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  1. Could be. I bought both from in/around Chc - but they do travel!
  2. Just to keep the confusion going, I have two right hand drive D2's. One with steel and one with a soft insert. And as far as I know they are not Australian built- they have the US style windscreen. I guess they were CKD, assembled here, but I would expect the roof insert to have already been in place. Someone once said to me that sometimes the steel roof was replaced with the soft top as they had a tendency to 'drum' at speed - not that I've noticed it. It wouldn't improve your radio reception I feel.
  3. My DA has a pretty sturdy towbar which works fairly well. Looks like it's been on there forever (although definitely not factory!). It consists of a good piece of angle iron welded across the spare wheel carrier plus supports up to the 'rim' holding the spare wheel. Of course it's not bolted on and would have to be carefully cut off to restore to original, but it might give you some ideas. (The carrier folds up over it). It sits quite a bit higher than a modern towball, but the trailer I use is wartime so has high 16" wheels, and it could have step formed in it to get the desired height anyway. Hope that helps a bit. (Merry Christmas etc!)
  4. Yes that looks great. I think it is the same, the outlet is at the front... will PM you Keiser.
  5. I've been trying to remove the heat riser (?) to repair the cracked manifold on my DA. But it looks like it is going to come off in bits as seems fairly welded in place - i'm not liking my chances. Does anyone know if these are available, or does anyone have one they might sell? Any thoughts or suggestions, or am I going to have to resort to making a flat plate to go over the end of the manifold?
  6. Yes... I wonder if that is related to the unusual gauge setup?? I didn't get as far checking engine numbers - too much else to look at!
  7. I didn't spot the OD - I didn't know there was even one made for them. What was the unit/manufacturer? Spinneyhill - it went for $80g. (about $53US I think at the moment). That, plus 7.5% commission for Turners efforts!
  8. Does anyone know what the knob under the steering column is for? My sedans don't have it.
  9. Recently there was an auction of a collection of fine automobiles just down the road from me. This was amongst them! Very red...not sure how original that colour would be, but a rare beast in NZ. My pockets weren't deep enough.
  10. Looks like you could be right there other has the more common type- I'd never noticed the difference! Hopefully Acuff can sort you out.
  11. Pete, yours look slightly different at the ends than mine. My moulding goes over the end of the board, whereas yours finishes short - which will make it easier to reproduce, just a flat mat. ('just'!!). Also they don't appear to come right down over the edge, maybe this is because mine in an export model.?? Jim, I get 11mm across the rounded rib...which I think is about 7/16. (That is from low side to low side of rib).
  12. The last three I've got at the moment Jim, but can get more easily if there's something specific you want. Hopefully between Pete and myself that will give you something to work with. I suppose a plaster cast would get you an exact replica to work from...if we wanted to get really carried away! These are: 18mm across the flat edge piece and 22 from the edge to the big rib. Two shots showing the big rib higher than the flat edge piece and the smaller ribs being level, as mentioned before. Andrew
  13. Just a few more.. 22mm is the width of the bottom edge flat (to the low point). 13mm across the small ribs.
  14. Hi Jim. A few more now after giving the system a break. 54mm is the from the edge of the flatter rib at the bottom to the start of the small ones. . Despite the angle of my 'expensive' Vernier the 3mm is pretty much right - had to lean over for the photo. The small ribs are 1mm high. (Apologies for quoting measurements in new money! ) The large ribs are higher than the flat around the edge of the mat, and the small ribs are level with the flat.
  15. Hi Jim, here are a few shots of mine. I'll get some measurements after breakfast(!) I'll have to do two posts to keep the quality up. Andrew Just found out it won't let me post more...