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  1. Sorry Rex .... I re-read your response and I see that 32-33 are ‘smaller’. Just wondered if you knew how Much smaller — in actual dimensions Thanks
  2. Rex, What about the Height and width dimensions? Are they the same for the ‘31 Tiltray buckets as for the 32-33 Glolite and Stabilite buckets?. I measured a Tiltray I have ... with the lens and trim ring installed it measures appx 12-1/2 Tall and 9-1/2 Wide Andy
  3. Recently purchased a complete Tiltray Oval headlight bucket with TiltRay lens. I have not ( and right now would rather not ) dis-assembled to get any TiltRay part numbers from my purchase. I am trying to determine if this will fit my 1933 Model 56. My chassis parts manual lists 4 different Studebaker part numbers from late ‘30 through ‘33 for the various models of Dictator, Commander, President and Model 54-56. Three Different manufacturers are referenced: Tilt Ray Glo-Lite Stab-I-Lite ( which is listed for my car ) I have ‘heard’ that there were 2 d
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