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  1. Buick Wagon Master at York US 30 Dragway in 1966. In the summer 0f 1966 I was a 16 year old car freak and my dad was the Sales Manager at Bratton Buick 150 North Beaver Street in York, Pa. York US30 Dragway was at its peak in drag racing popularity. Match races between funny cars and dragsters, and exhibition runs by specialty cars was a big draw for spectators. Some time ago the Buick Bugle had a book review by Helen Hutchings on the Tommy Ivo dragster which was powered by 4 Buick engines. I can’t recall what issue it was, nor can I find it. I remember that article leaving me thinking was that the dragster that Bratton Buick sponsored for some exhibition races at York US 30 in the summer of 1966? After digging out some old photographs (black and white unfortunately) the answer is “Yes”. I did some internet searching and found the following web site: (http://www.speedhunters.com/2009/07/guest_blog_tony_thacker_nhra_museum_gt_gt/) Check it out. It seems that race opportunities were getting less frequent for Tommy Ivo and his dragster as the Funny Cars became more popular, and in 1963 he sold his car to one of his crew members who after a period of time thought the car needed bodywork to compete with racers of the day. The photos I have are a publicity photo showing the whole car. It was painted yellow at the time. You’ll see by the on-line article that it got wilder as time went on. I took photos of the front, rear and sides of the car plus a shot from the balcony in the showroom. The car made some exhibition runs at US30 Dragway while it was in York. When I pulled out these old pictures there was one of the car making a pass, but taken from the grandstand, with my little Kodak Instamatic camera, it was pretty small. All 4 tires were smoking. I misplaced that picture, but there are plenty in the on line article, that show what the Riviera WAGON_MASTER could do. Jim Smith BCA #3566
  2. From the looks of the inside I would say it was used as an Ash Tray
  3. I'm a johnny-come-lately to this thread but I'd like to some acquired auto assembly knowledge to this discussion. In the late 60's and 70's I was a production supervisor at the GM Baltimore, Md. assembly plant. The car in this discussion appears older then what we built, but I'm sure some assembly line processes didn't change. I later worked in the Plant Engineering Department and out of necessity for some of my projections studied where and how conveyors and equipment was placed many years before. In our plant Fisher Bodies were completed on the 2nd floor and delivered to Chevrolet Motor Division to be placed on the completed chassis. The bodies were lowered thru an opening in the 2nd floor onto the chassis which was on tires sitting on a flat-top floor conveyor. At a production rate of anywhere from 45 to 60 cars an hour ( it was 60 per hour when I was there) there was no time for playing around with changing shims. The body was set on the chassis and bolts were driven home, that was that. One writer mentioned tape. It is possible that shims and the rubber blocks were pre-assembled and taped to the frame to keep them in place as the body was lowered. Jim BCA#3566
  4. If you really want to see the difference in classic cars and modern car safety go to Utube and search “1959 Chevrolet crash test. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crashed a 2009 Malibu and a 1959 Belair in one of their standard tests. The difference is amazing.
  5. Good morning Frank. I see no one has replied to your want ad. I have a good molding that is used and may not be as good as you are looking for. It has some pits along the break line between the body color portion and the chrome section. The chrome is in dire need of polishing. The studs are all intact. I don’t know how desperate you are to find one. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll clean it up and send some pictures. It came from a 72 Skylark but is the same as my GS. Jim
  6. For those of you who are not familiar with the Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill awards, it is an annual award given to Car Club publications in various categories based on car sizes and club specific interests. This is the first years I can recall in the 40 plus years I have belonged to the BCA and have been an Old Cars Subscriber that I have seen the BCA BUGLE and Pete Phillips the Editor awarded a GOLDEN QUILL. This award was in the "National Luxury" category. I'd like to recognize Pete and all of the members who contribute to the Bugle for this accomplishment. CONGRATULATIONS PETE. Your efforts don't get enough recognition. Thank you. The April 30, 2020 issue of Old Cars contained an article that detailed the selection process. Here's a quote from the article. "Creatively good design, use of visuals and color employment pressed the points of each of the publications. Each offered historical features as well as articles on members and their cars. These issues are to keep on a top shelf and to enjoy as prime examples of a healthy and very active hobby." Jim Smith BCA#3566
  7. AMT made a 1969 Buick Wildcat Kit in 1/25th scale and I'm pretty sure there were '69 Riviera Promotional models. I don't know of any 1/25th scale Electra 225's. Jim Smith BCA #3566
  8. Keith, I double checked my measurements and they are 77 inches. I'm in Jacobus, Pa. I guess they are for a Super. Jim
  9. Thanks Matt I was never certain what they fit and I sold my 41 several years ago. Other viewers, please check the pictures and measurement. thanks Jim
  10. I have 3 1941 Buick Rocker Panel Moldings for sale. Two left side and one right side. I'm not sure which series they are for. They measure 77 1/2" from end to end. The off set at the front edge where it flares out along the front fender is 4". These are NOS parts. I'm asking $100 for all three. You must pick up. I'll ship them at your cost if you can suggest a shipping method that will take these. Thanks for looking Jim
  11. I'd suggest checking all of the wheel cylinders to make sure one of them didn't blow out. If the brakes weren't adjusted properly a piston may have blown out of the cylinder. If the wheels are on you'll find brakes fluid running out of the bottom of the brake drum. A suggestion I'd offer for your 62 is to replace the adjusting hardware with 1963 Special/Skylark hardware. 63 was the first year for automatic self-adjusting brakes. I did that on mine. everything was a direct fit
  12. Dave, I read your post awhile back. After talking to my daughter yesterday I thought I'd share her experience with you. She lives in a Philadelphia suburb. Their house is surrounded by tall old growth oak trees. Yesterday morning, May 10th, after a storm , they discovered water dripping thru their bed room ceiling. My son-in-law found a 4" branch had speared the roof like the other viewer replied. Your Garage looks great. Hope Mother Nature shines on you. Jim
  13. I can't remember what diameter the hose was on the 41 Special I used to own, but if the hose fits snugly onto the fittings the your OK in my opinion. What bothers me is that you think the hose is swelling, I'd keep a close eye on it. You wouldn't want a ruptured hose. Was the piece you used new? Good heater hose usually doesn't swell up. Jim
  14. Ken I think Ford Falcons of that same time period had 14" wheels that fit Buicks and Olds. Jim
  15. Kid442 A number of years ago I installed a 4 speed out of a 63 Skylark into a 62 that originally had an automatic. I'm sorry I can't remember the exact details, but I was helped out tremendously by a local auto parts store that was not part of a big chain. As I recall the original shifter in the 63 had been replaced with a Hurst Competition Plus shifter. The clutch disc was 8.5" I think. Anyway the parts store came up with a disc and pressure plate from a Ford Falcon. Also, make sure you get the 4-speed trans support rear cross-member. It's different than the automatic trans part. The 63 had a special piece welded in to provide the opening in the floor for the shifter handle. I cut it out and installed it in the 62. I bought a reproduction shifter boot for a mid 60's Camaro which worked real well with the Hurst shifter. Good Luck with your conversion. It was a fun car to drive. Jim
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