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  1. Looking really good. What timber did you use for the framing in the tub?
  2. So... it looks like I've answered my own question - or others have ! Having found the "plodges" thread it looks like i have one. It's not 116" that's for sure. Even more rare then. Thanks for pointing me in that direction Pete.
  3. Andrew not Ron, Ian...😉. But thanks anyway! (Assuming Ron didn't do it also!!) Have a good one.
  4. There's a good reason to give it run... So i ended up with 2890mm, which translates to 113.78 inches. Does that make it the Plymouth version Pete? And if the wheelbase is different are the panels a different size? Nothing seems obvious although there is no chrome trim on the doors and rear, only the bonnet. Sorry to sort of hi-jack your thread Fernando, but i suppose this might be of some help towards clarifying your car type.
  5. Yes it's a great forum with some really helpful people. I learn something every time i come on here. It is so good to have the encouragement and it helps enthuse me when at times the jobs can look at bit overwhelming. Thanks so much you fellas! Have a good Christmas.
  6. So might it be that my blue one there is possibly a D3 or 4? I've i feeling someone said the wheels were possibly Plymouth and it has a P2 engine (which i originally thought had just been swapped out at some stage).
  7. This is what i was looking for. I'm not sure where it came from, I've had it for 30 years - maybe someone will know... It says only 5996 were built, which is a pretty small amount compared with total D2 production.
  8. Hi Fernando, Somewhere I had a piece of information on 'flat back' D2 production numbers, but can't find it at the moment. Meanwhile, here is a piece of advertising plus the real thing! Andrew
  9. The pedals on Fernando's one look different too - sideways. Mine are export cars, and they are the same as the US ones, as is the dash. (Although there could be export and export of course!).
  10. What you need is a nice right hand drive vehicle, then your carburettor linkage and steering column will be out the way on the other side! 😉
  11. Very fragile! I was holding one the other day about to do some work on it and it crumbled in my hands. They are not cheap to replace!
  12. A treated pine board should last for years. We have different levels of treatment here for different levels of exposure- H3.2 can get wet, H4 would be exposed to rain, and H5 is in the ground. I guess H3.2 would be plenty. A stain would make it period black or dark, and personally I'd use stainless screws (or you might be able to find something more shiny..).
  13. Could you use several layers of the black roofing paper in pieces and do something like a paper mache shape? If you use the self-supporting type it's thicker and would need less layers, but you'd need an appropriate glue being as it's pretty oily.
  14. Replicore here in NZ make them too. http://www.replicore.co.nz/ They don't have quite the right type for the DA from what I could find, but they should do the D2 style. I am also after one for my D2. But yes, the cost is huge. So also on the look out for a useable second hand one.
  15. All sorted and have managed to get responses from both of these helpful folk. The emails got through, so I know they will work for future reference and it was more likely internet issues that was blocking them. Thanks everyone for your input.
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