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  1. Sorry for delayed reply. I hadn't realized you had responded. Yes, it was definitely Don Roetman. I just didn't use his name before, so no one would think I was criticizing his "excessive use of mothballs." My parents bought that 29 Hupp Model S sedan in 1959...a year before I began kindergarten. The first photo below is my Mom, at about age 26. (I'm actually standing behind her in that photo). That car was reliable and fun, and we took it to many antique car club events. 2nd photo is an early car show/swap meet event, I believe. (My Dad is seated on a milk crate at l
  2. Hmmm...interesting looking, for sure. Would like to see it up close, to see the quality of workmanship. Might be fun to have around a farm, or just to run in to town with on sunny days.
  3. Hmmm...I think it's pretty hard to tell from these photos whether the OP's Monte Carlo is a 1970, 1971, or 1972. The biggest visible exterior differences were on the front and rear of the car (grille & emblem, hood ornament, position of the headlights, trunk emblem, tail lamp lenses, etc). The "Halo" vinyl roof was different for early 1970 MC's, as the vinyl did not reach all the way to the windshield header, leaving a strip of painted steel roof visible across the roof immediately behind the windshield, from side to side. But this early Halo roof ended during the 1970 model ye
  4. Why, YES, I sure did. He and his wife and (3?) daughters were active members of our little made-up Antique Fire Truck Club! We called ourselves "The Ding-a-Lings," and got together for picnics, impromptu parades, parties, and general good times. Other members included Tom & Betty Phuel, Bob "Skip" Ison and his wife Ruthie, Lynn Fledderjon (spelling?), and a few others. My parents were the only folks in the group who didn't own a fire truck, but that didn't matter to our group of fun-loving friends. They declared sometimes that my Dad was the "Keystone Kop" of the group, or that he and Mom
  5. When I was a kid, my family had a 1929 Hupp model S (later owned by another member of the Hupmobile club from the greater Dayton, Ohio area), with original wool "mohair" interior. My parents worried constantly about moth damage while they owned it. Years later, after the next owner had owned the car for some time, I had a chance to see the car again, and to look inside. But he had protected that wool material with mothballs....LOTS of mothballs. The smell nearly asphyxiated me, and certainly kept me from crawling inside for a sit. I haven't ever made an interior for an
  6. Actually, I believe it was the 1954 Ford SKYLINER.
  7. If that is the factory original color I'm thinking of, it was only available on Chevelle, El Camino, Camaro, and Corvette. When it was on a Camaro, GM called it "Hugger Orange." On a Chevelle, if I recall correctly, it was described as "Monaco Red." When coupled with a black vinyl roof, it was a gorgeous color combo for El Camino and Chevelles in 1969.
  8. UPDATE: Well folks, I did indeed list this old footstool on eBay, and a bidder has stepped up and paid the minimum bid amount, so it will indeed be going to a new home. The interesting part is that the Chevy collector who is buying it sent me a photo of another just about like it that he owns. But his is from 1961! Cool, huh? Here is a copy of the photo he sent me:
  9. I don't think it has changed all that much. I grew up as a child-member of several antique car clubs. There were many wonderfully skilled craftsmen in our clubs, who did masterful work. But there were also a great many more people who couldn't do any but the simplest tasks. My dad had a reputation as a pretty sharp guy with figuring out how to solve problems with the mechanical systems on old cars. And as I recall, many of those folks came to him for assistance with projects which he considered fairly simple. However, it is also true that the trades which developed those skill set
  10. Can't ID it, but I would suspect that the "On-Off" switch is for the ignition. Seems to be a key slot in that one. The other would be all that was needed for lights, I would think.
  11. It does seem to be the case, Bloo. Whenever I make a post or comment on AACA forums and then someone replies, I get a notice as soon as I next visit the forum. But that doesn't happen with classified ads that I have posted, or that I have responded to.
  12. PS: I'm still not used to the fact that we don't get notifications if someone replies to our classifieds on this forum, unlike the rest of the AACA forums. So I have to remind myself to check back now and then. You are welcome to use my personal email address for correspondence: wirth4@aol.com. Just be sure to use a car-related subject line, as I get SO many spam messages that I have become ruthless with my delete button. Just mention 53 Dodge, or whatever. Cheers.
  13. The yard is not likely to be internet friendly, at all. But you can find a few photos from there in the "Junkyards" forum here among the other AACA forums. It is Warner's, of London, Ohio. If you call them, keep in mind that the owner is very, very strong in his faith. Use polite language, etc. We currently have 8 or 9 inches of snow on the ground, which has partially melted and then refrozen repeatedly. And, we expect lots more snow next week. It will be a few weeks before I can go there, I'll bet. Good luck.
  14. LOVE this car! Hope you are able to trace its history while it was in the USA. Cheers!
  15. Hello. There is an old salvage yard in my part of the world, about an hour+ from my home. I have promised myself to visit there again soon, BEFORE mosquito, tick, and wasp season sets in. Right now there is too much snow on the ground, but I'll go when a decent cool-weather day presents itself. There are LOTS of cars of this vintage in that old yard, and while we're right in the middle of the rust-belt, the mechanical parts are usually still ok. I'll check back on this thread before I go, to see if you still haven't found one, and want me to see if there is a Dodge like yours ther
  16. One of my favorite things about meetings and tours of the Southern Ohio Chapter of the AACA as a kid in the 1960's was riding in Robert "Skip" Ison's Chevrolet fire truck. I rode in it, climbed all over it, rang the bell, cranked the siren, and generally had a ball. GREAT fun memories in an antique fire truck! I'm at work now, but I'll add to this story later...
  17. I remember a family friend back in the 1960's told my parents he had discovered a device which would improve traction for cars while cornering. It was some kind of sliding weight mechanism, which supposedly would shift a counterweight to the side of the rear axle which was on the inside of a turn, putting more weight on the wheel which would normally be "lifting" under the G-forces. I remember my Dad smiling politely and listening to the spiel. But later as we drove home, Dad told Mom and I that it was a complete hoax and "snake oil" product, which our friend (who was not a car guy) had fallen
  18. Very cool. Maybe the admins could find this person, and contact him or her directly, and tell them to refer back to this thread. Wow, this might be a real breakthrough on a very difficult search for a lost, formerly-owned Camaro. Very interested to see if this ends up working out for everyone!
  19. Well, I can't speak about other suppliers, but I've been in two massive warehouses at Kanter's, and they have the largest inventory of NOS aftermarket automotive mechanical parts I've ever seen. Tens of thousands of water pumps, carburetors, fuel pumps, brake parts, engine parts, etc, etc. They do reproduce some popular parts which sell out frequently...by necessity. But when they have the original old-stock parts available, that is much more economical for them to sell than to buy repro's. I assume that's the case with many such retailers.
  20. Wow, this might be a real breakthrough on a very difficult search for a lost, formerly-owned Camaro. Very interested to see if this ends up working out for everyone!
  21. Kanter Auto Products also has these parts on the shelf, as do a number of other vendors. I'll try to dig out some catalogs next week, but Monday is looking pretty busy, so it may be mid week.
  22. Oh, wow. I would have been, er, disappointed about a letter like that. And, I'm rather confident that I would have found it necessary to share my feelings with them.
  23. Ok, it's time for me to get back to this incredible rendering, to find more about it, and learn how to help it find a new home. Michael Lamm gave me the name of someone "who deals in automotive artwork." But the emails I sent to that address have not been returned. Any new ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers! -------Jim
  24. Trying again to bring this to the top. SO hopeful that someone may be able to help me find that book (or magazine article, maybe?) listing exotic hood ornaments, in which I once found this exact hood ornament described. Thanks everyone.
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