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  1. Never thought I would see a Duesenberg on BAT. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1935-duesenberg-model-jn-convertible-sedan-by-rollston/
  2. My 1994 Ford F150 that i bought in 1998, I still own and drive this truck.
  3. I have the " 0 warning points " on mine also....guess I will need to pick things up a alittle bit😁
  4. Case cars seem to have a pretty devoted following, and are highly sought after by guys interested in this brand, as not allot show up on the market very frequently. They also compete with certain car guys and farm/tractor guys. If you don't follow them you would be caught of guard by that price in the ad, but as John_S_in_Penn A points out that is the price they go for. This is from the guy that facilitated selling the other Case about 4 yrs ago. Jeff
  5. Looks like someone may be having some car issues...hoods up and you can see some feet on the far side of the car.
  6. Glad to contribute...always enjoyed the looks of the American Underslung. Jeff
  7. I did post this in the other thread, so I will add it here know.
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