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  1. Just realised mine in a different layout, not being a truck, but the seized one is probably the manifold one - would make sense. Thanks.
  2. What's the middle knob for? Mine is locked solid, and the writing is worn off them - I don't suppose anyone has done decals for them??
  3. Have only just caught up with this thread from a few weeks ago...so apologies for going back over stuff again, but what have I got here? Standard car on the front and truck one on the rear? (or is that Plymouth at the rear)? I couldn't get raised style hubcaps to fit, so will need to look out for the others. Sorry about the hop bines in the way! - the only photo I have of this side.
  4. Hey Rusty, it's nothing to do with not wanting to buy a 6v battery, it wouldn't matter whether it's 6 or 12 it would still sit there - so I don't appreciate your derogative comments and attitude. This forum is a great source of information for many people and full of HELPFUL advice and doesn't need people like yourself using that sort of tone. I'm not sure what sort of sheds you may have, but don't make assumptions about people, their situation and things you know nothing about. Perhaps asking a few questions before you pass judgement on something or someone would be more helpful. On a more positive note, solar chargers (and the fact they have a very small output/voltage) could help, long term antifreeze, engine preserving oils etc and perhaps even the museum idea is an option to keep the car in reasonable health. It has preserving oil on the body and is turned over by hand now and again and it is in a considerably better state than when I bought it sitting in someone's garden, so as much as it's not an ideal situation it has some degree of protection until my circumstances change. But you never know...perhaps I will actually sell it one day.
  5. I know! Believe me I'd rather not do it, this is why I want to do as minimum as possible and to be able to have it relatively easy to change back when I'm ready to use it more. The thing is it may be two years or so in between runs and there is no power to the storage shed to trickle charge/maintain it. I don't know anyone with a 6v vehicle in the area where the car is (am still on the hunt), otherwise I would just borrow a battery to run it. (I can't really put one in my hand luggage when I fly back there to use it...!)
  6. I'm thinking I have to convert my '36 D2 to 12v for a while. It's in storage and I only get to drive it now and again. It would be simpler to just be able to throw in a 12v battery to give it a run on the odd occasion I do get to drive it. What I'd like to do is just run the engine on 12v and keep everything else 6v through some sort of transformer/reducer if possible, so gauges and lights etc (if there is much else!) will still be 6v. Is this possible and what do i need to step down the 12v to six if so? I imagine the engine is simple enough - 12v coil, condenser and alternator (i think the starter will cope with occasional 12v through it). Does this sound about right or am i getting a bit hopeful?!
  7. Hi John I have these two of mine (RH drive) - not necessarily that good of an angle and I can't get to my car at the moment, but it may help. Andrew
  8. I'd love a crank hole cover...well two really, one for each car, but you can't be too greedy!
  9. Just to throw a potential curved ball...one of my D2's has a 'soft top' panel in the roof. I was told this was to stop the "drumming" that supposedly occurred in these roofs, it seems to be quite a common retro fit over here. Having driven my 'hard top' much more than the soft one I can't say I really complained about it, and it no interior at all! Do you guys see this much elsewhere?
  10. Yes 4 door flatback (the rarer one - I think around 5000 made versus 50,000 of the model with a boot, but someone may be able to correct me there!). It's an NZ one, so right hand drive - I imported it before I exported myself! It's in storage, although I drive it when I'm back in the UK.
  11. Mine is still on 6V and I have never needed bulbs - but I imagine someone would have them. I haven't many photos, but here are a couple.
  12. Hi Farrol, I've got a '36 D2 in the uk - not a coupe though. And I'm not in the uk currently either. You've got a great looking car there, I think I saw it for sale a few years ago there. I had a lock problem on my rear spare too, but the local locksmith sorted it in a few minutes and made me a key - sort of surprised they can't fix it if it was working fine a while ago. I found Andy Bernbaum good for parts and shipping to the UK when I was there, you should be able to get your brake parts through them. Good luck and enjoy the driving, I used to go up the motorway to Northampton and used it around London when I worked there - a bit exciting when it rained using vacuum wipers in the traffic, but there's nothing like a challenge!
  13. Could anyone tell me if a the 1929 Plymouth has the same radiator (or at least the core) as a '29 Dodge? I can possibly get a Plymouth one, but need it to fit properly, but could swap the top and bottom tanks if they are different. Thanks.
  14. Yes, it's a difficult one - the Topolino doors open the other way....and I've been looking though various shapes and years and can't quite work it out. It sort of has a '36 style to it, but the doors are more square than most 36 stuff, although UK stuff is a little more upright at the front...but the roof is higher - i'll keep looking!
  15. This has been for sale on and off for a couple of years or so...so I apologise if it's been posted before. Not really my cup of tea, but an interesting combination of vehicles! Anyone able to work out what the rest of the car is?- or what the original actually was, given that he has posted the number now (I don't remember seeing it before). Kiwis are pretty good at keeping things going one way or another, so chopping things up and welding things up is not uncommon- you've gotta admire it for that even if it is a bit mutated! The best bit has to be the carpet on the doors I feel. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/specialist-cars/other/auction-637099449.htm
  16. I've seen quite a few things for sale from this seller, the prices usually are fairly gold plated - which makes it hard for any of us in NZ to afford them.
  17. Thanks Keiser. I don't have anything that goes that big so will make one - have a friend with a plasma cutter and a steady hand, so will try him.
  18. Hi Jason, Yes this is a metal storage trunk. If you can post a picture or two that would be great. I have a rack, which is probably not a genuine one, but I'd still be interested in getting this trunk if it's correct. This is the nut or cap...
  19. Just a quick one re the hub nut - I need to make up a spanner to remove the hub nut on my DA, does anyone know what size this should be as I don't have a vernier to hand? The other query is tricky one, someone has a storage trunk for sale (that goes on the luggage rack at the back) and I was trying to check out if it was the right one for a 28-29 car....BUT of course doing a google search on 'Dodge trunk' only brings me up info on the "boot" of the vehicle!! So, my friends over the ditch, what should I call this item? And does anyone have any pictures of a Dodge storage 'trunk'?
  20. Looks great - I have small children, so should be able to steal some playdough and will rob some lead from a local church roof ;)and we're in business! I was going to ask what muriatic acid was, but my friendly google tells me it is hydrochloric acid which is easy enough to get from a builders store. Thanks very much for the info and pics!
  21. I'd be keen to see some photos of your process, as I too have a pretty leaky radiator. I'm not quite sure how this is done, I assume you are blocking the front of the rad up, then laying it face down you pour the lead in the back - do you just pour it into one or two honeycomb tubes (ie the damaged ones) or it is a more general pour? I'm just wondering how much of the airflow you end up having to block?
  22. I have used Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts in the USA. Home | Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts for Chrysler's cars from 30's to 70's - but not sure if it is easy to send things to Russia. I imagine it is easier these days. Good luck with your car!
  23. Yes, no one has ever mentioned them before that I've spoken to either. So much for being "factory fitted" then!
  24. You're a good man! Thanks for those. Would be nice to get an overdrive...do they come up now and again?
  25. Thanks very much - will have a look.
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