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  1. My dad at 84 is still around and goes up to his shop everyday for 4 or 5 hrs and just kind of tinker around. Before my dad owed it my grandfather owed it, the shop has been in the the family as a family business since I believe 1933. At Hershey on Friday my brother goes to me, since I don't think I will buy the shop from dad I know someone who will buy it when the time comes.....all I said was...oh.... I have thought about that probably every day since, and the thought of the shop not being in our family just hurts a little. The memories of me riding my bike there after school and see my grandfather sitting in his chair outside the front door, remembering all the great guys that worked for dad when the body shop was going full bore and putting out a couple of cars a week and 1 or 2 car restorations a year. And even now dad usually stays at the garage till about 5 so once or twice a week I stop in on my way home from work to talk old cars with him. It did when I was a young kid and still does now have a lot of great memories for me....... when the time comes I will find a way to buy that shop, I won't let it go away that easy. Good timing for this topic for me Victorialynn
  2. My brother got hit by a cart in the chocolate field then in the next row as they were going in opposite directions met in the next row and he almost hit him again. My brother had a few unkind words to say to him as he got out of the way the second time.
  3. It was amazing to see everyone in the row I was in stop whatever they were doing and watch them fly over. Even the guys driving the golf carts
  4. no problem...Glad you liked the pics and thanks for pointing out the issue... it was an easy fix.
  5. Just had the guy I work with pull up the thread and he could not see the pics today but he said he had no problems viewing them on Wednesday....I edited the post up top so hopefully the pics are there again
  6. I will try again from a different source...a guy I work with has the pics come up when he opens the thread so not sure why some can see them and other can't.
  7. I will let the picture speak for itself
  8. Always one joker in the crowd who has to stick his tongue I should add my 18yr old loved driving the model A .......Re other topic on the forum right now
  9. There is a small car show near us that is part of the Marshville Heritage Festival every Labour Day weekend. The Saturday show is set up for pre 1950 cars and this year we had the opportunity to have 3 generations of my family all take cars to this event, and we even got my mom to drive a car. Dad drove his 1911 Model t, Mom drove the 33 Studebaker, I drove my 1923 Model T with my wife, my 18yr old son drove Dad's 29 Model A, and my 17yr old son drove my 1920 Model T. It was lots of fun even though mom was really nervous about driving the Studebaker which she has only done twice in the last 18 yrs since it was back on the road. She used to drive it all the time to work back in the late 60s and she did a great job on Saturday. As your parents get older and your kids are growing up I was very happy that we had the opportunity to do this as a family. Jeff
  10. just thought i would try...not sure what issue is.
  11. I don't own any Fieros but I have a friend who has 3 an 84 he bought brand new, an 86 and an 88 Formula, he also owns a 29 Model A. At work we have lots of conversation about cars old and new, what he has going on with his cars and me about mine. When interesting things come up on on the AACA Forum or the MTFCA forum I send him links and when interesting thing come up on the Pennock's Fiero forum he sends them off to me. As an outside observer of the Fiero group it is interesting for me to see how that group has really been growing with how active that Forum is and how they also use other social media (What'sApp) group as means of communication and how they plan events and group tours they put on in our area. They also seem to really span the age levels from teenagers (guys and girls), to the guys in their 60s who bought them when they first came out in the mid 80's. They had a get together this year at the the GM Nationals at Carlisle where over 70 Fiero's showed up and my guess is almost everyone drove, including one from New Mexico. There are aftermarket sites where they can buy all kids of parts they require and lots of different builds on the forum with all the info you want to find about keeping them close to factory to some pretty wild engine swaps. A link to this post was posted on their forum and it was interesting enough for a few of them to sign up and help dispel some of the myths that have been created over the years about this car. There is always lots a talk on this forum about the cost of cars, age of owners, getting youth involved, and participation in everts, well here is a group that seems to be doing OK in all of those categories. It is not all doom and gloom out there as some seem to make it appear.
  12. Don...I showed Dad the pics of the 2 cars and he asked when he can come for ride. It is fantastic to see the 20 out on the road and being enjoyed by you, much better then just seeing it just sitting in the back of the barn.
  13. Currently in my driveway I have 1- 1994 F-150- 207 000 kms Purchased in 98 with 106 000km. (5.8l 351engine) 2-2004 Cavalier- 402 000kms Purchased in 2005 with 5000kms. 2.2L with a 5 speed tranny my wife drove it first, then I drove it, when my oldest son turned 16 he drove it, since he bought a new car 8 months ago I am back driving it again, It just keeps on going, this cars has been the lowest maintenance car I have ever owed. 3-2009 Ford Flex -347 000kms Purchased in 2012 with 67 000km. this is the highest maintenance car I have ever owed, but my wife loves this car and so comfy to drive and travel in.(3.5L engine) 4-2011 Ford Escape Purchased in 2017 with 117 000km and currently with 176 000kms. which my younger son now drives since he got his license 6 months ago, hence me moving back to the Cavalier.(3.0 L engine in Escape) And to keep this old car related 5- 1920 Model t Ford built in 1992, motor rebuilt in 1996 has approx. 60 000 miles on it. Have had to take up shims twice for rods .005" and mains once .002". We keep on thinking we need to look at purchasing something newer with less miles but I have not got to the point where the maintenance cost exceed my idea on when to fix or not to fix.. I think as others have said, knowing alot of the history on these cars and all the maintenance that has been done on them allows me some sort of trust and ability to keep on driving them, and as you can tell we do drive them alot. My best advise is don't forget to change your oil on a regular basis,( everyone has their own opinion on when that is). I also Oil spray which makes a huge difference in our Canadian climate with all the salt and sand that gets put on our roads in the winter. Jeff