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  1. Does a complete vacuum schematic exist for a 1955 Century? I did search but came up empty. Thanks.
  2. Dig

    Moraine Fuel Filter

    Ben, I may have to call you since we have the exact same car. It's really weird, because if you notice, the piece is not broken off, and in fact it has internal threads. It fits absolutely perfect inside the filter, almost as if it was made for it. I would have never given it a second thought if it hadn't fallen out, which leads me to believe the flow of gas could also push it out. Looking in the back of the carb where it goes in does not give me any more clues as to it's purpose. I'm going to leave it out unless anyone can tell me otherwise.
  3. Dig

    Moraine Fuel Filter

    Thanks Mark. The article does not mention anything about the insert in the filter. I've attached a photo. In the photo it appears that the brass insert is slotted. It is not.
  4. I recently posted in parts wanted, and was able to buy a Moraine pancake style fuel filter for my 1950 Buick Special. The filter I removed had a brass insert on the outflow side of the filter. Looks like it reduces the flow of fuel to the carburetor. Can anyone comment on this, and should I use it on the replacement filter? Thanks.
  5. Looking to buy a Moraine pancake style fuel filter for my 1950 Buick Special. Hope someone has one. Mine seems to be leaking at the seam, and does not appear to come apart. Thanks.
  6. Hi Jim Thanks for the reply, do yo know if my hubcaps will fit on your wheels. They should if they’re the same size. My cell is 847-845-8882 if you can send me a photo. Thanks again. Don
  7. I'm looking for a set of wheels for a 1955 Buick Century. I am not sure how many years Buick used the same wheel. They are 15 X 6 and my car takes a 760-15 tire. Please message me if you have any to sell. I live in the Chicagoland area. Thanks.
  8. Dig

    1955 Century

    Thanks for the printout.
  9. Dig

    Wheel Swap

    Makes sense. Thanks.
  10. Dig

    Wheel Swap

    The wheel for the 1955 Century is 15 X 6.00, and the tire size is 7.60-15. My question is, will a 15 X 6 1/2 wheel which uses the same 7.60-15 tire be okay to use on my 55 Century? Thanks.
  11. I could use the wheels if available. Don
  12. Dig

    1955 Century

    Looking for a set of wheels for my 1955 Century. Not sure what other years/models will fit. Don 847-845-8882
  13. Bhigdog Can you say who you sent it to in Florida? If you rather you can message me with the information.
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