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  1. The AACA Museum Otto has a different engine with blocks cast in pairs, OTTO cast in top water jacket covers and manifolds on R/H side
  2. will you post a photo of the Stutz please. I worked on a Stutz here in Pennsylvania about three years ago and it was sent to the U.K.. If it is the same one I will list what was done.
  3. I did some repairs on a yellow Cole speedster in the Phila. area in the late 80s. The owner only wanted to sell it and I arranged a trade for a 1960 Cadillac convertible which he may still have. I don't remember where the Cole went but it was out of state. It was NOT chain drive but it had been to all the shows in this area for some years, and it was very yellow. It was claimed to be an '11 but I always thought it to be somewhat later although I believe it was r/h drive and I believe it was made up. On another note, Curtis Publishing in Philadelphia used CT electrics up until about 1963 and so
  4. It's a Folberth. Lincoln started use in 1926. Packard also used them as well as many others.
  5. I forgot to mention that you will be unable to pull the switch knob out past the first notch unless you depress the blackout lock button. This button keeps one from inadvertently pulling the switch on to headlights at an unwanted moment. The same goes for the rotary switch. It also has a lockout button. Until you get good at it , it takes two hands to turn the headlight switch on.
  6. Army jeeps most certainly do have brake lights. The master light switch must be in the correct position or there will be no lights at all. If you have a 45 jeep, the rotary switch has an instruction plate behind it. If you have a pull switch it must be pulled out all the way for service stop light. The brake light will only be on the left side and the blackout brake light will be on the right side at the top. Blackout lights will work with the switch pulled out to the first notch. The headlights will work with the switch pulled out to the second notch along with the left taillamp and the left
  7. What year and model of SAXON is the engine and how many cylinders. As I have heard here before, "we like pictures" thank you
  8. I believe that this head also is for late 1929 when spark plug size was reduced
  9. I worked on a Studebaker touring 1923 Big Six looks like a match to this one not positive about the fenders so it might be later than '23
  10. What is it worth is a relative term. Did you have it checked for cracks and does it need to be resurfaced and are the spark plug threads stripped? Is it for sale or is this an auction?
  11. I wish to make an addendum to my previous post about the s/n location on type XXI Autocar engines. 1915 and 1916 have s/n on crankcase. 1917 and 1918 on cylinder flange, all subsequent have s/n on crankcase cover. Since Autocar had a policy of rebuilding and reselling its trucks, any one of these combinations may exist but the numbers will still point to the year of manufacture. If a cylinder was replaced the number may be restamped on the crankcase cover.
  12. This is a type XXIU Autocar truck engine. The s/n will be on one of the cylinder flanges where it bolts to the crankcase. If you get the number, I can tell you the year.
  13. I am wondering if anyone saw this post and might comment on the content?
  14. I finally found my typewritten "announcement of sale of cars" dated October 28, 1949 to all members of AACA, HCC, SCCA, and VMCCA The sale to club members only was held Saturday, November 19,1949 at his garage in Evanston, Ill. 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Cars not sold would be available for purchase by mail or telephone and all requests given priority according to order received. 1. FISSON hunting break rear entrance 2 cyl 1895 $3,000. 2. F.I.A.T. runabout 16-20 h.p. 4 cyl 1904 $500.
  15. I have four used W/W Denman 7:00 x 20 in good roadworthy condition $200.
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