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  1. 1930 Lincoln L 176B Sport Phaeton with Ford body.
  2. Ed Jacobowitz was one of those advancing G.I. s and Brought Marlis home with him. It was always so funny to hear her say "Oh Edt" when he said something she didn't agree with. She was as much a character as he. How about Veniero Molari and his lovely wife Titti dressed to the nines, she in heels pushing their young son in a stroller through the gumbo all day whilst he searched for L Lincoln bits every year from Torino. Gene Matlack always wore the most mismatched salvation army ensembles , Plaid sport jacket , striped shirt, different plaid trousers with one green and one yellow sock. Cole Palen always visited us in the Blue field and told one tale after another and we had a lot of laughs. Ah, The Discerning Eye of Arthur Spanjahr. Looking at Herman Goerings cigar box and A.H. looking at Audi mid engine race cars in a one off photo album at Charlie Schalebaums...........
  3. The Autocar Company of Ardmore, Pennsylvania made the first shaft drive car in November of 1901 and that car is recognized as the first shaft drive automobile produced in the United States of America and is today in the Smithsonian institution in Washington, D.C. for that reason. All prior machines produced by The Autocar Company were chain driven. This is undisputed and it is also easy to claim ten years after the fact that William Clark actually built a shaft drive "automobile" in 1897. Since we are only shown half of the text in your advertisement, perhaps your "proof" is in the other half? The 1901 Autocar type VI in your posted advertisement is a chain drive automobile.
  4. I have a steering box and drag link with column and starter generator for this if it helps make it more complete.
  5. If we could see the front view of the lense and rim, a more positive ID may be made , look like Cadillac, LaSalle base but have to see front of rim
  6. hello: what is the radiator next to the fork for?
  7. Mercer 09, I am interested in knowing what the roundel or logo is on the door of "your" truck says please.
  8. Perhaps you failed to see my post from 17 march: 1926 123-B 4 passenger Sport Phaeton. Could be a 123-C Sport Phaeton with the aft windshield folded down. I mention this because it has outside door handles and tan canvas and dual sidemounts , nickeled windshield with windwings whereas the 123 A came with no outside door handles and rear spares and black rubberized top and trunk cover , wood wheels, and painted windshield but anything could be ordered as extra including other than black wheels which here are Buffalo wheels which were first offered in 1926 in addition to the previously used Standard Roller Bearing Company Rudge Whitworth wheels which were last used in 1926. The dual cowl was an extra cost item on 123-B sport phaeton.The body is a Brunn design built by American Body company of Buffalo, New York. Production was 147 123 A, 283 123-B sport (including extra cost Dual cowl and extra windshield) and 41 123-C Sport Dual windshield. 1926 is the last year for drum headlamps and Rudge wheels, first year for Buffalo wheels and Folberth W/S wiper and the first year a greyhound could be purchased extra.
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