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  1. Thank you for your reply ! I did locate a nice one ... I completely forgot about this ad. or I would of deleted it. Thanks again and stay well.. Frank
  2. Good morning everyone, Nos preferred or excellent used .. Also ,by any chance would someone have a really nice green drivers side mat for the same car ? Stay well all...... Frank.. 860-354-4461 or 203-788-1745
  3. Good morning all, I did not purchase the estate wagon, although it was very nice, she also has a 1960 Cadillac Eldo. for sale.. white w/red int. It's an ok driver needing a complete and very expensive restoration .. The 1957 Dodge wagon (the car I really wanted ) was sold quickly and driven back to Massachusetts the same day ! The 1951 Super convertible was still there, (awaiting transport) That car even with it's engine issues, was I believe was very nicely purchased at the asking price.. The original STRAIGHT 8 was in the car.. the V8 was a typo. BTW the same gentleman w
  4. This car was local , she (Susan) also had a 1957 Dodge wagon .. I called her about the wagon, both sold ! The cars belonged to her dad and she's selling off a few.. She is also very knowledgeable and priced the cars fairly to insure they sold quickly. I'm going to her shop Sunday to look at another one of her dad's wagons.. Frank.
  5. Good morning everyone, The comments are very much appreciated, the market is and I believe will continue to decline on these pre war cars. That's unfortunate but true.. although I know many younger people who appreciate the beauty of these cars, they just don't want to own them. This car draws a crowd every time I park it.. I have always been willing to let people sit in it and always try to answer their questions.. The simplicity of this car is always discussed but remarkably none of these youngsters knew how to drive it! Thank's again for both the interest in my ca
  6. Good morning everyone, After a great deal of thought ,I decided to consign my 1941 Buick convertible to Saratoga motor car auction Sept 18/19 2020. I find myself driving my other cars far more often.. This Buick has only been driven 500 miles in the last 2 years! I tried (not very hard) to market the car last year using pictures that were definitely of poor quality.. Should anyone here have any interest ,I would suggest they view the 50 professional photos on the auction web site. My computer skills are basic,so if someone here could post the link , it would b
  7. Here is photo o the 58 wagon I pulled out of a warehouse in 2006.. It was a very unusual mix of parts.. The photo is after we cleaned it ,touched up the paint and reconditioned it mechanically .... This car drove remarkably well! The Studebaker Drivers club was very helpful and was able to provide both knowledge and parts . I sold this car in 2007.. lost track of it when it was re- sold on e-bay a few years latter.... I wounder where it is today.. My best wish's to all during these trying times.......... Stay well...... Frank.
  8. No longer available. Thank you. for posting my ad... Regards.... Frank.
  9. Available for purchase or trade.. ... Fully documented from new.. 1998 aaca grand national preservation award in 1998 proves the quality of the restoration then. It's 2019 Hemming's Concours D'ellegance ( Lake George New York) First in class blue ribbon shows how well it has been maintained and the excellence of the restoration 22 years ago ! The paint, chrome, interior all look fresh.. the under carriage , frame are detailed and rust free... the floors are painted body color.. I realize it's only a "super" I know the market for these cars is poor.. I've been told t
  10. I'll jump in this discussion , its probably a mistake but i"ll take a chance.. Auctions are a major part of the automotive industry . Every dealer belongs to Auction access .. there is no other way to purchase used cars in quantity . The factory sales are all auction based.. The fees , transport, buy fees ect. add up! Most auction cars need something not all,but most do. I add at least 1 k to every used car we purchase ... we sell all of our high millage cars at auction (mostly to buy/pay here dealers) I have sold many vintage cars at auction, no complaints! Pick the r
  11. John348, I appreciate the photos as well.. Just finding the time to do so as a participant is remarkable! Your 1960 Chevy is a beautiful car, it made me regret selling mine 20 years ago..
  12. The Hemmings Concours was a wonderful event ! Nice cars, good weather and incredibly nice people... And then it got even better when my 1941 Buick won a first in class (prewar) .. As an update.. This car will not appear at the Hershey auction.. The car is still available via private sale... I'm pretty proud of this car.. 22+ plus years has past since it received it's AACA grand national award , to win at this event is a tribute to both Chris Johnson (it's former owner) and Ralph Baldwin who restored this Buick.. I offered the trophy to Corrine Johnson and we both decided it sh
  13. I appreciate the interest... Packard is currently off the market.........
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