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  1. As a slight diversion I recently managed to acquire my build card, which in itself is great as we need such info to re-register our cars for the road (to prove it is 'New Zealand new'), and on this it also lists Amuri Motors who were the New Zealand South Island Dodge agents. There is a bit online about them, but i thought it might be of interest to add another Australasian dealer into the mix.
  2. Hi John, could i buy these please? I'll message you. Thanks Andrew
  3. Great - thanks very much. I'll have a look in my messages and talk to Jim.
  4. Yes, it probably is stainless - i need the whole bottom piece of the frame (as marked in the attached photo), mine doesn't have any frame left at all along the bottom. I think someone lost it when they were part way through a restoration and replacing the screen.
  5. Sorry - missed your reply. I'm after the bottom part of the windscreen frame, the chrome strip/frame piece. Would this also have an attachment for the wind out mechanism to attach to? I imagine it would be a tricky to post, but might you be able to do it if taped to a bit of wood or something? Thanks very much.
  6. I'd be keen on the bottom windscreen strip, and possibly other parts (will check) - although I'm not sure how prohibitive postage is these days! Thanks, Andrew
  7. Beautiful car! Well done on a good original find.
  8. I will need to do the same at some point. Finding history of the Dodge dealers back in the day might help - to see if there are any records around. Amuri Motors was a South Island dealer, but i haven't done any digging to find out much about them yet.
  9. It seems as if Stude was on the money, having tapped the seat back in we seem to be in business. Didn't have much petrol so didn't go far, but went ok. Thanks! I can't hear mine sucking on the DA either so now it is working again I'd say that is normal.
  10. The vacuum cuts off when the float rises ok, but i suppose if that seat has dropped it will stop the lever from going high enough to push the right hand valve (the air one) up. Will have a look at that. Thanks Stude17.
  11. Should there be something below the little brass collar here? (To make it push the valve higher).
  12. Thanks all. Will email you Matt. And it acts like it could be blocked, so i'll try that filter on top before i remove the top itself; plus will check the manifold pipe. So have checked the above, there is no filter (anymore!), but reasonably clean inside; and manifold pipe is sucking well. BUT if i understand the operation correctly, the air valve is not opening when the top tank is full, therefore not dropping the fuel down. It rattles up and down happily enough but doesn't move whether the float is up or down. These are the two float positions... Any thoughts on what might have happened ? I can't see what is broken or missing, it looks fine, as if it's always been like that. But if i blow through the air tube nothing comes through in either float position (unless i manually move the valve).
  13. At the risk of people having to repeat themselves, I have a problem with my Stewart vacuum pump on my '29 DA. Used to be quite reliable, even if left for some time, but the last couple of times i've had fuel starvation issues. I've disconnected the tank fuel line and tried to draw fuel from another source to eliminate the fuel tank and line - it briefly sucked a bit up then stopped, but when i stopped the motor the fuel bowl filled with the bit it had sucked up. On re-starting it wouldn't suck much at all. I haven't dealt with one before, so wonder if anyone has any suggestions before i pull it to pieces? (A couple of photos - one with the first engine start with some sucked up, then with the second run and it only pulling a little up the pipe). Thanks.
  14. I haven't been on here for a while so have missed your wonderful work. Awesome stuff! It's given me fresh inspiration to get more done on mine, so finally managed to free off a seized damper/shock absorber last night after months of soaking. Where did you get the strapping for Doc's ones? Also where did you get the radiator recored?- we have Replicore here but they don't do the right type of honeycomb.
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