its original side curtains that were on the back seat.
  5. About 3 years ago I did my first post about getting the 1920 Case 7 Passenger Touring out of the back of the barn at my parents place with the Idea of cleaning it up and looking at selling it. I thought it would be neat to post a few pictures for everyone on the forum here and in the end we were able to sell the car to an actual Forum member with both the buyer and the seller happy in the end. I did not think it would be 3 yrs before I would add to this with getting a second car out from the same barn but other project get in the way. This time it was dad who instigating getting this car out as he has decided to donate the 1917 McLaughlin Touring that he bought back in 1958 out of an old shed that was falling down to the Marshville Heritage Society for them to add to there garage display. They were looking for a "barn find" car to go along with the 4 restored cars they have displayed in there garage set up on the property. Marshville also has an Old School House, And old General store, a big Saw mill along with many other Heritage building that have been moved to the property over the yrs. Jeff
  6. You don't come across too many early cars on BAT (Bring a Trailer), so I thought i would post it here if anyone might be interested.
  7. You don't come across too many early cars on BAT (Bring a Trailer), so I thought i would post it here if anyone might be interested.
  8. As part of our family business has been rads for 50yrs, Matt is bang on is saying the mass produced cars of the 60's (and then up to when the auto industry changed over to plastics tanks) were rather simple to re-core. It is about a 2-3 hr job to un-solder the old tanks, sandblast them clean ,then solder those tanks back on the new core, then paint. It is not $2000 endeavour. Core cost have gone up due to the price of copper but that does not make it a $2000 rad You want to see an expensive rad to re manufacture...original core(inoperable) in the front new core in the back. This is not the pic of the tractor, but just what I could find that is similar. Jeff
  9. 1933 Studebaker small series car......interesting subject matter in photos