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  1. Wondered if I'd missed something! Will have a look, thanks Jason.
  2. Fantastic photos! I missed this when it first came up. Somewhere I have a workshop manual with some good pictures and comments - will see what I can find.
  3. Does anyone have anymore information on this? (More from the UK site, but a US car). What makes it different to a DA and capable of 100mph! Sounds impressive, but would probably be rather scary I feel. Dodge Fast Six sedan--favored by US Police For Sale (1929) on Car And Classic UK [C353256]
  4. Huh. Gone already. Did anyone manage to copy the pictures of this - I'd like see them if it possible to post them.
  5. An wonderful discovery! I have to join the others in saying I hope you keep it as is. Clean it, preserve it, repair if necessary, but try not to replace where you can avoid it. To me half the fun in having these machines is to feel the driving experience as it would have been when they built. Yes it may be a bit slow and possibly uncomfortable, but most of us are not driving them as every day cars - they are our little time machines to transport us back to when life was a little simpler (although not necessarily easier!).
  6. From the album: Member Galleries

    Looking very proud after his driving lesson.
  7. Hi Jean, Just a quick follow up to Jason's comment on locks - I had the original locks on one of my Dodges opened by a locksmith and he made new keys for them very quickly and cheaply, a lot cheaper than new locks and of course I got to keep the original ones.
  8. Hi Taylormade, I can't offer you any parts or proabably any advice, but I AM looking forward to your spiritually upliftling restoration thread! (My Mum was shot at by the Luftwaffe on her way home from school once - don't think it was snowing though...)
  9. Tristan, I started on a Daimler when I was in my teens, thinking I wouldn't be able to get insurance to drive it due to my age... I got it on the road last year and it's just about done. That was nearly thirty years ago. I tend to agree with others, if you can drive it, keep it going and find out as much info as you can. If you can repair it a bit at a time and put the bits back on it will keep the car whole and also your enthusiasm. A shed load of bits is very daunting. Obviously this is not always practical, so label and take heaps of photos (good ol' digital cameras!)...and think how long your label or marking might last. (I did mine with pieces of paper and sellotape- didn't really do the job!). Don't trust your memory - things may come along and mean you have to put a stop on things for a while..it could be some time before you get back to it! I now have little books I keep in cars just so i know when I last ran them (all very anal I know!) - but i can write down issues etc. and at least I know where I was when I next go back there. Good luck - you'll be right mate!
  10. Yes they do - more than once for most people if the statistics are to be believed, so business could well boom for you Ray!
  11. Hi Jean, Yes, your car looks great. I'd agree with Richard. I think most RHD drive cars came from Australia where they were assembled from what I think was called CKD (completely knocked down) kits sent from the USA. I think a few were assembled in NZ also. I assume you don't have much history on your car? The Australian contingent may be able to give more idea as to how many were built there...anyone?? Cheers Andrew
  12. Hi Richard, I've an Aussie assembled '36 D2 in storage in the UK. It's been off the road for a few years, but runs ok although suffers from the regular Dodge seized brake cylinders, which I try to loosen off every time I get back to run it (which obviously isn't often enough!). I've only got the one photo at the moment which I've posted before. I'm not sure how many others are around in the UK, I saw a coupe for sale a few years ago which was very tidy.
  13. I think you might be right about the export thing - my white one has the same wheels on it, including the spare. Also if I'd thought about it a bit more I could could have answered the hubcap question myself as the locking one on the spare has the raised lugs (assuming it's correct, but I imagine it is), but it didn't come with any other caps. There is a bloke in NZ here I know who makes reproduction hubcaps, I can try to find out if he does the truck ones.
  14. A few more pics. It moves! - for the first time in three years or so. Hope you all like my access ramp! - it makes a few people nervous but it does have a good view. One question, which are the correct hubcaps for a 1936? I have some of each in various states of repair.
  15. Thanks Steve, will try to get a piece to them sometime. I saw a re-upholstered car in something very similar a couple of years ago, so I think it's available.
  16. Thanks for your comments and points of interest...I had forgotten about the stainless trim. Interestingly the white car (with the 'dodgy' crew) does have the trim - I remember that as one piece on the rear is missing. But I'm pretty sure everything is indentical. The blue one has however had a P2 motor put in - not sure of the differences, but look the same. Just off to play with the fuel pump as it's a beautiful day out there...
  17. Which of course will make it rarer and more expensive!
  18. Was he up near the small shed where they normally have the bikes? I spoke to someone there for quite a while about lenses, and we went through his list but couldn't find two of the same. Must get my VCC memebership done too!
  19. Here are a few grubby pictures of my D2. It's currently shed bound as I can't get the fuel pump to pump, despite stripping it down, cleaning and checking it - looks ok, maybe the diaphragm is stretched, it's not split. Can this happen? The car runs (even with the dead rabbit on the engine) and would drive if my fuel pump worked. I'm looking out for original cloth - is this still available? Also one photo added of my other one...I only have one ram between them...any ever around anywhere? Will post more when i wash it and get it mobile!
  20. A few more photos, from in the shed I'm afraid. But they shows the lights, as Twolite, plus a couple of other interior shots. I need another lens like the small one and two headlight lenses that would fit - so may look out for the Depress ones. Headlining, bar one small hole, is pretty good and seats except from the front squab aren't bad considering they look pretty original. Dashboard has added key and starter button, plus what looks like maybe an oil and ignition light on the left. I'll add some more when it next ventures outside.
  21. No drama, it doesn't worry me. I was going to attach a picture to the PM also and then realised it doesn't seem to let you. Sometimes i'm not sure if everyone wants to bother reading people's one on one banter that doesn't necesarily have any actual car relavance - like this! - and therefore a PM is better...
  22. Thanks for that Jason - that might explain why someone had some circles just cut out of window glass previously!
  23. Ah, but is this spellcheck going to tell me to write "colour" as "color"! etc.. Also is it mis-spelled or mis-spelt?? Or miss-spelt...
  24. Will get some more pics up soon, safely tucked away in a shed at the mo. (Which is a good thing considering the weather we had for the swap meet - horrendous!)
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